Perfect Viewer MOD APK (Unlocked)

Perfect Viewer MOD APK (Unlocked)

April 24, 2023

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If you are a person who reads text/books/comics on mobile, then download “Perfect Viewer“. An excellent app for pictures/comics/ebooks on your phone.

Perfect Viewer is an essential application. The application supports reading comics/PDF files, viewing images and all other file types from your phone memory.

Perfect Viewer is a great comic viewer for mobile devices—an application developed by Rookie001. The app brings tons of comics directly to smartphones or tablets, and the app is also compatible with a variety of great formats.

Supports multiple file formats

Perfect Viewer supports many different image/text file formats. First, the application supports popular eBook file formats such as EPUB, HTML, TXT; The app also supports image files like JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP. In addition, the application supports compressed files such as CBZ, ZIP, CBR, RAR, 7Z, CB7 and LZH. In addition, the application also has a PDF plugin, and the plugin supports PDF, XPS & DJVU files.

The application allows opening files from network file shares (CIFS / SAMBA), FTP, SFTP, OPDS. However, the application needs to request Internet access to support opening CIFS/SAMBA files. Perfect Viewer offers many different and popular file formats. Therefore, users can freely access the endless collection of stories on the internet world.

Increase the reading experience

Perfect Viewer emphasizes the reading experience. This is important for people who often read stories on the phone. The app supports five comic views, including original comic size, adjusted on-screen size, height adjusted size, width adjusted length, and size custom. The variety of reading measures makes it easier for users to interact with the document.

Perfect Viewer also supports reading from left to right, and from right to left. This is extremely helpful for people with different reading tendencies. In addition, the application allows black and white photo editing, and grid arrangement of images read from comics. If you use Perfect Viewer, you can easily convert a black/white image into a 4-color image in high definition.

The application will optimize the layout of the information page. The application can create single/dual pages, and automatically switch according to the screen orientation. The app also enhances the reading experience through three view modes: Page Mode, Vertical Scrolling Mode (PDF viewer, webtoon like) and Horizontal Scrolling Mode. The application increases realism when it supports automatic white border removal. If you have eye problems, the app promotes magnifying glass to magnify the image.

Perfect Viewer also improves the user’s vision. The application offers three fine filters: Averaging, Bilinear, Bicubic, Lanczos3. Each fine filter will suit different user preferences. In addition, the application supports slideshows, and this increases the comfort of reading information. You can adjust the brightness, contrast & gamma of the image. This is extremely useful to help you stay comfortable when reading during the day or at night.

Support file management and organization

Perfect Viewer not only enhances the reading experience, but the application also supports file management. You can also read files from online storage services like Google Cloud, Dropbox, OneDrive. Users are free to open files stored from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive – this saves data on the phone.

Perfect Viewer allows you to manage your favorites, and you can quickly access your favorite books. If you are busy, the application also caches the current information. You can easily manage files (like delete, rename, nickname files). The application supports extracting files from the archive. In addition, the app supports Google Chromecast, and you can connect it to a TV or projector.

In summary, Perfect Viewer is not only a comic viewer, but the application is also a library and file organizer. So users can easily manage all comics from the app’s interface.

Many more interesting features

Perfect Viewer also has many other exciting features. You can create personalization by setting a background image. You browse information quickly through thumbnails in the /archive folder. The application has a bookshelf function. The application supports the ability to zoom and rotate the screen soon. You use the simple bookmark function to remember the pages of your favorite books/story titles.

If you are someone who often travels abroad, then download “Scan & Translate+ Text Grabber“. The application translates information quickly, and accurately. The application interface is highly user-friendly. The app supports 90 different languages, and you need to take a picture of the text or use the “Scan & Translate” function to read the required information.

Increase the fun of reading comics

In short, Perfect Viewer is a complete comic viewer. The application has all the necessary features for the reader. You can bookmark folders, and manage specific files. The app has many effects for editing images (like Hue/Saturation tools and crop). The app has a magnifying glass to read small documents.

In addition, the application also provides five views such as: Full size, Fixed size. The application also supports a variety of file formats such as EPUB, HTML, TXT.

Perfect Viewer is a “perfect friend” to accompany you when reading comics on your phone. Download “Perfect Viewer” to increase the fun of reading comics!

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