Rage Road MOD APK 1.3.20 (Unlimited Money)

Rage Road MOD APK 1.3.20 (Unlimited Money)

September 9, 2023


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Imagine you are a boss who runs a large company, but suddenly one day, you are hunted by an assassin organization, and your company is taken away by robbers, not only your company but also many other assets. , so what will you do to survive next? You accept empty – handed?

To find out for yourself, now let the game developer SayGames bring you to the game called Rage Road – Car Shooting, to role-play as a character in the game and explore the extreme storyline together. interesting, and at the same time to find out how to fight the assassins and get the company back!

Description About the game Rage Road – Car Shooting.

If you have ever experienced the super action the game Johnny Trigger – Sniper of SayGames, then surely you will not be able to ignore the game Rage Road – Car Shooting, a fun animated action game that is quite interesting. attracted more than 10 thousand installs as well as positive feedback and comments even though the game has not been released for a long time. So how attractive and attractive the game Rage Road – Car Shooting is, is there an improvement over the previous Johnny Trigger Sniper game, now let’s explore this game together!

The task – The rule.

The background, the plot in the game Rage Road – Car Shooting is the image of a man named Jack being hunted by a group of professional assassins. Next, a secret agent who used to work for Jack shows up and tells him that Jack’s company has been robbed. Now, Jack must fight and guard against the oncoming dangers, while having to find the leader of the bandits to regain the company and what was lost. When the player has grasped the purpose as well as the mission of this game, the player uses touch operations, swipes on the phone screen to control the gun, and must protect Jack’s safety.

How to control the game in Rage Road – Car Shooting is not complicated, players only need one operation to touch and swipe in the directions, up and down, left to right to defeat the assassins who are chasing them. behind. Besides, the number of assassins chasing you is increasing and crowded, they travel by car, while Jack has no vehicle at all, then the player just needs to aim at the tires of the attacker’s assassin and shoot, and the car will overturn and cause an accident causing the cars behind them will also be affected and can no longer chase Jack. One thing to note is that in shooting, it is necessary to give priority to destroying enemies near you first, as long as the first one is in trouble, the latter will also be affected, which gives the player a chance. Kill the assassins faster players need to equip themselves with better defensive weapons, to prevent them from using bombers and missiles. If the player is provided with a car, prepare shields as well as install bulletproof glass to protect the hood and cockpit, replace the tires for sure so the player will drive safer. to fight the assassins and ensure safety during the move. Also, armored vehicles can take some real punishment, so dodge the oncoming flames and keep headshot until these monster trucks finally turn to scrap metal.

Besides, players try to complete well the tasks in the game to receive bonuses and use that bonus to buy more bullets and upgrades to speed up reloading, there are many other guns. each other, but the safest and most effective is still the machine gun. Besides, people can also buy Jack costumes, helmets, anti-poison masks, protective clothing … at the in-game store.

Rage Road – Car Shooting is available on Google Play App and is suitable for people 12 years and older.

The graphics The sound.

The game Rage Road – Car Shooting with funny and funny cartoon graphics  simple but equally attractive character creation, the lighting effects, the colors, and beautiful scenes on each screen, unique and animated sounds by the gunfire, explosions of the bombs, the rockets, engine sounds of the vehicles and chase the action scenes in the game create a dramatic and exciting battle taste.

The features of the game.

  • System of diverse and unique missions, more than 80 levels, and many different missions and challenges are updated daily, weekly for players to conquer and experience.
  • With modern technology, the unique gameplay combines racing and shooting elements to bring maximum action and thrills to players.
  • Fun graphic sound makes players feel interesting and comfortable when playing.
  • Simple and easy game control and operation.
  • Diversified and highly equipped arsenal system with 13 unique weapons for players to collect and choose from pistols to SMGs to assault rifles with a total of up to 45 other skins together. The power and reload speed as well as the magazine size all vary between guns, so players should find the weapon that best suits their play style and the needs of each specific level.
  • Amazing in the car entertainment with fun graphics and sounds, vibrant background music to keep players energized and entertained as they take out enemies, with 11 different locations, each with their own color modes to ensure players will never get bored while sitting in the car.
  • Players can decorate and upgrade their cars,  the trucks with a variety of support parts, and the car paint jobs after purchasing in your favorite color. In addition, players also work on their own with 4 different elements of the character’s costume to upgrade and match, taking the player from a sober agent to a brilliant highway warrior.

With the above the features and the characteristics, everyone must have found it interesting, right? ^^ And now, don’t hesitate any longer, quickly download the game Rage Road – Car Shooting to your computer and invite more friends to experience it together, let’s go to battle and destroy all the killers who are rampaging crazy outside the streets, be the hero to protect Jack and help him get back what was stolen. Hopefully, the game Rage Road –  Car Shooting will bring everyone new, exciting, and exciting gaming experiences, as well as great relaxing moments.

Have fun playing the game!

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