Real Car Driving Experience MOD APK 1.4.2 (Unlimited Money)

Real Car Driving Experience MOD APK 1.4.2 (Unlimited Money)

AxesInMotion Racing Unlimited Money

There are a lot of sports in the world. They are divided into different categories. And racing is one of the dangerous sport that is concerned by many people. Racing is also a subject that many game developers have chosen to make games. And Real Car Driving Experience is the game of the racing genre. The game’s full name is Real Car Driving Experience – Racing Game. In the game, you will drive a sports car on dangerous tracks. And at the same time, you also will have an opportunity to experience many surprising things that the game brings. Now let’s explore Real Car Driving Experience.

Explore an open world

Real Car Driving Experience is one of the games that has been created and offered by AxeslnMotion Racing. They are a leading mobile developer and publisher based in Seville, Spain. They are also the creators of the mobile top racing game Extreme Car Driving Simulator. Real Car Driving Experience is only available on Google Play. So you just can install the game on mobile devices that run on Android Operating System. And the game is completely free to download and is only for single player.

Besides, 3D graphic is very eye – catching. If you look carefully, you can see the sunlight or the clouds moving in the sky. Sometimes you can drive the car in a river with clear water. Moreover, you can see the wheel tracks when your car brakes suddenly or the car’s smoke when it hits obstacles. This will make Real Car Driving Experience become more realistic. In addition, the sound of the game is very lively. For example, in the hills, you can hear the song of the birds. You also will hear the noise of the engines when your car is running. Especially, vivid car damage will bring many big crashes with broken glass pieces. Furthermore, an exciting soundtrack is always turned on during the play process. It will make the players feel excited. But if you don’t want to disturb others, you can open the Setting of the game to turn off the sound.

Start to perform the dramatic racings

In Real Car Driving Experience, the player’s main mission is to drive the car on the dangerous tracks. To make the game be more interesting, the publisher has provided 3 huge environments so that the player can change and experience. City, Off-Road and Airport. Each environment will have its own scenery, but there are a lot of vehicles that are moving in three environments. So you need to be careful when moving on the way. Drift the asphalt in the city, climb the hill of dirt in off-road or race and perform illegal stunts in the airport. Besides, there are a lot of checkpoints in the player’s way. You will receive the goals here. With each goal, you will receive a certain number of gold bars and coins. For example, in checkpoint 4 – the Off-Road environment, when you overcome all checkpoints and finish the racing in 52 seconds, you will receive silver cup with 500 coins and 5 gold bars.

In addition, there are up to 16 sports cars that you can own. Maxi5, Arena, Super Turismo, Rebelator, Boxer, GTX, and so on. And to own these cars, the player will have to complete the mission or buy them by the gold, coins. Moreover, each car with the own positions of strength will be suitable for each environment. For example, the Lightweight cars are perfect for a quick tour. But hypercars are the fastest cars on Earth and you need to drive them to know how it feels. In the game, you also can swipe your smartphone screen to see the cars from all angles. This will help you to select the most beautiful car. In Real Car Driving Experience, you also can upgrade your cars so that they can go faster. Engine, brakes and suspension are three elements that you will upgrade. To upgrade your car, you need the coins and upgrade points. The upgrade points will be contained in reward crates that you can collect in the racings. Let’s collect a lot of reward crates to upgrade your cars stronger. Especially, the game also allows the player to paint the cars. Therefore, you can own the new cars without spending a lot of coins.

The special features in Real Car Driving Experience

Each game will have its own features to attract the players. And Real Car Driving Experience is also no exception. There are 3 special features in the game that you need to notice. The first feature is the control way. So that the players can drive the car more conveniently, the publisher has provided 3 control ways in the game. The first way will be to use buttons. The player will control their car by 4 buttons (Turn Left, Turn Right, Throttle, Brake). With the second way, you will turn left or right by turning a steering wheel. The player also can tilt their smartphone to control the car. Especially, Real Car Driving Experience allows you to change the control way while you are participating in the racing.

In addition, there are two languages in Real Car Driving Experience. Those are English and Spanish. They will help many players to understand the missions of the game better. To change the language, you need to go to the Setting of the game and choose the language that you want. The last feature is view modes. The publisher has provided 2 view modes for the players. You can switch the view mode by tapping the Camera Mode button. With the first view, you can see the whole car and the scenery around. But the second view allows the player to sit in the car’s cockpit. And you only can see the scenery in front of your car. Let’s choose the view mode that you feel most convenient to be able to complete the missions more quickly.

Drive and experience

With quite simple gameplay, the players will drive the car in the different ways and complete the goals that the game requires. Real Car Driving Experience has attracted over 10 million players in the world. Besides, many sports cars are waiting for you to drive the huge open world. You won’t be bored when playing Real Car Driving Experience. Drive fast at max speed, drift on the road, or perform the extreme stunts like burnouts, but don’t crash into the furious traffic. In addition, you can play Real Car Driving Experience whenever and wherever you want. Because the game doesn’t require connecting to the Internet. The above things have helped the game to satisfy fans of speed. Let’s install Real Car Driving Experience and experience relaxing moments.

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