Paint Pop 3D MOD APK 2.0.2 (Unlimited Coins)

Paint Pop 3D MOD APK 2.0.2 (Unlimited Coins)

August 26, 2023


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Good Job Games
104.94 MB
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Unlimited Coins

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Paint Pop 3D is an entertaining 3D game for those who love painting. The game combines action entertainment with the art of drawing. Like “Color Bump 3D“, the game offers a variety of one-touch addictive arcade experiences. The gameplay is simple and extremely fun, so it is suitable for all ages. Your task is to tap to draw, and keep every pattern happy. Try to ensure the correct color strokes, away from obstacles to complete the goal. The game has thousands of interesting levels, and many cute challenges. After each level of play, you will gain scores and great bonus levels. You use the bonuses to unlock different characters, or new guns. Variety in customization helps you have more fun moments with Paint Pop 3D.


Paint Pop 3D is an action game, but you won’t see the gore scenes. Instead, you are amused by colorful bullets on the phone screen. Just tap the screen repeatedly, avoiding obstacles to enjoy one of the best addictive arcade games. The game showcases colorful paint guns, and crazy competitions. You shoot color bullets at the magic helix wheel in limited time. You press or hold to throw 3D paint balls onto the wheel. The game has a lot of levels, and complete them by painting all the white spaces. The game is really addictive with a sense of constant action. You just need a simple operation like “Color Bump 3D”. You use your finger to control the shooting action. The game is compatible well on both mobile phones, or tablets. The game also supports keyboard and mouse if you play it on the computer. The game is very easy to install, and you can play it on your mobile phone within seconds of downloading. Paint Pop 3D offers an enjoyable experience like other arcade games. The game is suitable for many people, children or anyone who loves painting.


Paint Pop 3D is a fun entertaining game with colorful guns. The game is developed by Good Job Games, and is extremely interesting. The game reaches millions of downloads, and supports multiple platforms, such as smartphones or tablets, or personal computers. The game is impressive by its simple and highly addictive gameplay. The game is suitable for everyone, so you will love games like “Color Bump 3D”. You will play a wonderful, cute character. Your main task is to shoot a character or object into different pieces. You must make a color success through amazing roulette challenges. The game has quite simple controls, and all you need is focus, precision in each action. You need to touch the canon to create bombs, or other interesting objects to crash into the roulette wheel. But the game is not that simple, and you should be careful to avoid different spinning objects. If you interact with obstacles, your projectile will not work. Of course, you will also lose if you hit the path of obstacles.


Paint Pop 3D is quite simple to get used to, but you also need a lot of skills to win like “Color Bump 3D”. You have to pay close attention to make sure everything is in orbit. You have to touch the screen on the correct distance, and keep the bomb from bombarding the obstacles. If you press and hold, you can shoot a continuous blast of cannon and destroy the trigger in an absolute short time. However, the rush can be difficult, so you need to pay attention so you can move on to the next level in the best possible way. The game gives you a chance to show off your bomb shooting skills. You must have precise shots on each target. However, be careful not to divert the projectile into obstructions. Good shots keep you up, and beat the best scores.


Paint Pop 3D is sure to bring a great, addictive action experience to those who love painting. The game is interesting by a series of shooting actions to draw all the required rings. The missions are varied, and you have to be careful with the obstacles. The game is easy to get used to, but also easy to lose. You add great things, and the fun between color-action combinations. You can play with a lot of characters through bonus unlocking. Try to capture the feel of paint guns, and break awesome infinite roulte boards. The game allows you to connect with friends, so you can share your memories with everyone.

In short, Paint Pop 3D is a great entertaining game of action and color. You can control the characters, and various options to enhance the experience. If you need a light entertainment game, and interesting, Paint Pop 3D is the right choice. However, the game gets a bit boring after a while with repetitive challenges. You will also collect all the characters, paths and colors after time intervals. Besides, many ads for the free version are also a big obstacle. Anyway, Paint Pop 3D is still an addictive arcade game for those who love painting.


Gentle light entertainment, easily addictive for anyone who loves painting.

Many interesting characters, customizable.

Many great challenges, suitable for everyone.


Boring after a long time.

Many ads in free mode.

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