Sonic Runners Adventure MOD APK 1.0.2b (Paid for free)

Sonic Runners Adventure MOD APK 1.0.2b (Paid for free)

Gameloft SE Paid for free

First released in 1991 on a 16-bit system, the Sonic the Hedgehog series not only resonated around the world but also helped Sega generate huge profits with dozens of follow-on products. The story is about the green hedgehog and his friends. Recently, this classic game has been officially revived by Gameloft in a new appearance called Sonic Runners Adventure.

A remake of the original game Sonic the Hedgehog, they have upgraded this version both in terms of graphics quality and gameplay to become much more spectacular and beautiful. Like most Sonic series, all players need to do is steer the green hedgehog Sonic to overcome obstacles and collect gold rings and items along the way to maximize special effects. Each round will last from one to two minutes with the difficulty level will increase gradually to challenge and conquer the most demanding gamers.

Besides the familiar Sonic green hedgehog, two companions, Tails, Knuckles, and other characters will also appear in this version. The main plot in Sonic Runners Adventure still revolves around the trio’s journey to prevent the evil doctor, Dr. Eggman, from destroying life in the world. Each character will have unique skills, which help the player a lot in the adventure process.

Besides the single-player mode, Sonic Runners Adventure also provides a world feature for gamers to compete with players around the world. The game also supports multi-languages, making enjoying the game much easier and more complete.

General Information

Sonic Runners Adventure marks the return of a classic 2D game that used to be one of the most beloved names in the world. First appearing in 1991, the legendary green hedgehog Sonic has captured most of the hearts of players around the world. Until now, that charm is still dull. Therefore, the mascot of the game community has returned with an identical appearance as the first version of Sonic on mobile devices with the name Sonic Runners Adventure.

Sonic Runners Adventure is a game released by Gameloft. However, the game once appeared on Google Play as Sonic Runners under SEGA. However, it was removed from the system by this company and the reason is still a mystery. Then, Gameloft has made a bold decision when reviving this game with recent additions and updates to help the game add more quality.

Inspired by the game of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Runners Adventure is a free mobile game with familiar horizontal-screen 2D graphics like Rayman Fiesta Run. In the game, what gamers have to do is run and overcome obstacles. Gamers will control the familiar major characters such as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles running through many levels, and each level usually lasts from one to two minutes.

Here, players must try to move skillfully to collect lots of gold rings and gems while dodging enemies from many directions. Besides, through the main storyline of the game, players will fight against typical evil bosses like Dr. Eggman to save all animals on the planet from destruction.

Besides the regular game mode, you can also compete with global players in World mode. There are other game modes such as Rival League, Friend, and Historical levels. Not only that, but Sonic Runners Adventure also supports multiple languages to help users worldwide access it easily.

How to Play Sonic Runners Adventure?

Sonic Runners Adventure is an easy-to-play addictive racing game with nine distinct characters, including the famous green hedgehog Sonic. Thanks to the success of Sonic Maniac on the Steam system, the super-speed Sonic has received the most positive responses recently. After over ten years of fighting, the legendary character of the racing series returns in the latest game Sonic Runners Adventure made by Gameloft.

Sonic Runners Adventure for mobile platforms keeps the old automatic racing gameplay of the Sonic. There are four levels with two difficulty levels for each level. Besides Sonic, gamers can unlock more characters. Each level with its unique character offers nine characters in total.

Collecting enough characters is one of the major goals of Sonic Runners Adventure because some levels require gamers to own a certain character to pass. Besides, gamers can also replay the previous game screen to complete all the set goals. Unfortunately, Sonic Runners Adventure does not include achievement storage and rating features, nor does it have external support. We may update these features, but for now, gamers only have the basic game version.

Although still simple, Sonic Runners Adventure brings the classic feel of a Sonic game, which is suitable for fun entertainment. After only paying the initial cost, gamers need not pay any other IAPs.

Overall Assessments

Sonic the Hedgehog is the legendary character of SEGA, and his friends are back in Gameloft’s amazing platform action game of Sonic Runners Adventure. The game embarks on a breathtaking, run-in speed journey to save Sonic’s universe by fighting Dr. Eggman through four beautiful locations.

Control your legendary hedgehog to run, jump, slide, or soar through different paths and terrain. You must complete many exciting, challenging platform levels. During the game, you will unlock more new characters including Tails, Knuckles, and more. Each character has unique abilities. Players can enhance them even more.

Sonic Runners Adventure has engaging, addictive gameplay, nice graphics, game images, quality sound. All of this packed into one lightweight application that will not weigh down your phone. Download Sonic Runners Adventure for Android and have fun now!

Recommended Alternative: Sonic Dash

The character system in Sonic Dash is also diverse. Initially, players will accompany Sonic the green hedgehog. You need to complete the required missions and collect many gold rings to unlock his friends, including 17 characters and some outstanding characters such as Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, Amy, and Vector.

Sonic Dash comes with simple gameplay but still attracts players with the character’s speedy skills. It has simple operations. You need to touch, slide left, and right to avoid obstacles that always appear on the journey.

When players slide their hands down, Sonic will use his super-fast curling skills to take them down and their special skills that are unstoppable. Sonic will run through objects and shatter everything along the way if the Dash Meter bar has reached its maximum.

Final Words

Sonic Runners Adventure MOD APK will take players to the fast track overcoming countless obstacles, traps, and enemies. Also, collect gold rings on the run. The gold ring is also the currency to help you unlock other characters, upgrade stats, or buy additional items to help you in the next levels.

With gameplay sticking to the plot and countless interesting gameplay, famous characters in the entire series will accompany players such as Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Tails, and Espio. Overcome dangerous roads and fight against the villains.

The success of Sonic Runners Adventure comes from outstanding graphic design. Although built from the classic Sonic 2D platform, the game still brings a fairly new experience. The images in the game are carefully cared for to create a bright and beautiful scene. In particular, these graphic designs have been calculated by the game publisher to satisfy low-capacity phones while also meeting the requirements of modern mobile technologies.

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