Soccer Super Star MOD APK 0.2.68 (Unlimited Rewind)

Soccer Super Star MOD APK 0.2.68 (Unlimited Rewind)

Real Freestyle Soccer Unlimited Rewind

Soccer Super Star offers fun, and simplicity in the soccer video game. You enjoy the highly realistic soccer football experience, and at fast speed in each exciting match. The game was developed by Real Free Soccer, and loved by millions for its simplicity in gameplay. You control the player in one touch, and score goals. Get ready to enjoy stunning soccer matches, fast-paced, and immersive 3D graphics.

About Gameplay

Soccer Super Star is for busy people, but they still love the soccer game. Because the game has simple gameplay, and fast action, it should be suitable for most people. The game has straightforward controls, and easily creates a lot of fun in each fascinating match. You need to flick your finger across the screen to kick the ball, and enjoy the feeling of scoring. Intelligent AI dominates the game. From here, the match is simulated in reality. The characters move freely and forcefully. The ball’s physics are real, and super precise.

Soccer Super Star provides you with approachable gameplay, and is suitable for beginners. Specifically, you will not be a specific character, and you also do not have to control the entire player to overcome the opponent’s defense like a tough match. This requires constant control not to lose the ball, and then you will quickly get tired. The game again has a simple mechanism, and you need to glide the ball in the direction you want. Then the ball will move to the right place, and a goal is generated. Everything is so easy. However, if you go through multiple levels, the shots get more complicated and more complex, and you will need the right decision to break the defense and score a classy goal.

Soccer Super Star emphasizes fun in the game. However, the overall gameplay is not too complicated, but the difficulty increases gradually. Experience the best swipe-shot combo. You can quickly become a hero in every soccer match with the right decision. However, you may not always get what you want the first time you do it. Because the goalkeeper can catch the ball, you have to try again and again until you succeed.

Soccer Super Star provides you with specific cases. From here, you know how to choose the right way to put the ball in the goal. Anyone can interact with the game, so those new to the controller will love the simple gameplay. Although the gameplay is not complicated, you will encounter many challenges at different levels. It would help if you practiced at different levels. It is best to practice from easy to advanced to improve your skills. The game allows you to perform many other kicks, and you interact with many different players on the field. You can not always stand in front of a goal, and easily kick the ball into a dream. You will have to go through many defenses and combine with other characters on the team to create a goal. Therefore, you need to give the right passes so that your teammates can catch the ball quickly, and easily score goals.

Soccer Super Star is not just about regular ball shots. You also experience the great soccer moves of the players. For example, a player can use a treble ball to open up high-quality scoring opportunities. At the same time, this also allows you to express yourself, and create the experience as if you were a world-famous soccer player. In general, the game style is very professionally designed. A high degree of independence helps you to show off your strategy in each match. After winning multiple rounds, you level up and get closer to your Dream Tournament.

Soccer Super Star supports offline play. So you can play and manage your favorite football team without the need for the Internet. All are free, and straightforward. The game takes advantage of state-of-the-art motion recording technology, so you meet real star players like Ronaldo and Messi. Get ready to join the weekly National & Club championships, and head to the top of the glory. The gameplay is not as dynamic as in standard football. Because time stops if the ball is in the hands of a player on your team so that you can think about the right next move. At the same time, you can easily observe athletes playing on the field. The game provides a 3rd personal perspective, and you can see many athletes on the field. That allows you to see all the best scores for performing a pass, or scoring. The viewing angle also will enable you to observe superstar players, and beautiful goals easily.


Soccer Super Star has intuitive and simple controls. This will make the game more accessible to everyone, even for newcomers. Your task is to slide your finger across the screen and make the right choice to score a goal. In general, the gameplay is intuitive. You have only two options: pass or shoot. You slide your finger over the ball to control the direction to pass, or bend the defender wall.

Graphics and sound

Soccer Super Star has high-quality 3D graphics. The overall pictures are a top-notch work of art, and you experience the world-class soccer game atmosphere. You see superstars, you see a big pitch, and you see beautiful goals. The sound is vibrant and engaging. You hear the cheers of the audience, and the passing of the ball between the players. It all comes together in a great soccer game, and you have an authentic experience like participating in an actual tournament in the stadium.

Alternatively, you can try out “Score! Hero“, or “World Soccer Champs” if you are a fan of a soccer game. Both games provide a realistic soccer experience, and high-quality 3D graphics. The gameplay is simple, engaging and addictive.


Soccer Super Star is an exciting football game. If you are a football fan, then you will enjoy the game experience. The game is lightweight, has high-quality 3D graphics, and you can play it offline. On top of that, you control famous soccer stars, and create beautiful goals. The game has simple gameplay, and easy operation (touch and swipe). The game promises to bring overwhelming football experience, speed and extremely real.

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