World Bus Driving Simulator MOD APK 1.354 (Money/Unlocked)

World Bus Driving Simulator MOD APK 1.354 (Money/Unlocked)

March 9, 2023


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Dynamic Games Ltda
0.94 GB
MOD Features

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World Bus Driving Simulator offers great bus driving simulation experience. You will play as an experienced driver, and drive the most famous buses in Brazil. You travel many parts of the world, and overcome challenging roads in amazing 3D graphics, vivid sound. The game tests all of your driving skills like carefulness, concentration. Feel the wonderful life of the bus drivers, pick up cute passengers, and travel through various wonderful lands across the globe.

About Gameplay

World Bus Driving Simulator offers a great experience of public transportation. You will get access to the most common type, the bus – the kind of public transport with advantages such as low cost, short travel time and suitable for many people. The buses are designed with large spaces. You drive to many different countries, and each bus has its own design. You should use your own route to ensure safety, and at the right time. The game is one of the featured bus driving simulator on a mobile platform.

The game is interesting by many different factors. You explore different types of buses, each with a different capacity and design. The game is successful in a realistic simulation of real vehicle characteristics. The game always offers updates, and you will discover more types of buses. The game allows you to choose paint colors, change the details and glasses of the bus. You customize the bus to your needs, and it all looks great in your own style. Another plus is actual physics. The game builder team tested real vehicles, and gathered comments from professional drivers. Therefore, the game brings a more realistic experience to the player. The game offers different types of terrain, weather effects, and many other great features.

Each bus has its own specifications. You can adjust the sensitivity of the steering wheel, and the different controls, according to your own style. You choose the manual or automatic transmission, and adjust the driver’s position in the cabin. The game has many difficult challenges, and you challenge yourself to be a good driver through dangerous roads, challenging dirt roads. The game features a large open world map with some amazing cities. Of course, the different maps of the game will also be expanded in the next updates. Get ready to enjoy various amazing things through day / night cycle, beautiful visuals, rain and realistic weather effects.

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Each bus will have its own style in terms of shape, interior, design, etc. You choose the control mechanism such as manual / automatic transmission, lever type, pedals, and many other features to control the car in the most authentic way. Each camera will bring a unique experience, such as the overall camera, top-down camera, first-person camera, … Note that the player must also drive according to the driving rules. lanes, do not pass red lights, cause accidents, do not exceed the speed limits. The game applies realistic traffic rules to provide a great experience for favorite buses. Over time, you unlock many new buses, and each has its own price tag. It can be said that the number of buses of the game is very large, even varied in design, style and origin. Each bus has its own operational characteristics and players can even customize the look and the interior to their liking. The game offers free gameplay, because the player can decide on their own next destination, and the customer will automatically get on the vehicle if they match. That will give players more freedom to enjoy the game, and have the opportunity to explore the world landscape.If you transport the more passengers on the bus, the higher your income will be. Even players can get great jobs such as: transporting tour groups to specified locations, carrying famous football teams to competitions, or carrying out other bulk transport jobs.

World Bus Driving Simulator has a huge world. All are developed with many different styles with many distinct features. Players explore many countries around the world with amazing street scenes, modern cities, tall buildings in big cities, and the tranquility of the suburbs. You enjoy bus rides and amazing jobs in the most realistic world. The game offers online features, so players can socialize with friends or participate in special jobs. The game always organizes major events, and you and your teammates control many convoys to different locations, completing missions to receive great rewards. Another highlight of the game is the actual street content. Namely all routes and scenes are based on real-world location. The game also has many challenges such as bad weather, and dangerous road conditions. You need to become familiar with the toll booths, the police, the radar detectors, and the different types of cargo.

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About controls

World Bus Driving Simulator has simple controls, but extremely realistic. After customizing the bus, the player must pick up passengers and drive the bus to the recommended destinations. You control the bus through the steering wheel and pedals, which are arranged appropriately in the interface of the game. Most of the interface buttons are on the right side of the screen, and you should be mindful of the automatic / manual transmission, and the speed pedal. The time and speed are located at the top of the phone’s screen. You rotate your finger steering wheel to control the direction, as well as switch the camera to see many different angles.

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Graphics and sound

World Bus Driving Simulator impresses with realistic 3D graphics in a large open world. The game offers an enjoyable immersive experience while driving a long distance bus. All scenes are very real and alive. You see houses, streets, and other details meticulously constructed in high quality 3D graphics. All details are faithfully reproduced through various cities in Brazil, Mexico, and more. Players will also experience driving the best buses with attractive appearance and diverse colors. You enjoy seeing the day and night cycle, the weather, and many other wonderful things. Sound effects are incredibly realistic. The game perfectly reproduces the engine roar, traffic signals and noise. You can also choose from some suitable soothing music for a more comfortable trip.

Alternatively, you can also choose “Bus Simulator: Ultimate” for a great bus driving experience. You will have many authentic bus driving experiences through the completely realistic routes, and beautiful 3D graphics. You explore many places with realistic city maps (such as United States, Germany, Russia, …). After spending a lot of money driving, you start your bus company and become the largest bus corporation in the world.

World Bus Driving Simulator screen 2


World Bus Driving Simulator promises to bring the most realistic experience when driving a bus. You have endless fun when you can enjoy the game with your friends in online mode. The game offers a variety of other buses, various jobs, realistic controls, realistic 3D graphics, and more. The game excites with a large world, and all are connected by endless vast roads. Enjoy thousands of different scenes with perfect lighting effects. Get ready for an authentic bus driving experience, and have fun with your friends. The game helps you to become a professional bus driver, and allows you to design your bus the way you want. Let’s start your famous bus driver career.

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