Photo camera translator MOD APK 4.9.18 (Premium Unlocked)

Photo camera translator MOD APK 4.9.18 (Premium Unlocked)

AISBERG LLC Premium Unlocked

Photo camera translator supports Android, iPhone users with professional and accurate translation, capturing, scanning, and translating. It comes with fast speed, supporting nearly 80 different languages ​​in the world. You can also share translations on social networks or email them as attachments.

Photo camera translator provides the ability to scan and translate text for many languages ​​in the world such as Russian, English, German, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, and Chinese. Its translation is fast and accurate with the ability to separate content from any print source such as text, books, signatures, instructions, or notices. Users can also capture images of the translated text, listen to spoken speeches, edit and copy to clipboard, or share on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and VK.

General Information

Photo camera translator provides users of Android devices a professional translation application, accurate and completely free. Photo camera translator allows instant document capture and translation. Specifically, the application can separate content from any print source such as text, books, signatures, instructions, or notices and allows instant translation of them to 70 different languages.

Photo camera translator supports capturing images of text after identifying the entire content. Then, you can instantly edit, listen, translate, and then share the translation on social networks Facebook, Twitter, VK, or by email as an attachment or SMS. Scan & Translate+ Text Grabber produces better and faster translation results than similar products on the Google Play. It comes with up to 70% cheaper price than the same app provided by competitors.

Background Story

ABBYY is the world’s leading OCR recognition software company. Among them, the computer version of ABBYY is called an artifact. And its recognition rate is also one of the best. ABBYY also launched an Android version.

Photo camera translator is a mobile phone OCR text recognition software developed by ABBYY (we currently recognize ABBYY as one of the most powerful desktop OCR software), supporting Android and iOS platforms. The user only needs to pick up the phone to take a photo and scan the text to recognize it at the proper time. Thanks to its powerful technology accumulation, Scan & Translate: Photo camera translator app recognizes they do not need to connect to the Internet, and the recognition rate is still very high.

Photo camera translator supports the recognition of over 60 languages ​​including English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, German, and the translation of 40 languages. Regardless of the recognition accuracy of OCR, especially the recognition rate of Chinese or multilingual support, it far exceeds that of similar apps. Of course, if you want a high recognition effect, you need to ensure that the surface of the text (paper) is flat and not curved; the light is uniform; the angle is vertical, and it avoids the handshake when taking pictures. You can also try to cut out elements that are not related to the text.

Because Photo camera translator is a mobile application, it has more usage scenarios than traditional computer OCR software. For example, students who like to read can recognize the valuable text in the book and save it to Evernote. Office users can easily even go on a business trip and copy the content of the paper document to the Word document of the computer for editing.

Also, your friends traveling abroad can use Photo camera translator to identify the corresponding foreign language and translate it. If you understand the text but cannot be copied easily, you can also directly take a screenshot and use Photo camera translator for translation. The application is still very extensive.

Major update of Scan & Translate+ Text Grabber, text recognition and real-time offline translation

When you want to use machine translation, you may open Google Translate immediately. However, it still has many problems. For example, if you do not have an Internet connection in a foreign country and you have not downloaded the language in advance, what will happen? The method of translating a text from images is even slower.

Today, ABBYY, a company that provides smart solutions and services, has announced a major update to Photo camera translator, trying to replace Google Translate with a suitable solution. The key function is to use the smartphone camera to capture and the new real-time translation function. We love that you can work offline with this app.

ABBYY’s recognition of technology can translate text in any color background. The improved Photo camera translator captures 61 languages ​​in the text and converts them into 104 languages ​​online in proper time, or 10 languages ​​if offline. They base it on the ABBYY technology released in November 2017.

The offline translation is available for ten common languages. ABBYY also announced that Photo camera translator is now available for free download. After using the first three free functions, users can pay to keep access to all functions of the application. The first two months are 50 cents a month, and the following is $2 a month.

All links, phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, and event details can be clicked so that users can easily perform corresponding tasks (tracking, calling, emailing, finding on the map, or adding to the calendar).

Overall Assessments

Scan & Translate: Photo camera translator app is the fastest and easiest way to digitize printed documents and read QR codes. After taking text from the image, you can read, write, translate it into over 100 languages, and search on the Internet or the map.

You have a document or a hard copy and want to use the text on it, but don’t want to waste time re-typing each letter. You want to know the meaning of a foreign phrase on a billboard or product packaging but cannot type it back into the translation software to translate. This is when you need a Photo camera translator.

Photo camera translator is a software taking text from images using optical character recognition technology (OCR). Just take a printout with the in-app camera, Photo camera translator instantly scans and recognizes documents without an Internet connection. Unique real-time recognition mode can extract information written in over 60 different languages, not just from paper documents but from any surface.

After converting the image into text, Photo camera translator will turn the results into action by allowing users to read, write, translate into over 100 languages ​​around the world, search the Internet or on a map, create events on the calendar, edit or share in any convenient way.

Recommended Alternative: Photo Translator

Photo Translator is a completely free application that helps you solve the translation between languages ​​by capturing images of documents to be translated. Then, you can extract text automatically from the image file and translate it into your language selection. The paid version of the app supports translation in up to 25 common languages.

Final Words

Compared with most similar OCR or scanning software such as OfficeLens, ScanBao, TextExtractor, and Scan Almighty, Photo camera translator MOD APK has the advantage of being able to be used offline, supporting multi-language recognition. And the recognition results can be easily copied and used elsewhere, which makes it extremely practical.

In short, Scan & Translate+ Text Grabber is a great efficiency artifact. After a few days of trial, we cannot put it down. Using it can make all kinds of words in reality easily accessible. After getting used to it, Scan & Translate: Photo camera translator app is estimated that you will be inseparable from it. And it may play a huge role at critical moments.

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