Weed Firm: RePlanted APK 1.7.55

Weed Firm: RePlanted APK 1.7.55

October 12, 2023

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Weed Firm: RePlanted is one of the most arguable and controversial mobile games on Android and iOS undeniably. However, even though this game legalizes cannabis growing works, this is a fascinating and strategic game. Through the gaming experience, you will play the role of Mr. Ted by growing and cultivating weed, cannabis, and marijuana by conventional farming works such as fertilizing, planting, watering, and harvesting.

The most exciting part is using record players, smoke guns, and other accessories to customize your weed shop to attract customers. This game enhances the interaction of the players and virtual stonemason customers while rotating records and charging fees makes the business more profitable and protects the store from criminals and police attacks.

If something is worse than being destroyed by a gangster or hidden from the police’s inspection, the plating process requires much patience from the players. That’s why you need a lot of cheating tips to speed up the plants’ growing process.

Background Story

Weed Firm: RePlanted Apk is a game that simulates an immature man named Ted. They kicked the man out of school and then began a career as a cannabis merchant. You must play his role in growing cannabis and make profits as much as possible.

Weed Firm: RePlanted Apk also requires the players for many extra-purchases. You can mostly use the money to speed up the growing process of your plants and decorate the store with advanced items.

From many players’ reviews, you must put effort and patience in taking care of the cannabis and weed plants. You must purchase and sow the seeds, water them sufficiently, and cut the spare leaves to absorb sunlight. It would be best if you persuaded the clients who come to your store.

Many customers will come with various requirements. Some people want to buy cannabis, but some people want to buy diversified types. Your job is to satisfy the customers. Otherwise, you will lose your profits.

Weed Firm: RePlanted is an RPG game with a very realistic background construction and many additional details. It is both challenging and enjoyable, which gives the player hours of endless fun.

Special Features

Optimize the growing process

Like other farming games, the watering task is the most important and takes most of the playing time. However, the efficiency and productivity of your work depend on the time you spend playing. If you do not consume a sufficient amount of time, the water or fertilization is useless.

The trick is minimizing to turn off the app during the growing processes. You need not water the plants all the time. Each plant only needs one bottle per pot per time.

You can use delayed cheating to make your weeds grow as quickly as possible. Set a certain number of minutes in advance through a specific contingency time and then return to the game to collect the finishing products.

Earn experience points by a trading plant pot

If you want to gain some extra EXP but finish completing all the daily tasks, you can still stay busy planting and selling as many plant pots or equipment as possible. In this way, you will make a lot of money and gain a significant amount of EXP. If you have the opportunity, please buy a sofa because it will permanently double the EXP.

Besides the above sofas, other useful items can bring EXP to the game. There is a safe that will keep your money safe from robbery. Besides, the bullet gun can protect your store from being attacked by intruders.

Take advantage of social networks

You can find the “Share your cash” button at the bottom right corner of the mobile screen. It is the easiest way to earn more cash in the game to develop your growing farm. Whenever you share anything about the game on social media (including Facebook and Twitter) and email, this will earn you 100 cash.

However, if you are unwilling to tell your friends you are playing the game, all you have to do is click the email button. You can cancel the operation when you see the pop-up message window and then turn back for the game.

Graphics and Effects

Weed Firm: RePlanted Apk has eye-catching 2D graphics with high investment and meticulous construction for the details. From plants, farm, background, equipment, and business store’s interior design, all of them are very diverse with harmonious and fresh colors. Most players praise that the plan is charming and lively.

The effects in the game also keep the players intent on the game more and more. From the happy, angry expressions of the characters to the arm and leg movements, all complement the game’s image is beautiful and attractive.

The sound effect is an indispensable factor in the game. Playful background music, it specializes in full sound effects for planting processing and in-store business. The game is not just an impressive combination of trading and farming, but also a brilliant mixture of sound and visuals and the accompanying activities.

Updated Version

The latest updated version of Weed Firm: RePlanted is Weed Firm 2: Back to College. In this version, the founder has established a new Special Halloween event for the players to gain more EXPs.

There are some technical improvements, such as bug fixes and GUI development, to offer the most fantastic experience. The gameplay of this version is still the same as the Weed Firm: RePlanted. The prime tasks are growing marijuana, trading pot, and managing the store’s business.

Final Words

Weed Firm: RePlanted is one of the most addictive role-playing simulation games in the world. The game gives the players a fascinating experience of growing weed and cannabis, where there are many challenges and tasks to accomplish. The player’s ultimate mission is to use various types of marijuana to create and expand an extensive weed business.

Each challenge level allows players to improve their management skills and critical thinking to get to an extra level. Players will earn points for each accomplished task and can use it to purchase the equipment and decorative items for the store.

Compared with the newer version of Weed Firm 2: Back to College, Weed Firm: RePlanted has excellent game operations, simple controls, and exquisite visual details. It is one of the best farming games that will not disappoint you.

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