Weed Firm 2: Bud Farm Tycoon MOD APK 3.3.1 (Unlimited Money)

Weed Firm 2: Bud Farm Tycoon MOD APK 3.3.1 (Unlimited Money)

May 3, 2024


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Hello, all my beloved friends! Welcome back here. I have recently found and downloaded a game that is both familiar and new. That is Weed Firm 2: Bud Farm Tycoon – the game once ranked No. 1 on the Appstore charts. For many, perhaps this game is too familiar. Why do I say that it is both familiar and new? Familiarity is farming. New is that you do not grow agricultural products, trees as usual. You grow weed! Getting interested, right? Sit down and keep reading!


If you are a business enthusiast, this game is where you can unleash your skills. The dream of establishing an empire of your own will not be far away!

Although in the outside world weed is not legal, with Weed Firm 2 you can freely grow weeds as much as you want. They cannot hunt you down. Do not hesitate anymore, start the game today, and become the most popular person in your neighbourhood.

Unlike other simulation games, Weed Firm 2: Bud Farm Tycoon will always have tasks for you to perform continuously. The game requires interaction and constant care. So always pay close attention.

More specifically, Weed Firm 2 will not restrict your activities when you run out of available energy. I have to say that countless games limit our actions when we use up our energy. That is annoying! And it will not happen in this amazing game.

Interesting, right? Come on with me!


Following the success of the first part called RePlocate, Weed Firm 2: Bud Farm Tycoon is a famous simulation and role-playing game. Here, you will be embarked on exciting adventures. You play as a botany student named Ted Growing. He was expelled from school, and in Season 2, he returned to Alma Mater.

Continuing the story from Part 1, Ted returned to escape the police who are eager to catch him. It is suspenseful and scary to just avoid the police while continuing your business.

This time, Ted Growing became more and more lucid as he gradually implemented his plan. He chose the abandoned gym to set up his weed-growing machines. What is more interesting is that Ted gets back to what he is best at – the marijuana business.

The game will transform players into Ted to help him expand his farm to larger locations. Besides, you can also study new types of magic mushrooms, new buds to make the business more profitable.

When I started playing Weed Firm 2, I honestly felt excited and excited. His heart beats harder when he has to escape from the police while keeping his echoes for loyal customers. The number of customers is increasing and requires more!

To give you a better idea, here are some things you will experience when taking part in Weed Firm 2:

  • Grow your business with more cannabis than before. Be it the famous Purple Haze or the White Widow, and also indispensable and graceful Alien Weed.
  • Meet and sell your products to clients like Sandy and Mandy – the Cheerleaders, DJ Ian, Jane – an eccentric dancer or famous rap duo Luni and Durte. Naturally, customers will not be limited to these people. You discover it yourself!
  • Thrilled to face Big Draco or Soulja Boy – the special customer.
  • Spread your reputation around the world by growing more weeds and adjusting your store with several outstanding items. Additionally, please ensure their safety before hungry intruders!
  • Try your new grass business to expand your empire. There are many types of magic mushrooms for you to choose, such as coming from Mexico, Ecuador, Alien mushrooms, …
  • Experience the fantasy world in outer space by opening the portal. You will reach another dimension – another galaxy and impress the alien travelers with your weed.
  • Protect the stash from Gangsters in your area. You must find a way to bypass federal agents who are hunting you down and destroying your empire.
  • Venturing out into the open air and taking on even more challenges. Your business becomes diverse with games like blunt wax or rosin vinegar.
  • Cannot find the right place for your substantial business on Earth? Buy a spaceship and open a store in the Space Bar. Make more profit with friendly aliens!


Here are some interesting features of this game that will interest you:

Different Weeds to Choose From

Are you confident about your marijuana knowledge? Then you will be surprised to venture into this game. Bush Weed is not satisfied enough, repeated familiar grasses will be boring.

Here, the system will provide you with new and available weeds. You will find it interesting and improve your knowledge every time you qualify to unlock new marijuana.

Never rolled an OG Kush? Weed Firm 2: Bud Firm Tycoon will satisfy your wishes! Simulation just like in actual life; players will start with the basics and gradually be exposed to the legendary weed varieties. Moreover, you can also sell them yourself, unimaginable!

If you want to try something new, try Weed Firm 2: Back To College. New space will provoke stimulation.

Weed firm 2 bud farm tycoon screen 2


Improve Your Level to Perfection

Weed Firm 2 has a simple way of playing, you can completely understand the mechanism of operation when new to the game. What you need to do is simply grow healthy weeds, work hard to water them, and sell them to potential customers.

Do not worry that it will become boring after a brief period because it repeats. I have been playing it for a while and still find this game fascinating. It is very addictive, and you cannot get rid of it!

