Showbox MOD APK 5.24 (Ad-Free)

Showbox MOD APK 5.24 (Ad-Free)

July 17, 2020


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Showbox is one of the most famous streaming movies and video apps, only available for Android devices. It offers free movies and TV shows for users with almost no annoying advertisements. And the most favorite part of this app is the download function. You can download the video and watch it later.

The app plays a large quantity and high-quality videos. It comes with so many great shows and movies to watch, and the contents are updated every week. Showbox is one last way to get rid of boredom. You only need to prepare a reliable and stable internet connection because the movie is quite “heavy” and you need useful internet to watch it online.

Do you want to know more about these apps? Let’s check out our detailed review of Showbox Mod APK right now!


Showbox is not a video game or things like this. It is a collection of fascinating shows and movies. And this application allows you to access its collection for free. Yes, it is that simple. So you will not find a touching story inside.


Showbox has so many beneficial functions and features for users when streaming and watching movies. Here are some advantages of using Showbox to stream video online:

100% Free

The first benefit of the Showbox App is 100% Free. As you may know, other streaming video apps require you to pay monthly or annually to watch movies. But with Showbox, you don’t need to pay any coins. Developers and producers think for users because we are all want to enjoy a good movie for free.

Showbox doesn’t require you to register or login to watch movies. Hence, you never need to remember your username or password to log in to stream any movie and TV show. It is that simple. Just start streaming TV shows and movies right away.

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HD Video Streaming

The second benefit of Showbox is HD video Streaming. As film lovers, we enjoy watching HD movies with the best audio and visual quality. By using Showbox, you will have a chance to enjoy HD quality videos. And as mentioned, you can download the video and save it to watch later.

So whether you want to watch the latest Hollywood hits, an exciting indie move, or your favorite sitcom, you will find an impressive title selection. You can search for movies via category, releasing year or IMDB rating.

By the way, there is no need to worry about loading keys on Showbox. The platform offers high-quality streaming with high audio and video quality. And the best part is there are never any annoying ads interrupting when watching.

Showbox screen 1

It is very convenient

Since Showbox is a mobile app, you can stream videos from anywhere and anytime with this app. And that is why we said it is so convenient.

This application is as premium as a smart TV. And it is also as convenient as a mobile phone. There is no problem if you want to stream your favorite movies when traveling. And it is even easier for you to watch the video at home.

What we like most about this app is the user-friendly search. The APK Showbox app has a simple, organized design that makes it easy to find. The main interface splits movies by Genre, including action, adventure, animation, comedy, documentary, and romance, etc.

If you are in the mood for instant viewing, all you have to do is look through the categories and see if you can find any compelling to stream. There are also selections such as newest, featured, trailer, and favorites.

New Content Every Week

Whether you want to watch one of the Marvel Comics Universe movies or other famous movies, it is easy to find everything you like. We found all versions of Game of Thrones on this app with no difficulty in our experience.

Plus, there is new content every week, so it is never dull. You can watch the video as often or as little as you like. But whenever you can, watch these videos in high quality.

Download Now and Watch Later

The most significant advantage of Showbox is that people can easily download movies or shows to stream and watch right away. On the other hand, if you don’t like watching them, you can watch it when it is more convenient for you.

For your more information, this function allows you to watch whatever you download whenever you want at your own sweet time.

Newly Added Features

  • Showbox Music has been added directly to the application so that you can enjoy Music and MP3 music from now on
  • Some users have reported that the interface is not responsive and makes it more challenging to use it. This bug has been fixed in the current version.
  • If you notice, the previous Showbox had a slow loading speed. And it was annoying for users. This situation is due to the back end issue in the final version, and now it has been resolved.
  • You can play some available and simple game on the app when you don’t have an internet connection
  • You can find the trailer and information about the upcoming movies
  • You can follow your friends to know what your friends are watching.

Visual and Sound Quality

Graphics Design

Because it is a mobile app, there is nothing special about graphics design. Our first impression is that it has a straightforward interface. And maybe that is the main reason why people think it’s so user-friendly. The simple design makes it more attractive. You know, simple is always the best.

Moreover, the menu and option buttons are displayed very well. Categories and bars are streamlined and easy to use. Movie quality is useful if you use a stable internet connection. The HD video will ensure you have an excellent experience like you are in the theater.

Sound Effects

Similar to graphics design, we don’t review much about the sound quality of Showbox. To be honest, we don’t have any reviews for sound effects or the app’s sound quality simply because the application operation does not make a sound.

All sound of Showbox comes from its streaming videos. And these sounds quality depends on a lot of factors, in which the app is just a small one. Besides, the quality of the internet connection will also affect the video audio. And your device’s speaker also affects the sound. Therefore, it is not fair to judge whether Showbox has good or bad sound quality.


Please note that you cannot find the Showbox App on the Google Play store. It is not an official Google application, so you must download the APK file at Compared to other apps downloaded from the play store, Showbox is much easier to download and install.

And the Showbox 5.24 is not the latest version, but it is the remove-ads version, so we love it. With the Showbox app, you can watch movies on your android device. The application hosts a large number of Hollywood movies that can be downloaded or viewed online.

If the app is not working, we recommend that you clear the app’s data and cache to fix the problem. And it could be best if you can keep free RAM and the device memory ( Upto 300MB free to keep your app running smoothly.

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