SouzaSim Project MOD APK 8.5.1

SouzaSim Project MOD APK 8.5.1

December 7, 2023


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Motorbike is a popular vehicle in some countries. It is also used in many racings. And if you are a person who likes to watch motorbike racings or it simply shows your driving skills, SouzaSim Project is a good choice for you. SouzaSim Project is the game of the racing genre. In the game, you will control your motorbike through many racing tracks. Not only that, SouzaSim Project also brings a lot of surprising things for you. Let’s take part in SouzaSim Project now and explore them.

Customize the game’s graphics

SouzaSim Project is one of the games that has been built and developed by OE Games. OE Games is founded by Evangelos (Vangelis) Oganesov. He is a programmer, graphic designer, game designer, and developer that is self-working, making video games for fun and as a job for smartphones and computers. SouzaSim Project is only available on Google Play. So you only can install the game on mobile devices that run on Android Operating System. The game also is supported on tablets like Samsung Tab. And SouzaSim Project is completely free to download and is just for single player.

Besides, 3D graphics are very realistic. This will make the races become more vivid. In SouzaSim Project, the player can drive their motorbike in many different areas. From a small city with many high – rise buildings, to dirt tracks and even an area is covered with snow. Moreover, deep dirt and tarmac physics will bring the best possible experience while you ride your motorbike. You can see wheel tracks or dirt when you stop your motorbike suddenly. The game also allows you to customize the graphics. If you feel SouzaSim Project have a low framerate, go to graphic settings and disable “Terrain Deformation”. But if that’s not to fix your framerate, you can decrease resolution and texture quality. In addition, the sound of the game is so lively. You can hear the noise of the motorbike’s engine when you are driving it. Furthermore, an exciting soundtrack will always be turned on during the play process. There are 6 soundtracks in SouzaSim Project. For example, Motosako, G-Loc, Greed, Heads Or Tails, and so on. They will make you feel excited when playing SouzaSim Project. And you also can turn off the sound in the Settings, if you don’t like to hear them or you want quietness.

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Control your motorbike and perform a performance

In SouzaSim Project, the players’ main mission is to drive your motorbike to checkpoints that the game has designated. And before you are ready to take part in the racings, the game has provided a mode so that you can practice. That is the Ride mode. In this mode, you will drive your motorbike in the city. There are many cars in the street. You need to avoid them. If you hit them, you will have to start again. Besides, bends will also make the races more difficult. After you have known how to play SouzaSim Project, complete the challenges that the game provides. There are 5 different race tracks in SouzaSim Project. City, two Dirt Tracks, Mountain Track, and Race Track. Each track will have its own difficulty. So practice more to be able to overcome them more easily.

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In addition, the game also supplies two motorbikes to you. Yamata CX 135 and Tsuki RM 250. Each motorbike has its own shape and price. Select the motorbike that you feel like best. Or you can buy both of them if you have enough money. Moreover, you also can upgrade your motorbike to be stronger. Power, Gears, Brakes, and Tires are parts that you can upgrade. SouzaSim Project also allows the players to change the color of the motorbike. This will help you to create many unique motorbikes for yourself. Change the exhaust, rims, headlights, lower your motorbike by configuring the suspension and much more. Almost every part of your motorbike is customizable. And choose the color of the parts to fit your style.

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Special points in SouzaSim Project

To help the players to be convenient when driving the motorbikes, the publisher has provided 3 control ways in SouzaSim Project. Buttons, Gyroscope, and Joystick. With the buttons, you will turn left or right by clicking on the arrow buttons. But Gyroscope allows you to tilt your smartphone’s screen to control your motorbike. The Joystick is the third way. You need to hold and move the Joystick to move the motorbike to the left and right. When starting to play, the game will set a default button control way. But if you want to change, you can go to the Settings of the game and select the control way that you want. In particular, SouzaSim Project also allows the players to change the control way while participating in the race track. This is the first special point in SouzaSim Project.

The second point is a rider. In SouzaSim Project, you can choose the sex of the character. Male or female. In addition, the game provides a lot of different items, from helmet to gear, and gloves. A black helmet, a white shirt, jeans or a pair of gloves, … They are for you to decide. Customize the clothes of your character by your liking.

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Different angles of view

Like some games, the players can change the angle of view when controlling their motorbike. SouzaSim Project is the same. There are 3 angles of view in the game. The first angle will allow you to see the whole motorbike and the scenery around. But the third angle will bring a real driving experience for you. You will feel like you are controlling the real motorbike. Besides, you can take photographs of your motorbike and save them on your smartphone. In addition, SouzaSim Project doesn’t require connecting to the Internet. So you can play the game whenever you want. Moreover, simple gameplay will help you to feel relaxed when playing SouzaSim Project. It also makes the game be suitable for many players of different ages. Let’s install SouzaSim Project, experience the interesting things that the game brings.

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