Stunt Truck Jumping MOD APK 2.0.1 (Unlimited Money)

Stunt Truck Jumping MOD APK 2.0.1 (Unlimited Money)

January 11, 2024


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Looking for an absolute mind-free game that you can enjoy on your mobile devices? Also interested in epic car speeding, jumping, and flipping actions, especially with cool monster trucks and the 18 wheelers? Then this awesome mobile title of Stunt Truck Jumping would make a great game for your Android devices.

Feel free to pick up cool monster trucks with incredible builds and incredible speeding options, as you guide them through the steep ramp and make ready for impacts. Enjoy watching your vehicle flying and flipping around before smashing through the obstacles. Make cool stunts and try to go as far as you can to progress through the levels. The simple yet extremely fun mobile casual game will certainly impress many of you.

Learn more about this awesome mobile title from BoomBit Games and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.


Here in Stunt Truck Jumping, Android gamers will find themselves joining an aspiring stunt racer who is in his quest to earn other’s respects and make in big in the industry. But all the stunts being taken and he isn’t even the best in the business, he will need something creative and almost out of the box. And speaking of which, the epic jumping trucks does seem like a good idea.

With this awesome mobile title, Android gamers can have fun playing their absolutely braindead challenges where you’ll take your massive 18 wheelers through the epic jumps from the incredible ramps and land on multiple obstacles. Make sure to always optimize your speed so you can fly as high and far as you can. And don’t be afraid to hit the obstacles since you’ll need a little impact for better stunts.

Have fun playing the game with a variety of different trucks each having its own unique designs and driving physics. Make use of various upgrade options to get yourself ready for the escalating challenges. Enjoy the game in many epic levels with incredible ramps being introduced one by one. And never have a dull moment with the game, even just for a few minutes.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple mechanics and intuitive touch controls

With Stunt Truck Jumping, Android gamers can enjoy the simple and intuitive in-game mechanics, which will make the game super easy even for new players. Here, all you need is to touch any of the open spaces on the screen to start your run and speed up the vehicle. Time your nitro perfectly as soon as you leap forward to fly as far as you can before touching the ground. Build up momentum so you can move fast and break through the obstacles.

Make your huge jumps over many ramps

By featuring many incredible jumps which take place in different scenarios and interesting settings, Stunt Truck Jumping allows Android gamers to completely immerse themselves in the awesome stunt rides with their vehicles. Enjoy working with incredible ramps, each offering its own unique challenges and many obstacles that you need to get through. With huge jumps to make and escalating challenges, the game will make sure that you’re always immersed in your awesome stunt truck jumping experiences.

Epic crashes and destructive gameplay

Don’t be afraid to crash into obstacles and objects being placed on your way since the game is designed around crashes and destructive runs with your powered trucks. Feel free to take down walls, vehicles, and perform your epic flip or downhill falls to collect extra bonuses. With realistic physics and in-game animations, you’ll certainly find yourself completely engaged in the awesome mobile title.

Amazing cars with unique driving mechanics

To make the game more interesting, Android gamers can now make use of many different monster trucks and 18 wheelers in the game, each having its own unique build and realistic in-game physics. Depending on their weights and speeds, you can enjoy different driving mechanics with certain vehicles. With a huge collection of cars that can even match the likes of Ramp Car Jumping and Big Rig Racing, you’ll always have many options to enjoy your rides. Feel free to select the best for your certain rides and make sure that you’re always going the distances and aren’t afraid of collisions.

Cool upgrades to make uses of

With many cool upgrades, Stunt Truck Jumping will allow Android gamers to enjoy their epic rides to the fullest. Feel free to select your favorite trucks from the game and proceed to give them powerful nitro or engine boosts. This will allow the car to start with better speed and will be able to fly for a long period of time. Make uses of the different upgrades and prioritize them differently depending on your certain vehicles to make the most of them.

Available with different language options

To make the game more exciting, Stunt Truck Jumping also offers many different language options, which will allow Android gamers to have absolute fun playing their casual stunt truck jumps in their own languages. Feel free to switch between English, Chinese, Spanish, Sweden, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Korean, and many other language options to fully enjoy the game.

Play the game whenever and wherever you want

Plus, with the game available for all Android gamers even when you’re offline, Stunt Truck Jumping will make sure that you can have great fun with the game with or without the Internet. Now, there is no need to turn on your mobile data just to start playing the game. And the undemanding gameplay will allow you to play it at your own pace. Simply return to the game whenever you want to start your speedy jumps, which is definitely a great feature for a casual title on your mobile devices.

Free to play

For those of you who are interested, you can now get the free version of Stunt Truck Jumping from the Google Play Store, which comes with all in-game content that you can enjoy without having to pay. However, the freemium title will have ads that might bother you. And if you want to quickly unlock the certain in-game features without having to spend your time, then you’ll still need to pay for the in-game purchases.

Enjoy the modded version of the game on our website

With the game still featuring ads and in-app purchases, mobile gamers might want to go for the modded version of Stunt Truck Jumping on our website instead. Here, we offer the unlocked version of the game with removed ads and unlimited money, which will allow you to enjoy its complete gameplay to the fullest. All you’ll need is to download the Stunt Truck Jumping Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and start having fun with the full game.

Visual and sound quality


By featuring immersive and exciting 3D graphics, Stunt Truck Jumping allows Android gamers to fully engage themselves in the epic stunt rides. With powerful animations, realistic in-game physics, and cool visual effects, Stunt Truck Jumping will keep you hooked to its addictive gameplay for hours on end. Plus, the customizable graphics settings will allow you to enjoy the smooth and satisfying gameplay on all your Android devices. And you can always enable the enhanced graphics on all your Android devices.

Sound & Music

To improve the in-game experiences, Stunt Truck Jumping will now offer powerful sound effects and coping vibrations, which will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the actions and have absolute fun with the incredible actions.

Final thoughts

With simple yet extremely fun and addictive gameplay, Stunt Truck Jumping would make a great mobile title for any of you who are looking for a casual but unique entertainment experience on their Android devices.

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