September 27, 2022

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For most mobile users, downloading videos on YouTube and many other Android apps or web pages seem like a luxury that’s just not for you. As a result, you’ll always need the Internet whenever you wish to watch and enjoy your videos. But with this awesome mobile application of PowerTube, you can now easily watch and download all your online videos with ease.

Feel free to enter the app and start making use of its simple features to access any online videos from different sources or on their dedicated apps. You can then capture the links to the videos or share them to PowerTube and allow the app to start downloading your videos with ease. Have access to many cool and advanced features, which will always let you make the most of the app.

Learn more about this awesome mobile tool and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.

What does it do?

Here in PowerTube, Android users will have a fully featured mobile application for watching and downloading videos without any restrictions or limitations. Similar to Snaptube and VidMate, it lets you access and download your YouTube videos with ease. And at the same time, also use the app to enter other platforms to playback online videos and download them on the go.

Enjoy the lite and undemanding app that can easily work on all your Android devices with its complete features. Have fun watching and downloading videos from all sources with different download and video settings. Feel free to make changes and manage your video downloads directly inside the app. Have access to the built-in browser, which will enable many cool and useful implementations. The list goes on.


With the free application of PowerTube now available for all Android users, you will find it super easy to download and install the app on your mobile devices from GitHub, XDA, and many other official sites. However, the app will still have ads that might bother you a little bit.

To improve better in-app stability and enhance its overall compatibility with your system, it’s highly recommended that you have your Android devices updated to the latest firmware versions. And like other Android apps, PowerTube will require certain access permissions from your Android devices, which are needed to ensure their complete functionality. So don’t forget to always consider and accept the prompting requests upon your first time entering the app.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Intuitive app UI with accessible features

With PowerTube, Android users can have access to the minimalistic app designs with clean layouts and intuitive UI. Here, the accessible menus and undemanding features in the app will make sure that you can freely enjoy your in-app experiences. By featuring many tutorials and instructions, new users should have little troubles working with the app. Feel free to make use of its features to start downloading videos from any platforms, using any methods.

Download videos from any sources

Here in PowerTube, Android users are allowed to access and download videos from any sources, including apps and websites. Start by entering your certain apps like YouTube, VK, or any others. Look for the certain videos that you wish to watch and download. Select the share option and open via PowerTube. Here, the app will automatically load the videos and let you download them to your Android devices.

And at the same time, with videos on webpages, you can simply copy the link that leads to them. Or make uses of the built-in browser to access the website, look for the video, enter the video playback pages, and start downloading the content directly inside the app. This should allow you to download any videos on all platforms.

Built-in browser for better conveniences

And speaking of which, PowerTube does come with a built-in browser, which will allow Android users to freely access websites and look for downloadable videos. However, the fully-featured browser also offers a lot more usability, as you can use it to access websites to view their content.

By featuring many useful features and advanced settings, you can enjoy the browser even better than your stock app. With the built-in adblocker, you can easily prevent ads from bothering you whilst browsing the Internet or looking for downloadable videos.

Also, have access to dozens of available settings, which will let you use PowerTube as your dedicated Internet browser. Make uses of the General settings to freely customize the standard features in PowerTube. Enable the Bookmark settings to manage your different video bookmarks. Make uses of the Display settings to customize how videos are played or contents are displayed. Change the browser Privacy settings to match your personal preferences. And have access to all the Advance settings in the app to fully enjoy its many features.

Feel free to customize your download settings

For those of you who are interested, you can freely customize your download settings in PowerTube, using many provided features. Here, the app will let you select the preferred video quality and file formats prior to your downloads. Feel free to choose the best settings for your videos from YouTube, Twitter, VK, Facebook, and more. At the same time, also have the option to customize the addresses for your download folders, change the video names and other settings. All of which should allow you to fully optimize your downloads.

Manage and monitor all your downloads

In addition, PowerTube users can have direct access to the fully-featured Download Manager, in which you’re introduced to many useful settings, which can help improve your download quality. Feel free to change the number of occurring downloads to optimize the download speed depending on your current Internet connection. Be able to split videos into multiple download threads, which will optimize your download speed but will use more system resources. The list goes on.

Allow you to download video playlists

To make it easier for PowerTube to download their videos, the app will now let you download video playlists instead of individual clips. Simply enter YouTube and other video streaming platforms to look for your playlists. Share them to PowerTube and the app will automatically complete the download preparations. Simply wait until your downloads finish and you can enjoy watching the entire playlists offline.

Support all loading functions

To make sure you can download all videos, PowerTube will support many advanced loading functions, aside from the standards. Here, you can load videos using multithreaded loading, MDP, and HLS, which will allow all online videos to be played and downloaded via the app. As a result, the app will work a lot more effectively than any other video downloader apps.

Customize the UI to match your preferences

To improve your in-app experiences, PowerTube users can now choose to customize the in-app UI with many cool and unique settings. Feel free to change your themes to Day and Night to optimize the display for better visibility and eye protection, respectively. And also enable the Dark mode to make full uses of your beautiful AMOLED displays.

Small app size to work on all your devices

To make sure that all Android users can make use of the app, the developers of PowerTube have try their best to optimize the mobile app. As a result, it only comes with a small app size and little requirements for you to easily install the app on your system with no compromises.

Enjoy the completely unlocked app on our website

While the free app does offer all of its features for mobile users to make use of, PowerTube still comes with ads that might bother you a little bit. So if you wish to enjoy the complete application with no ads, you might want to go for the modded version of PowerTube on our website instead. Here, we offer the Premium Unlocked app with all of its features available and without annoying ads to disturb you. All you need is to download the PowerTube Mod APK on our website, then follow the given instructions to have it properly installed on your Android system.

Final verdicts

Feel free to use PowerTube to view your online videos and download them on the go. Here, the powerful video downloader app supports downloading videos from all webpages and restricted platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, VK, Twitter, and more.

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