Walli MOD APK 2.12.80 (Premium Unlocked)

Walli MOD APK 2.12.80 (Premium Unlocked)

April 4, 2024


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Walli 4K Wallpapers banner

Smartphones are becoming part of our everyday life, as people are estimated to check on their phones over a hundred times a day. This would mean that you will see the same lock screen and home screen wallpapers more than one hundred times. So, you might want to pick something that can really motivate you and show your true personality.

And speaking of which, with a huge collection of high-quality and creative wallpapers, Walli can work as the perfect background app for your mobile devices. Here, you’re free to choose between thousands of available photos, images, pictures, artworks, and many other creative wallpapers which can be featured on your mobile devices. Thus, allowing you to express yourself and make your home screen more interesting to look at.

Find out more about this interesting mobile app from Tap-Mobile and all of its interesting features with our comprehensive reviews.

What does it do?

Here in Walli, Android users will have themselves a creative wallpapers and backgrounds app that’s completely standout from the others, thanks to its amazing features and creative natures. By featuring a community of top artists who consistently provide wonderful artworks and earning rewards for their creative works, Walli will make sure that Android users can always have access to some of the best and most creative options for their wallpapers. Enjoy helping artists to have more means to work on their creative arts while also getting yourself the perfect wallpapers and background images.

Have fun browsing the huge collection of wallpapers where you can search for those on your favorite topics, unique collections, popular and recent background images. Follow your favorite artists and like their artworks to support their places in the community. Unlock and change new wallpapers right inside the app. Enjoy getting the perfect wallpapers which come in many optimal sizes for your different smartphone devices. All of which will make sure that you can enjoy the app to the fullest.

Walli 4K Wallpapers banner


And to have Walli installed on your mobile devices, Android users can now pick up the free version of the app on the Google Play Store, which should be available for all to download without having to pay the initial fee. Here, you can start looking for the perfect wallpapers for your smartphone backgrounds and lock images. But if you want to enjoy the fully extended experiences, there will be in-app purchases needed to unlock the premium version of Walli.

In addition, the app also requires certain access permissions on your mobile devices, which are needed to ensure its functions and features, most importantly the storage accesses. So, make sure to consider the prompted requests upon your first time entering the app. Also, don’t forget to always have the mobile devices updated to the latest firmware versions, so you won’t have any compatibility issues with the app, especially when using its latest updates.

Awesome features

Here are all the awesome features that the app has to offer:

Not your regular wallpapers and backgrounds app

To start with, Walli users will find the app isn’t any regular wallpapers and backgrounds apps which they can find on the store. Here, aside from the usual artworks consisting of flowers, cars, landscapes and other common objects, Walli also offers a huge collection of creative wallpapers that were designed and made possible by wonderful artists from around the world. Now, you can enjoy having creative and cool wallpapers made exclusively for your Android devices, each being a means of expressing your unique personality and the artists’ ways of expressing their passions.

And speaking of which, the app also features its own community for artists and users to interact with each other. Here, the app only features skilled artists that were carefully selected by the Walli team where they can finally show their skills and talents in creating artworks for a community that also values them greatly. By helping artists get recognition and support from the community, the app also helps aspiring artists to grow and make a living from doing what they really love.

With a group of selective Walli from all over the world, each having their own art styles and creative works, Android users will find themselves surrounded with many high-quality choices when it comes to getting the perfect wallpapers for their smartphones. In addition, by having active artists, the app will make sure that new creative works can be featured every day, so you can always have new options to work with.

Automatic wallpaper changer to randomly impress you

With Walli, Android users can enjoy working with the automatic wallpaper changer tools, which allow them to change their wallpapers automatically without having to access the app itself. Simply enable the feature and Walli will actively work to switch the wallpapers every now and then. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to get new wallpapers from different collections and playlists. Or you can set the shuffling frequencies to your own likings. Enjoy working with the automatic wallpaper changer to randomly impress yourself.

Walli 4K Wallpapers screen 2

Browse the massive libraries with 3 sections

Here in Walli, Android users will also find themselves exploring the 3 main sections of wallpapers, which would help them navigate through the massive libraries much easier. Start by looking for the Featured artworks at the home screen to immediately feast your eyes at the greatest artworks that also match your interests. Depending on your personal preferences and previous tastes the app will only recommend high-quality wallpapers that truly impress you.

The Popular section offers some of the most viewed and installed wallpapers by Walli users from all over the world. Here, you will only find high-quality and special pieces of artworks that will certainly impress you. As for the Recent section, the app keeps all the latest and newest wallpapers on this collection so you won’t have to look for them elsewhere. Feel free to check the section, every once in a while, to look at the new wonderful artworks.

Different wallpaper themes to explore

With a massive collection of artworks that can even match the likes of ZEDGE, to make it easier to look for your favorite wallpapers in Walli, Android users are also allowed to work with different wallpaper themes, which offer unique collections of wallpapers that match your certain tastes. Here, you can look for wallpapers in photos, black, AMOLED, anime, cars, space, manga, abstract arts, funny, colorful, and many other unique collections. All of which should impress you with their own ways of expressing arts, as well as the creative ways that artists demonstrated their works.

Walli 4K Wallpapers screen 3

Keep all your favorite artworks in check

And for those of you who are interested, you can now keep all your favorite artworks in check by having them stored inside your Favorite collection. Simply like certain artworks whenever you see them and Walli will automatically save them into your personal collection. Not only you’ll be able to save the wallpapers for later, by liking the creative works, you’ve also supported the artists.

Enable new wallpapers without leaving the app

With Walli, Android users can easily enable new wallpapers without having to leave the app. As a result, you can now choose your new favorite wallpaper and change them immediately inside Walli. Simply select certain images and there will be a “set as wallpaper” option for you. Feel free to take a sneak peek at the home screen and continue to browse the incredible collections of wallpapers in Walli whenever you want.

Get the optimal sizes of wallpapers

To make sure that all Android users can get the best wallpapers for their creative works, Walli will feature the optimal sizes of wallpapers for all the available artworks. Here, Android users are allowed to select different size settings for their wallpapers so they can easily match their different displays. Simply choose the photos and the app will select the best matching sizes for your certain devices. Or you can make the choices on your own.

Get to know more about your favorite artists

For those of you who are interested in getting to know more about your favorite artists from Walli, instead of just following and liking their pages and artworks in the app, Walli also features the artist profile pages which are linked inside in the app. Now, you can follow the link to see their available information, including a small bio, their websites, social networks, and other artworks. Thus, allowing the community to further interact with each other, not only inside Walli but on every other aspect.

Walli 4K Wallpapers screen 4

Enjoy the free and unlocked app with our mod

Unless you are willing to pay for the pro version of Walli to have all its premium features unlocked, it’s always better for Android users to simply go for the modded version of the app on our website instead. Here, we offer the free and unlocked application with certain modifications that allows you to enjoy its premium features. All it takes is for you to download the Walli Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.

Final verdicts

Get ready to engage yourself in the awesome mobile application of Walli, in which Android users are allowed to access the incredible collection of high-quality and aesthetic wallpapers. Feel free to look for whatever you like and simply set them as your new backgrounds. Always browse the app to follow the creative artists and have access to the latest pieces of arts for your mobile displays.

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