Online Radio Box MOD APK 2.3.20 (Unlocked)

Online Radio Box MOD APK 2.3.20 (Unlocked)

May 12, 2024

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You love listening to the Radio, you like the sound while working, “Online Radio Box” is an excellent app for you. The app is free, and offers a great online radio experience.

Online Radio Box offers a full-featured radio application. The application has attractive features such as: timer; a variety of radio stations; a favorite radio station; the ability to synchronize the application with the web version. Currently, Online Radio Box is one of the leading online radio applications worldwide. The app has over 8 million listeners, and the app is popular in over 230 countries.

In addition, the application also supports both popular platforms, including Android and iOS. The app already has nearly 3 million users. The application provides the latest technology in the field of online Radio. The application collaborates with leading brands such as: Smooth Lennox; The Wave Australia; Mixadance FM; Hits 1 Radio. In short, Online Radio Box is a great radio app from Final Level.

Listen to Radio in a significant way

Online Radio Box is a great radio app. But why does the app attract so many users? First, the app works quickly, and the app is easy to download. Users can use the application on both Android or iOS. Users download the application, and you immediately have an extensive database of radios. The entire installation and setup process of the app will be completed in just a few hours. Everyone can use the app.

Online Radio Box has many great functions. The application has special features compared to other brands in the same field. The app has playlists, podcasts, news. The application has detailed program instructions. In addition, users can set a timer, create an alarm clock, and use many other features.

Online Radio Box has a high-tech background. The producer of “Final Level” has extensive experience in the field of mobile applications. The application provides excellent solutions, and meets the needs of millions of listeners worldwide.

Free, friendly, and high quality

Online Radio Box has a large number of online radio stations worldwide. The application interface is modern, and highly user-friendly. The app is one of the great selections of internet radios. In particular, the application is entirely free, and does not require registration. Users are completely assured of privacy. Users easily install the application, and you quickly enjoy your favorite online radio stations.

Online Radio Box brings a large number of radio stations from everyone. Users can find radios from many countries such as: USA; United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. In addition, users also find online radios from Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The application introduces various music genres, for example: jazz, dance music or hard rock, oldies or modern popular music. The app can satisfy almost any popular music taste. Perfect music & radio channel!

Easily reconnect the Radio

Online Radio Box allows synchronization with the web version. If you use both the Online Radio Box website and app, you can configure settings synchronization between the two. You add radio stations to Favorites on the site, putting them in the correct order. Of course, all settings will be synced to the app.

Online Radio Box allows running the application in the background. The application “minimizes” all functions in a minimized control window. In addition, the application will automatically reconnect when the internet connection is interrupted, or you have to listen to a voice call. In short, the application will automatically continue to broadcast the Radio until you ask to stop.

Many great functions for listening to the Radio

Online Radio Box makes listening to online Radio better than ever. The application allows creating playlists. This helps you “memorize” most of the radio stations in the app. In addition, you will know about the information of the currently playing track. The app has a broadcast history, and this saves time searching for old favorites.

Online Radio Box provides a timer feature. You sleep soundly to the sound of your favorite radio station, and you are assured of application shutdown times. You set the required time, and the broadcast will automatically stop at the specified time. The app is also an intelligent alarm clock. The app wakes you up with pleasant music, or your favorite radio station. This helps you to wake up in a good mood. You are entirely free to configure the application to your liking.

Online Radio Box generates a list of favorite channels. You save your favorite radio stations in your Favorites list. You select a favorite radio station, and the application starts from your Favorites program. In addition, the application also searches for radio stations. You can search for any radio station (your country or worldwide). Currently, the application offers almost seventy thousand radio stations from all over the world.

You download “TuneIn” to listen to all the popular news including: news, sports, music, podcasts and live radio stations from around the world. In addition, you should also download “Podcast Addict” to access enjoyable channels such as: Podcast, Radio, Audiobook, YouTube, SoundCloud.


Online Radio Box is a great app, and it makes it easy to access live stations from stations around the world. You can easily find your favorite music genre, save a list of your favorite stations, and search for your favorite radio stations. The application supports Windows, Android and iOS as well.

Download “Online Radio Box” to add a great selection of online radio apps!

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