Simple Radio MOD APK 5.8.10 (Premium Unlocked)

Simple Radio MOD APK 5.8.10 (Premium Unlocked)

July 25, 2023

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When the Internet and television developed today, radio used to be a popular entertainment channel. In the past, most mobile phone models are equipped with radio reception function (through headphones equipped on the phone), allowing users to catch and listen to radio stations being broadcast.

Most smartphone manufacturers today have removed the function of listening to the radio on their devices, while not many receivers and broadcasters can listen to the content of radio stations.

However, at present, the content of radio channels is also very diverse, including many radio channels with beautiful music, information, and entertainment content that users can choose as a way to entertain in the present time in your free time.

If you want to listen to content on the radio, you can try the Simple Radio. Let’s explore this application with me!


Simple Radio is a product from publisher Streema. It is the radio application that helps you quickly listen to your favorite AM / FM radio stations. It has a simple, neat user interface and is very easy to get used to and use. Simple Radio has more than 5 million monthly listeners with lots of radio stations worldwide.

This application’s feature is to listen to online radio content through an Internet connection, instead of by radio relay, so radio content can be heard anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection.

Once installed, the list of radio channels is displayed on the main interface of the application. You can click on one of these channels to start listening to the content. The main content of that channel will be displayed at each channel, such as some channels specializing in music, entertainment, or channels specializing in news and politics.

Of course, the content is limited to these topics, but it also has a ton of other genres.

Features of Simple Radio

Save Your Channels Easily

A particular advantage of the application is that it allows users to record the radio program’s content to be heard again next time. To do this, you select the channel you want to listen to, then press the button “Record” from the radio interface that appears to start recording the program.

Press the “Finish” button after completing the recording process. To listen to the radio content you have recorded, from the main interface of the application, you click on the menu button in the upper right corner, select “List of audio files”, immediately list the radio content. The previously recorded words will be listed for the user to listen again.

When you find radio content that you love, this feature will be a powerful tool for you to enjoy.

Listen to Your Favorite Radio Stations While Doing Other Things

One advantage of the application is that it allows users to listen to the radio when switching to another application interface or when the smartphone screen is turned off. Simple Radio makes it possible to listen to the radio on your smartphone anywhere at any time without consuming too much battery.

The application also allows users to schedule to turn off the application, which means that the user can listen to the radio from the application before the sleeping timer turn off, allowing you to fall asleep easier automatically.

No Mobile Data Costs

Simple Radio helps users to catch FM waves of any channel, anywhere without wasting mobile data or battery.

Radio or FM has almost disappeared due to the emergence of music applications and broadcast live. However, developer Streema still created Simple Radio. It is equipped with a microprocessor that can transmit and receive radio waves.

Bring in Useful Information

There will probably be many smartphone users who will be very interested in listening to FM Radio on newer smartphones. “The fact that the phone can detect FM radio will help a lot for disaster rescue and disaster recovery. Evidence is the key role played by FM waves in the Puerto Rican disasters; Houston or on the Florida coast”. TagStation President – Paul Brenner shared.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said that about 44% of smartphones; have been activated a chip that receives radio waves. However, many iPhone users don’t seem to be interested in this function at all. Even Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 7 and 8 do not have a radio chip, although previous iPhone models did.

However, you can completely follow the information around the world through the Simple Radio. You can keep track of the programs you like when you use it, no matter where you are,

Besides allowing you to listen to the radio, this app also has a timer alarm function. When you need to turn off the alarm sound, you need to shake to turn off the alarm gently. It is an excellent application for how to listen to FM radio on the iPhone.

It can work on the iPhone when there is 3G or wifi. The download process is free, and you use it efficiently. It is not wrong to say that Simple Radio is the most popular and convenient radio app.


Is Simple Radio Suitable for All Devices?

This app is compatible with popular devices. You can completely download it to your phone. No matter what operating system you use, it will be fine.

You can also visit the website of the developer Simple Radio to listen to the radio on your computer. Whether you use an iPhone, iPad, or an Apple Watch, the app is compatible.

How Many Radio Stations Around the World Can Simple Radio Bring to?

At the number of 50,000 radio stations that Simple Radio can connect, you will be amazed. So you can ultimately choose between many different radio stations and different programs.

Furthermore, this radio receiver is hugely reliable. The developer ensures that they give priority to the users who connect best.

Can I Save My Favorite Channel?

You can ultimately save channels that you listen to frequently. This great feature will save you time on your search.

Besides Watching the Favorite Programs, What Benefits Does Simple Radio Bring for Users?

Simple Radio keeps you entertained after a period of fatigue and gives you new inspiration. You can learn new genres of music. Even if you are not in your country, you can still connect with this place.

Besides, you can also turn on the radio while you are commuting. It will make your commute more enjoyable. Many people also use the Simple Radio as a tool to improve their language skills. With this application, you can improve your listening skills.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Simple Radio is an excellent tool for those who always want to listen to radio stations. Besides the primary benefits, it also has the features to support the user perfectly. Simple Radio is full of outstanding advantages that users can hardly refuse.

Hopefully, this article will bring you useful information about the Simple Radio. Are you ready to experience it?

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