Plague of Z MOD APK 2.24.2 (High Damage)

Plague of Z MOD APK 2.24.2 (High Damage)

TG Inc. High Damage

Plague Of Z is a game genre simulation of a global pandemic infection revolving around hot issues in the world, extremely attractive and thrilling, published and provided by the famous game maker TG InC. In the game Plague Of Z, you will experience and become a professional virus commander with the task of spreading viruses, bacteria, and biological weapons to the whole world to make all creatures including humans on Earth. Global doomsday, known as the apocalypse, promises to bring many new and exciting gaming experiences. Currently, the Plague Of Z game is available on the Google Play app with the best interactions and reviews, everyone can download the Plague Of Z game to experience it!


The Plague Of Z game is a unique combination of strategy and realistic simulation, and the gameplay is quite simple, moreover, the game Plague Of Z also has a Co-Op game mechanism so you can play with other people. Make allies around the globe to destroy the undead. In the Plague Of Z game, you will have to end human history by spreading a dangerous global epidemic. In addition, the Plague Of Z game has many exciting tasks for collecting points. Get DNA points that appear randomly on the map when playing, which is considered a unit of money for performing in-game activities. In addition, you can get DNA points when countries around the world have people infected with diseases or make fake drugs, and collect DNA points to upgrade the epidemic.

Besides, there are many challenges that are not simple, you have to face artificial intelligence AI so you can’t act on your emotions, in addition, the Plague Of Z game uses Stunning HD graphics technology to create a different interface, in the game you represent a dangerous harmful agent that makes the whole planet wary, but don’t be complacent because scientific progress is changing rapidly and every situation has its own advantages can happen, you can easily fail if you are subjective.


Currently, the Plague Of Z game has more than 11 different diseases, if it comes to the number, it may not be much, but it is also eligible to make the whole world chaotic, combined with 3 difficulty levels for you to choose from. Includes regular and special translations. Diseases used by many players such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, biological weapons, etc. Your friend’s task is to spread the disease to spread quickly in countries and wipe out everyone in the world, upgrading the resistance of the pathogen, against all solutions that man offers until the end. when everyone on earth gets sick and dies. On the other hand, in the game Plague Of Z, the main goal must be for all to be infected to be considered successful, so only a small percentage of immunity to the disease you are creating means that you have not completed it yet, to accomplish your mission here, make sure all locations have set the alarm to the highest level.


The Plague Of Z game simulates and builds each location in each country very realistically in the actual order on the world map, you can choose any place to perform the infection action. The battle to explode bacteria, and viruses, whether successful or not, depends on your strategy, international airports are the ideal place, so the in-game symbols are shown quite clearly. You just need to Press the button to start sowing the first seeds of disease.


The Plague Of Z game allows you to upgrade the symptoms of a disease that will make epidemics extremely dangerous when they adversely affect the human brain, heart, respiratory system, etc. Symptoms in the game Plague Of Z such as cough, shortness of breath, nausea, etc are simulated very realistically. In addition, you can also upgrade diseases so that they survive in many different environments and weather conditions. You can also customize them to spread in different ways such as through mice, livestock, the air, especially some pathogens that can transform people into Zombies.


The game offers a variety of survival gaming experiences with limited resources, sponsoring refugees, strengthening defences against zombies, breeding and farming, etc. just like building a species society of real-life people. In addition, keep an eye on the updated information in the game to know the world situation, and come up with tactics so that the pathogens you create are not destroyed. In the game Plague Of Z, there will be information such as the number of infected people, the number of deaths, information about general infectious diseases, the world chart of the disease, the treatment chart and the epidemic.


The Plague Of Z has simple, easy-to-see graphics with dark and sad tones, suitable for the context of the world in chaos because of the epidemic. Design a very detailed world map from a flat perspective, a clear division of regions and countries, and an easy-to-see and easy-to-operate interface. In addition, the character design in the game is realistic with very vivid actions and symptoms when infected. Besides, the warm sound in the game Plague Of Z is vivid and rich with scary sounds, suspense to drama, sound effects of laughter, cries, news sounds, etc in real life, helping the player experience the game in the most realistic and vivid way.


The highlight of the game Plague Of Z is the beautiful and modern graphics, and high-quality images combined with a unique global epidemic simulation gameplay. In addition, the Plague Of Z game does not have annoying ads interrupting, you have many opportunities to unlock new viruses and special abilities, and upgrade pathogens, simple game operation and control, and intuitive and easy-to-understand configuration. Note that, the game Plague Of Z has many horror elements, not suitable for players under 12 years old, everyone needs to consider carefully when playing Plague Of Z.

Besides the outstanding features, the Plague Of Z game is also compatible with Android and Ios operating systems, if you are interested in some pandemic simulation games or want to make friends and enjoy quality time then the game Plague Of Z is perfect for you. However, if you want to enjoy the game to the fullest, and you feel that in-game purchases are limited, try our modified version of Plague Of Z, with a modified version, with this change, you can unlock all of those without paying any fee. Moreover, with our modified version you will have unlimited access to gems, gold and bonuses and many other rewards, which are all the things you need to build and thrive in the gameplay. All you have to do is install our Plague Of Z Mod Apk and experience it.

In addition, if you like playing pandemic simulation games as well as want to explore different plot content, you can try other game experiences like Dawn of Zombies: Survival and Day R Survival game, these are all pandemic simulation games, Zombies are very realistic and similar to the Plague Of Z game. But with the Plague Of Z game, we recommend that you try to experience it, guaranteed not to disappoint you.

Thereby, have you felt the attractive Plague Of Z game yet? If you are curious, don’t hesitate now to quickly access the Google Play application to download the Plague Of Z game to your device and role-play. And don’t forget to invite more friends and relatives to play and rate 5 stars for the Plague Of Z game. In the future, the game Plague Of Z promises to bring players new exciting gaming experiences as well as relaxing moments that are really comfortable and great when participating in the Plague Of Z game.

Have fun playing the game!

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