Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike MOD APK 5.4.7 (Free Shopping)

Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike MOD APK 5.4.7 (Free Shopping)

January 29, 2024


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Pixel Combat Zombies Strike poster When it comes to the apocalypse, people immediately think of zombies’ attacks. There are tons of movies and games that have been made about this topic, and a majority of them have really good reviews. They are so familiar to us that when we hear the title, we know what the movie or the game is going to be mainly about. If you are a fan of zombies’ attacks, maybe you have played and enjoyed a lot of zombie games. However, some of them cannot meet your expectations. Are you looking for a perfect one? In July 2018, GS Games Studio decided to launch “Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike”, and it has been warmly welcomed ever since. It has a huge fan base not only because of its Minecraft-alike design but also for its addictive gameplay. This game is similar to “Pixel Gun 3D” or “Block City Wars”, but of course, it has unique and fascinating features that the two games above do not. To learn more about what makes this game so popular, keep reading, and you will be amazed.


It is obvious that many players do not want to read a long paragraph with millions of words on it, even when the story is interesting. “Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike” has a very simple storyline to catch up with. When you first start the game, an instructor will guide you through every step, and each of them is absolutely understandable. The story begins with the world being stormed by a mob of zombies, and almost everyone has been bitten and turned into one of them. You are the next hero that everyone looks forward to. The mission is simple but also very challenging: you have to kill the zombies and survive, collect crucial parts in order to build the time machine, and save the human race. Maybe it sounds like not heavy work, but trust me, as soon as you play this game, you will find it a lot more than that. Pixel Combat Zombies Strike screen 0


Interesting and uncomplicated gameplay

The game is designed simply, and the first thing you will see is the menu which includes the start game, settings, and exit button. You will be guided through a clear tutorial by an instructor, all of the steps are written shortly but understandably. As he said a zombie apocalypse happened on the planet, and the human race needs your help. The only way to save the world is to build a time machine, go back in time and prevent the apocalypse, and it means that your main focus is to find the missing pieces of the time machine, install them, and be ready to save everyone. Personally, everything in this game is displayed clearly that a tutorial is not quite necessary. However, if you do not want to miss any information, you can patiently follow the tutorial. At first, players only have a wrench to work with and nothing else. Their job is to kill every zombie they see, and each fallen zombie will earn them money and a small chance of the time machine’s part. The time machine is designed as a car. The progress of the time machine is shown on the top right corner of the screen when you come near it as well as the number of parts needed. For each item you collect, you will be noticed about it so that you can install it on the time machine.  If you want to know what happens after every piece is collected, feel free to download the game and find out about it. As the game is played in the first-person mode, every feature is easy to handle. The control is clearly displayed on the screen. The buttons include move, shoot, jump, aim, and weapon switch buttons. All of them are big enough to press without any struggle. The health bar is shown on the top left corner of the screen, and the total number of your health is 100. You should not waste too much money on weapons or maps. Instead, make sure to purchase and use the medkits when needed, which can prevent you from dying. After finishing the tutorial, you will be led to a gun shop where you can buy your first gun. The number of bullets is displayed on the top right corner of the screen. Make sure to purchase enough bullets and reload them when they run out. Next to the gun shop is your room, where you can find a free medkit, a random piece for upgrading guns, and money. There is also a shooting practice area for you to train in your free time.

Pixel Combat Zombies Strike screen 1

In the battle

You have a variety of maps to choose from, and each of them has different rewards, as well as zombie types. When you enter the battle, it is obvious that your objective is to kill as many zombies as you can. To know when the zombies are coming, there is a timer in the middle top of the screen. During the gameplay, zombies can spawn anywhere, at any place, and they can also smell and follow your scent. Players have to watch out for their backs because I notice that when I am busy looking the other way, they tend to come behind and hit me. Remember to find the secret portal to collect surprising rewards, pull any lever you see will surely open up the gate. The number of zombies each round left is also displayed above the screen. The portal is opened when you have killed a certain number of zombies. Since zombies are endless on every map, and if you would like to make more money, feel free to keep playing. After that, you can go through the portal and earn rewards such as money, upgrades, and random pieces of guns, and take a rest.

Pixel Combat Zombies Strike screen 3

Maps, zombies, and weapons

All the maps in “Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike” are various and very familiar to many locations in real life. Some can be listed are the clinic, the market, the salon, and many more. Maps can be opened with money that you earn from the battle, the more expensive the map, the more dangerous it will be. While playing, gamers can notice that there are a variety of zombies. Each of them has a different costume with different specialties. Zombies can be prisoners, clowns, cowboys, firefighters, even Santa Claus, and so many more. Some zombies are harder to kill, and some are faster than others. If there are too many zombies in one round, you can hold them back by installing planks on the door. Planks can be purchased and upgraded in the shop. Weapons are the most crucial in “Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike” as they are the only things to kill the zombies. The more expensive the weapon, the more effective and stronger it will be. A diversity of guns that can be listed are Scar-L, SIG SG 550, AK-47, etc. If you have played combat games, you should know that shotguns are powerful but only effective in a short-range, and grenades can kill a large number of zombies. Weapons can be upgraded in the upgrade store next to the gun shop.

Pixel Combat Zombies Strike screen 2

Free shopping

Doing missions for money and other rewards is not always fun. Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike Mod APK has supported players with a free shopping feature, giving them the ability to shop whatever they want without worrying that they have spent too much. No need to worry about what to buy and what to save for.


“Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike” has such unique designs with 3D visuals and pixel graphics like Minecraft. The atmosphere and colors in this game are designed exactly like an apocalypse (if you have watched an apocalypse movie, you will see the resemblance). Every detail is designed neatly and perfectly. The music and sound effects in this game are undoubtedly on point. The developer added an alarm noise every time a wave of zombies is coming which makes the game so much better. The gun sounds are realistic and not too unpleasant to hear.


All in all, “Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike” is such a worth playing game that players can enjoy after a hard, long day of studying or working. Even though it is a violent game, “Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike” will still give you the relaxation you are looking for. 

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