Smash Colors 3D MOD APK 1.1.20 (Unlimited Money)

Smash Colors 3D MOD APK 1.1.20 (Unlimited Money)

March 20, 2024


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Badsnowball Limited
99.02 MB
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Unlimited Money

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If you are a lover of vibrant music and arcade genres, then “Smash Colors 3D” is an excellent choice for mobile. The game has simple gameplay, and you easily control the ball by moving your finger. The ball will glide left and right according to the player’s movement.

Download the game to enjoy hours of fun in an addictive game with a great combination of visuals & music!

Enjoy the music in the fantastic arcade game

Smash Colors 3D is a music game from Badsnowball Limited. The game takes the idea of ​​obstacles. The developer Badsnowball Limited has created a game based on the movement of the ball and great music.

Smash Colors 3D delivers an engaging musical scene, and you overcome obstacles to your favorite tunes. The game owns famous songs in the world, and the game creates an endless musical space. Players enjoy a variety of magical effects in vibrant pieces. Players need good eye-hand coordination to feel the magic of catchy tunes.

Smash Colors 3D offers a magical world in free-play gameplay. The game has an abstract painting style in the futuristic technology space.

Control the magic ball in the vibrant music

Smash Colors 3D introduces different levels in each given song and rhythm. If you want to overcome the challenge, then you must control a colored ball well in the middle of the vast universe. The ball has a specific color, for example: blue, red, yellow. You will score points if you use the ball to break blocks of the same color on the way. For example, the ball is red, and then you have to break the red obstacles.

Smash Colors 3D allows the ball to move forward freely. The ball can move 360 ​​degrees in a circle throughout the game. The screen will appear arcs with different colors, and all correspond to the rhythm of the song. The music is well suited to the obstacles, and the scene is eye-catching.

If you move the ball into the wrong obstacle, the song stops, and the game is over. Of course, you can completely replay the game screen, learn from experience and avoid mistakes.

Gameplay is simple and easy. The game is suitable for everyone. After each level, you earn points based on your ability. You use the points to buy skins for balls and other fantastic items. Remember not to miss any rings during the journey. In addition, the climax or chorus of the song will appear with many fast obstacles.

Overcome obstacles in hundreds of tracks

Smash Color 3D impresses with its remarkable ability to create obstacles. Each obstacle matches each sound in a song. The duration of each challenge is equal to the length of the song. You choose any favorite song and press the play button to experience the ideal space.

Smash Color 3D owns hundreds of different songs. The original songs are based on the tastes of the audience in the market. The game often uses hits on the world charts. The game features new songs and great hits from the 20th century. In addition to the variety of original songs, the game also offers unique remixes. The game provides exciting music in action challenges.

Smash Color 3D presents various beautiful scenes, and most of the scenes are designed in a space style. In addition, the game has many exciting skins for each player’s preference. Alternatively, you can share the experience with all your friends or compete on a global leaderboard.

Feel the fantastic visual effects in each ball

Smash Color 3D offers many amazing visual effects in every song. Not only do you play a simple game, but you also enjoy a nice big picture. The game mainly shows scenes in outer space. However, the game also offers many different backgrounds, such as green grid space, stardust space, and colorful planets, endless space with white notes. Each scene is designed with seriousness in mind, and each provides a unique experience. As a result, you can enjoy a good song, and you feel great in every space.

Smash Color 3D introduces many different balls. Players can change the texture and style of the ball. Each change of the ball will bring a new feel to each song. You can switch the ball color through diamonds or ads. The game introduces many styles like the rainbow, Pokeball, beach volleyball. In addition, the player has other shape options such as Super Chibi, thorn balls, and many different unique shapes. Each shape change will bring a special effect to each level.

You download “Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!” to feel your favorite songs in each exciting challenge. The game offers a variety of music genres such as Piano, Guitar, Rock, and EDM. Players can enjoy more than 1000 best songs.

You download “Sonic Cat” to feel the creative combination of fancy music and fast-paced gameplay. Players need to move their fingers during musical challenges. The game has over 100 different fun songs, and the design is visually unique. In addition, players choose between a variety of skins and weapons for the character.

Explore the vibrant world of music

In short, Smash Color 3D is a great music game. Players can enjoy music and have moments of fun entertainment. You can create famous tunes from the competition. The game not only introduces free music, but the game also has addictive gameplay. You need a lot of skills and experience to complete all the challenging missions. If you can’t “run” at the right pace of the game, then you lose.

If you are a music lover, quickly download “Smash Color 3D” to immerse yourself in vibrant melodies and spaces!

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