The Walking Dead: Our World MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

The Walking Dead: Our World MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Next Games Unlimited Money

The Walking Dead: Our World offers a giant and realistic zombie world. Players can hunt zombies in an exciting “Pokémon Go” style.

If you’ve ever loved the game “Pokémon Go”, then you understand AR technology. Virtual reality technology allows players to fight zombies in familiar locations such as neighborhoods, parks, or schools.

The game is an excellent improvement of the zombie genre, thanks to AR technology. Some action games apply AR technology to the zombie theme. The game not only brings great zombie shooting battles, but the game also possesses AR technology, so it attracts millions of other players around the world.

The great storyline from the popular zombie movie series

The Walking Dead: Our World is an action game. The game comes from Next Game – a successful producer with more than ten million downloads of The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. The game uses AR technology, so players feel the fierceness of reality in the apocalypse. Every minute of the game is like realistic zombie battles in familiar places.

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular series on the subject of zombies. The film is about a terrible epidemic in the world, and people become bloodthirsty zombies. After a few short months, the world became chaotic with a series of collapses of civilizations or governments. People wanted to fight for each other’s lives. Rick is a small-town cop, and he wakes up at the hospital. Rick must face a world of death and fear of the apocalypse. Rick needs to find his wife and son, and you will accompany Rick on his harrowing journey.

Enjoy the exciting battle with zombies

The Walking Dead: Our World allows players to enjoy exciting battles with hordes of zombies. The game takes place in the apocalypse, and the zombies have taken over the human areas. If you want to survive, you have to use guns and sniper skills to hunt down zombies. Zombies can appear in many places like your house, your neighborhood.

The fall of humanity reduces the population. It would help if you created relationships with other players/characters to create a strong team. Your choice will bring life or death. Players will participate in the battle from the first-person perspective. The fights are tough, and you need to focus on defeating the bloodthirsty zombies.

Explore the zombie world with familiar characters

The Walking Dead: Our World is a combination of augmented reality (AR) action genres. Players must survive in an apocalyptic world with zombies. You can fight the undead anywhere: the street, the park, or in your bed.

The game introduces legendary characters from the hit AMC TV show The Walking Dead. Players can meet characters such as Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead Season 1; The Governor from The Walking Dead Season 4; Alpha from The Walking Dead Season 10.

The Walking Dead: Our World has a simple gameplay and an emphasis on action elements. The control method is straightforward. Players can shoot zombies quickly with guns. Players need to aim at the zombie’s head to get headshots. Players can unlock and upgrade hundreds of different firearms. Each weapon has its advantages, and you choose the right gun to become a great sniper in the zombie apocalypse.

Bringing fierce battles from AR mode

The Walking Dead: Our World makes a strong impression on players through AR mode. The game is based on the familiar idea of ​​Pokémon Go. AR mode allows players to interact with the real world, thanks to the phone’s location. So if you want to increase your chances of encountering zombies, you need to move to large areas outside.

You have different options to survive in the zombie apocalypse. You move the position to keep a distance from the zombies and search for the necessary weapons. However, if you are in bad weather, you can still fight zombies in your own room/sofa.

You can participate in essential protection missions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty. Also, some random locations in the city are weapon shops. Therefore, if you want to buy weapons, then you have to move to the actual site.

Increase the fun of fighting with friends

The Walking Dead: Our World allows players to team up with friends. The game supports online multiplayer mode. You can join other gamers to participate in exciting tasks such as saving survivors, building shelters, and keeping your neighborhood peaceful from dangerous zombies.

In addition, you can fight against other groups of players, and your team tries to be the best. Online matches are tough, so you and your teammates must get a high score on the leaderboard. Hints that you can use a sniper rifle for maximum accuracy.

The game introduces new challenges every week. Therefore, you will not get bored after a long time, and you complete the challenge to get great rewards. If you have great moments in each fight, then share the joy with other players and the world.

The Walking Dead: Our World has high-quality 3D graphics. The design style is familiar to the fangame of The Walking Dead. The game promises to bring excellent zombie hunting in the “real world”.

You can download “Last Shelter: Survival” to create a strong city during the zombie pandemic. The game introduces many exciting activities: creating large structures, upgrading facilities, training warriors, and recruiting powerful heroes. You defeat zombies and conquer the new world.

You can download “Last Empire – War Z: Strategy” to experience the zombie war. You build the empire to fight the fierce zombie war. You can team up with friends to increase your army’s abilities and participate in special events.

Get ready for the zombie apocalypse

In short, The Walking Dead: Our World is an excellent zombie-themed action game. You have a lot of fun fighting zombies in AR mode. The game brings items, materials, and familiar characters from the “The Walking Dead” series. The game features excellent Free Roam and exciting zombie wars in many places like the sofa.

Download “The Walking Dead: Our World” for amazing headshots in the fierce battle with zombies!

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