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If you are a fan of Darkness Rises, Age of Magic will be a great alternative when upgraded by beautiful 3D graphics. The game is an action role-playing product developed by Amazing Technology and released by Netmarble Games. After running Closed Beta and Open Beta, this game was officially released widely on iOS and Android platforms. In particular, the Age of Magic is also available and is being completed for global players. In the meantime, readers can download the game completely free through the App Store and Google Play.

Age of Magic possesses the familiar gameplay of Darkness Rises. In this game, players will collect general cards. Then, you will join the battle with other players to conquer or open more generals thanks to the gold and diamond earning after each match. In the game, there will be a ring that allows up to six players to take part. This mode promises the most epic and thrilling card battles.

The game offers a collection of 160 characters divided into distinct classes such as Knight, Tanker, Buff, and Archer. These characters are inspired by Norwegian mythology and possess unique fighting abilities. In particular, the number of matches is up to 600 matches. They come from the moment of launch promises to endless experience satisfying the needs of all players.

Besides fighting gameplay, impressive 3D graphics are a huge plus point of endless. The adorable character creation is both cute and powerful. If you are a fan of Korean games, it will completely satisfy you with Amazing Technology’s products at first sight. Besides, the effect of moves is vivid and unique. Each character class has its beauty to create an attractive combat environment.

General Information

From our perspectives, the Age of Magic belongs to the genre of role-playing mobile games with eye-catching 3D graphics. The storyline of Age of Magic bears Nordic mythology to explore over 600 stages. In the game, you will become genuine heroes to stand up to fight against hordes of ferocious monsters.

Age of Magic was conceived by the company Amazing Technology and released under the talented teams of the famous Korean game company, Netmarble Games. There are a few differences in gameplay compared to other products on the market. This mobile game still gives players an enjoyable experience with beautiful 3D graphics with over 160 original characters together creating strange shapes.

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Age of Magic still goes in the form of collecting heroes, building up combat squads, and taking part in the game’s storyline. The match progresses automatically. The character will attack the target each time it is his turn. In this way, the player will activate the skill through the touch screen. However, gamers need to pay attention to the amount of mana they have to use the skill most effectively.

Age of Magic brings a rather monumental character system, and players cannot equip and relic for them. Besides, through awareness and combinations, you can possess hidden attributes. The best feature of the game is the extremely impressive talisman system. You can control release, skill buff, heal, and coordinate with the battle and heroes. It is also the decisive factor for low-level players to still defeat high-level enemies.

Besides, the Age of Magic also brings many other attractive features for players to explore beyond the familiar PVE system such as the arena and World Boss. Also, the PVP mode is based on the player’s war power to pair randomly. These will interest activities that are enough to hold you back in later levels.

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How to Play Age of Magic?

Entering the Story mode of Age of Magic, you will have two campaigns of Light and Dark to try out. No matter what type you choose, the story is tightly built and cohesive to help you further understand the origin of the world in the game. Face off against a multitude of enemies. They appear as creatures in legends or stories such as demons, goblins, and dragons. It divides them into six distinct races with separate characteristics and mechanisms.

Defeating them will help to capture and replenish your hero collection to become more diverse. The design mechanisms of fighting in the Age of Magic. The two players will compete against each other attack or defense attacks depending on the current situation and choose. Of course, you can click on the characters to see their current status as being buffed, stunned, and reduced damage to calculate the attack after that.

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Of course, you cannot spam bluff moves because they need the energy to use. But they are quite small and need a lot of time to recharge. Besides, if you deftly keep your squad from anyone getting knocked down by your opponents in battle, you will get even more rewards. It comes especially when combined with very familiar features such as formation-level training, equipment, overcoming, and even guild. However, there is one thing to note that experience points in the game will not be distributed.

The dynamic area is where you have to weigh and measure the experience pots to divide by each character in the squad. Therefore, if you do not use it properly, your team will not have an equal level. And through that, if you meet the enemy, it is easy to lose. The crafted combat mechanics and the variety of monsters show that the developer has spent a lot of time designing them. They provide an immersive combat experience. Designed as a game that mixes basic role-playing mechanics and turn-based combat, the Age of Magic attracts players with its stunning 3D graphics. The meticulously crafted character effects, skills, and gameplay make the game much smoother and smoother. It also helps to depict a world of magic in the Age of Magic. The game is currently released for free on the iOS platform. But the Android operating system is only in the registration phase for testing only. You can try through the links on our website.

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Darkness Rises, also known as Dark Avenger 3, is an RPG action game released by Nexon on the Smartphone platforms. The game was first revealed in November 2016. Then, it was released in the Korean market in July last year. And it was not released on the world market until the summer of this year.

After the success of Dynasty Warrior: Unleashed in the global market, Darkness Rises will be the next child of the publisher Nexon. According to this news, there was no reason Darkness Rises would be inferior to its two older versions. We feel Darkness Rises is more than perfect because the essence of the Korean ARPG line is owned by this game.

Final Words

They set Age of Magic MOD APK in hordes of monsters trying to extinguish the last rays of light, invade the remnants of the world and turn them into soulless black rocks. No one can stop the Legion of the Abyss monster parade. However, hope remains. The Dragon Prophecy has announced that one of the true mages will enter the dark tower and determine the future of the universe.

Players of Age of Magic will be the ones taking part in the above mission to save the world and change the future of the universe. The primary task will still be to collect and upgrade many legendary heroes to bring them to fast-paced battles in the stunning arena.

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