Push’em all MOD APK 1.43 (Unlimited Money)

Push’em all MOD APK 1.43 (Unlimited Money)

December 21, 2023


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If you are tired of cooking, farming, fighting, and any kind of games, but you still want to play something to relax your mind, what options do you have? Don’t worry, there are a diversity of games that can help you release your tiredness. Have you ever heard of “Crowd City”? If your answer is yes, you may know that this game title is quite famous for its odd and addictive gameplay: gathering as many people as you can and crushing your opponents. But do you want to try another game, similar to “Crowd City”, but maybe way more fun?

Push’em all” was first introduced by VOODOO in 2019, and the game is warmly welcomed ever since. This game is all about pushing whoever you see on your way, rush to the end and gain victory. But will you reach the finish line first, or do you want to clean everything? It’s up to you! Play however you like because this game does not require anything. What you need is just a stable mobile device and just relax, this game is absolutely amazing. Do you want to find out more about what it has? Let’s get started!


“Push’em all” does not have a specific storyline, instead, when players enter the game, they are quickly guided on how to control the character. You will drag your finger on the screen in an infinite shape to play, just like that, your character is ready to push all the enemies. If you want to push just one side of the map, it is okay as long as you reach the finish line.

Believe me when I say it is a simple game because it truly is. All you have to do is lead your character to the end, and you are completely fine. Of course, if you pass one level, there are others. But it is not a problem because the more you play, the more you get used to it. As you read about it, do you want to try it yet? Let’s move on to the features and find out why “Push’em all” is so popular.


Incredibly easy and fascinating gameplay

“Push’em all” is probably one of the easiest games that I or anyone have ever played and enjoyed. This game literally does not require anything besides a mobile device. Many people always think that because of the game’s simplicity, it is not appealing at all. “Push’em all” can prove that this statement is completely wrong. I have made a small survey on my friends, asking them about how they feel after playing “Push’em all” for a few weeks. And the results are surprisingly positive. Almost all of my friends say that this is a perfect game for them to relax after a hard day or in their free time. What about the others? They want to play it all the time, but they are too busy.

The most important part of their answers is they enjoy this game because of its uncomplicated gameplay. In this game, your one and only mission is to push all the rivals down, and remember not to fall with them, or before them, the game will be over. Even if there are so many enemies, do not give up because amazing prizes are waiting for you ahead.


Your default character will look like the enemy but of course, with another color. Do not worry if he looks boring because you can use coins to unlock amazing outfits such as hats and clothes for him. Coins can be collected at any level. The more opponents you push down, the more coins you will receive.

Players can also unlock the movements of the character with all kinds of dance moves. How can anyone say that “Push’em all” is boring when there are so many features to explore, right? I always find myself enjoy this game so much that my eyes cannot leave the game.


Each normal level has three zones for you to clear. Your character will use a long and large roller to push the opponents and collect the coins. Each level is different from the rest, make sure that you do not fall as the game will end. The final level of each round only has one zone, but there are three waves, and each of them has lots of enemies for you to push. While pushing them, players can also receive boosters to finish the game faster.

The higher level you enter, the more obstacles will appear, such as big rocks and difficult ways to move. Remember to try to dodge them and defeat all of the enemies. On some harder levels, the enemies can use guns to shoot at you. While playing, you can unlock surprising weapons such as the magic staff.

After a certain number of levels, you will be changed into another theme such as buildings, lava, sea and so many more. Players will be able to explore various themes and enjoy them.


There is a diversity of rivals that you will face during the gameplay. They have different colors such as red, yellow, purple, blue, black, pink, etc. Yellow is the bigger, stronger, and tougher guy, but they are slower than the others. The normal one that you will always face is the red one, they are easy to defeat but, in some stages, they will spawn with a large number. As players progress through the game, they will face an increasing number of enemies, and the stages are more complex, including challenging elements that help the game be more interesting.

Unlimited coins

Players can now freely use their coins because Push’em all Mod APK has supported them with an unlimited money feature. No more thinking about what should be bought first and last.


Even though the design of this game is quite simple with decent colors, it is extremely eye-catching. The framerate is smooth and steady. Some bugs may appear but since the game is constantly updated, players do not need to worry about that. The sound effects of this game are realistic, portraying the screams and shouts of the enemies very well.


All in all, “Push’em all” is undoubtedly a fascinating and addictive game that players can enjoy by themselves, with their friends and family. Despite the fact that it might be repetitive, the game still has amazing features for players to chill with.

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