Nuclear Day Survival MOD APK 0.134.0 (Unlimited Money)

Nuclear Day Survival MOD APK 0.134.0 (Unlimited Money)

May 12, 2024


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Garden of Dreams Games
554.79 MB
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Unlimited Money

Nuclear Day Survival participates in the challenge of surviving nuclear sabotage. Everything in this world was destroyed, the dark sky covered the whole sky. Dead bodies were scattered on the road, many animals also rotted, it was terrible. You can’t find any quiet or clean space, the whole thing is rotting. You are on a mission to discover what is left, you are also the last person on earth. Wear protective clothing carefully to avoid unnecessary risks to you. The post-apocalyptic situation needs to be quickly released to revive human life.

Nuclear Day’s apocalyptic world will give you unforgettable moments. Create a ruthless world full of dangers lurking to destroy humans. The survivors will be at the top of the food chain and have everything they want. However, it also requires sacrifices and efforts to the limit. If you’re ready, start with the smallest things. Resist any threat that comes close to your barracks. Become something that everyone is afraid to talk about with specific actions.

City ruined by nuclear war

Players also obsess about what has been ravaged, hunger, and disease makes this whole world like to collapse. Suffering is everywhere, they spare no one, including you. You are starting the journey to find what is left and on a mission to save lives. Nuclear devastation made everything terrible, burning it all down. Wherever you go, you will only see death, this city is also empty. If you want to save someone’s life, solve the puzzle, and show your wisdom now. When you complete each stage you will have more teammates, who can sit down, and together learn about the cause of this serious incident.

Life has been turned upside down and everything is turned upside down and not the same. To get out of here you need to find something useful for yourself. Start by finding relevant characters and chat with them to get quests. Each mission will require you to perform a certain task with random difficulty. Once completed, we can receive the reward and continue to the next chapter. You can find a lot of useful stuff along the way. Don’t underestimate the power of these wonderful objects.

Complete the challenges

In Nuclear Day Survival, you play as one of the survivors of this tragedy and your whole goal in this game is to try to survive. This lone survivor, a young man, has to do a lot to survive. The most important thing is to find sources of food, tools, and even weapons to protect yourself from the humans mercilessly to survive!

The main character’s journey is made up of different quests. That’s what he needs to do to get his way out of the ruined city. Each mission will become progressively more difficult and is built in a very diverse way. There are quests as simple as finding lost items in a fixed location. Some missions require us to destroy targets to get what they have. You will also meet people who may have clues to help you. You need to use that smartly to quickly find what you want. Let’s wait and see what unexpected events this story will lead us to.

Solve puzzles to save lives

Nuclear Day Survival creates a question system for you to conquer. You stop at a certain point and perform the assigned challenge. With the data that the room space gives you, how will you solve the puzzle, will you find any information? When you receive a challenge, you will experience a lot of things, in which saving lives is the noblest. The teammates wearing the same outfit as you are also no longer alive, save them. Everything is ruined, but your will to survive cannot be reduced. Players are determined to find the answer and conquer all the questions that the game poses, completing well to return home soon.

Enhance equipment

Before embarking on danger, we need to have good enough equipment to survive. Of course, this equipment will not come naturally, you will have to find it yourself. Maybe it will be picked up on the road, completed quests, or bought from dealers. You can look at the stats to distinguish the power they can bring. Always choose the better gear to get the best conditions. You’ll be up against random brutes and enemies. If you have enough equipment such as hats, shirts, and pants, you will be able to activate a few extra attributes. Do not forget to use several drugs to ensure your physical condition.

Upgrade protective clothing

You are also surviving thanks to the protective clothing you wear. Nuclear Day Survival designed that skin to look like you’re running into a toxic gas. It looks very bulky but is extremely convenient for you to ensure your health. From a guy with only a regular gas mask, and still ragged clothes to owning a complete outfit. Fully equipped you will explore the city longer, prolonging your existence. Besides, adding weapons at a higher level to defend when needed. Sealed from top to bottom, no poison can enter your body, otherwise very dangerous.

Equipment is also important, but weapons are much more important if you want to keep yourself safe. You will have melee weapons such as knives, swords, machetes, crowbars, or saws. Next more powerful are the guns that can be picked up or traded. Pistols, rifles, machine guns, or shotguns are available. Each gun will have a shooting method corresponding to the

Explore the vast area

Although the city was destroyed, the area was still the same, so it was very large. You pass many buildings that have been burned down, trees that are no longer lush, and ashes of human corpses. The park scene is still there, but there are no people anymore. Conquer even the dark tunnels, this is the place where humans are destroyed the most. All that remained were the corpses of objects, and humanity collapsed. The surrounding landscape is no longer alive, black is now the dominant color in the city. Even dealing with ferocious beasts, they are attacking you like a poisonous creature that wants to harm them, be careful.

An amazing 2D survival simulator in a post-apocalyptic setting

The post-apocalyptic topic has long been no stranger to us on all hot topics. However, to exploit it well, not all games will do it. Fortunately, Nuclear Day was able to master all that it was supposed to be. Thereby creating a dark and dangerous environment that makes the hairs on the back of your neck shiver. The plot is full of mysteries mixed with things that keep you curious about new issues. Just play and develop wisdom from what you find. That is how we equip ourselves with knowledge.

Nuclear Day Survival together survives to the last moment when the journey ends. You will have many wonderful experiences here, difficulties are always covered. You are a strong man, so you have been decisive in every event taking place in the city. The weather changes constantly, which is also a consequence of nuclear power. Many devastating things have made you also fall into contemplation, without any light. Mysterious puzzles and wise choices will keep you alive. Download the Nuclear Day Survival mod, and try to return home as soon as possible in a safe form.

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