There will be assigned tasks on the blackboard for you to perform. Once completed, your character will level up. The faster you level up, the more customers and characters you will meet. In particular, you will learn and grow more types of marijuana. If you are brave enough, plant them in your first store.

Interestingly, customers are not only normal people on Earth, but players can interact with friends from other planets. Grow magic mushrooms and sell them to them today.

Enhance Your Reputation and Expand Your Store

Even if you are familiar with the first part of this game, you will still have to start from the beginning in Weed Firm 2. The game will give you an available store. But I cannot deny that it is very shabby and ugly. It is a long-standing gym. The floor is broken, and the wall cracked. To gain customers’ trust, you must first have a beautiful store, right?

Your empire cannot be buried in an old place. Improvements will help customers expect more reliable supplies from you.

Believe me, I have tried it. Every time I buy an extra store item such as a sofa or wallpaper, the number of visitors increases. The quality of your pot is also improving, from which the marijuana you grow is better and better.

Weed firm 2 bud farm tycoon screen 1

Some Tips to Become A Professional Weed Seller

Excellent game players often rely not only on their skills but also on the tips they have collected during the game. But rest assured, I will not let you struggle. Check out some tips below and make sure you will become the best seller in the area:

Speed ​​Up Your Agricultural Development Time with The Notorious Time Trick

If you get bored planting trees, then I can only comfort you, because this is the first job you must do. Be careful every time you water the tree so that the needle bar on the clock will not brush to 0%. After each little watering, keep the situation the same and wait until it grows.

But there is a little tip that can help you quickly harvest weeds here. Try adjusting the time on your device. This is easy to do and will help you skip interminable waiting periods!

After you log into the game, I guarantee that you will harvest 100% of your weed and complete the tasks easily. However, a slight note that you must have enough water for the onetime cultivation process. If you are short of water, it will be difficult to do this. Even if you adjust your phone clock, the weeds you harvest earlier are still intact.

Weed firm 2 bud farm tycoon screen 3

Do Not Hesitate to Invest Capital in Pots

Talented businesspeople will often boldly spend money to invest in their most complete product development. In Weed Firm 2, players should do the same. If you have one or two pots, you can only plant a little weed. And the profit is also less.

But if you boldly invest money to buy lots of pots, you will grow more weeds. You can grow many trees at the same time. Since then, the profits are higher and higher. An understandable thing, right?

If you have a bunch of pots growing in your hand, your sales will increase. This is an opportunity to interact more with potential customers.

Make Sure to Avoid Any Trouble with The Police by Paying

Besides the local rude people who often ask for money, police officers are also an enormous threat to your business. Just like the Gangsters, they are equally bad!

I was a bit scared when I met an employee named Malone. He stopped and threatened to shut down my entire store. That is not possible. The great empire that I am building so cannot collapse like that.

So, I calmed down and suggested to him a small bargain. Naturally, Malone was thrilled and did not press me anymore. Ideally, you must ensure that he will be in a normal state to avoid great trouble later.

This is a trick for you when you are still a low level. But when you reach level 14, the game will unlock for you an interesting method. This method helps you avoid po-po and protects the money you make. That is you can buy Sandy panties.

As soon as the opportunity to buy them, grab it right away. This is an effective tool whenever Malone “asks” you. When you have this in hand, do not hand it over to him but give this underwear. He will leave immediately. I know it is weird, but whatever.

Prepare Some Cash in Advance for The Minigame Lapdance That You Will Take Part In

This interesting situation will wait for you once you have reached the appropriate level. I have to say that it is desirable.

After completing the arduous encounter, this is a reward for you. That is the tremendous increase in the experience that you find overwhelming.

The premise to complete it is an enormous sum of money. Having money means having everything, you know? This mission is on the list of few important missions that provide an extensive amount of EXP.

Weed firm 2 bud farm tycoon screen 4

Take Advantage of The Media to Improve Reputation and Earn More Income

Although this method is annoying, for both you and other friends on social networks. But it is one of the stable sources of income for your pocket.

Each day you will have 10 times to share the game on personal media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, … in exchange for attractive bonuses. Do some hard work and you will become the richest seller!

Final Thoughts

Overall, Weed Firm 2: Bud Farm Tycoon is a rather strange game despite its simple and familiar gameplay. Usually, you will only see farm games with normal crops. But here, you experience weed growing! Surprise, dude?

I have nothing to complain about the graphics or sound of the game because they are quite eye-catching and easy to hear. You know, the more beautiful the game, the more attractive it is. The plot is simple, but the player will experience many extra spaces. You will connect with aliens or learn your tricks to protect your weeds.

Passion hard to give up will be comfortable shown in this application. A game worth trying!

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