Car Simulator OG MOD APK 2.71 (Unlimited Money)

Car Simulator OG MOD APK 2.71 (Unlimited Money)

September 7, 2023


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Oppana Games
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Unlimited Money

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A car is a popular vehicle in our life. There are a lot of people using the car. But some of them still don’t know how to control the car. And if you are the same and you want to experience driving the car, Car Simulator OG can help you to do that. Car Simulator OG is a game of the simulation genre. In the game, you will sit in your car and drive it. This will be so interesting. Let’s install Car Simulator OG to experience that now.

Graphics and sound

Car Simulator OG is one of the games that has been built and offered by Oppana Games. Oppana Games is a game developer in Russia. Car Simulator OG can run on two platforms (Android and iOS). The game is also supported on both mobile devices and tablets. Besides, you can find the game easily on Google Play, App Store and Amazon. And Car Simulator OG is completely free to download. But the game is just for single players. Car Simulator OG also doesn’t require connecting to the Internet when playing. So you can play the game whenever and wherever you want.

Besides, 3D graphics are very smooth and eye – catching. The image of humans and vehicles is so real. You also can swipe your smartphone’s screen to see everything around you. They will make the game more realistic. Moreover, you can explore a big city with many high – rise buildings. In particular, time can change in Car Simulator OG. You can drive your car in the morning or the evening. In addition, the sound of the game is very lively. You will hear the sound of the engine when your car is running. Furthermore, an exciting soundtrack will always be turned on while playing. This will make the game more attractive.

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Explore everything in the city

In Car Simulator OG, you will be behind the wheel of your car. And you will cruise around and explore the city. There are many interesting things here. You can meet the traffic police. If you speed, you will receive a ticket. But it is cheaper to pay a bribe than the official ticket. So beware of them. Besides, there will be no speed in the game. Therefore, you should drive carefully to avoid crashing or damaging your car. It helps you not to have to rediscover areas where you went over. Moreover, when you are driving on the road, there are some interactive hints which will appear. Pay attention to them, because they will help you to earn gold coins. Like the real world, you also need to fill up your car with gas at the gas station. In Car Simulator OG, you also should keep the doors locked to be convenient when driving.

Car Simulator OG screen 1

So that the players can control their cars easily, the publisher has designed 3 control ways in the game. Tilt, Buttons and Steering Wheel. With the Tilt control way, you will tilt your smartphone to turn left or right. But you also can use arrow buttons to move to the left or right by the second way – Buttons. In addition, you can control your car by using the steering wheel when choosing the third way. In particular, you need to note that the input area for the interactive buttons is around the center of the screen. The side areas with the control buttons won’t be active. So you must first drag the component of interest to the center of the screen while in 360-degree mode to activate the interactive parts of the game. Then press to confirm your selection.

Car Simulator OG screen 2

Special features in Car Simulator OG

Each game will have its own features. And Car Simulator OG is the same. There are 5 special features in the game that will make you feel attractive. The first feature is First-person mode. With this mode, you will see all parts of the car’s cockpit. At the same time, this also makes you feel like you are in the real car. Richly detailed car models are the second feature. With this feature, you can buy many new cars with different models. And you can acquire the new cars in 3 ways. For free, at a discount or by buying the car in the showroom. Besides, the game also allows you to modify and tune your car in a large number of ways. From the car’s parts such as the wheel, windshield to license plate. You also can change the color of your car. White, black, red, blue, green and yellow are the colors which you can choose. But you must spend the gold coins to buy items and customize your car. Daily bonuses can bring the coins for you. You also can earn money by completing fun quest- and arcade-style missions.

The fourth feature is a Map. The game has provided a map of the city and its environs for the players. It will help you to search for everything easily and go to the places where you want faster. In addition, there are up to 13 languages in Car Simulator OG. Those languages are English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, and Chinese. Thanks to them, a lot of players in the world can understand and complete the missions that the game has provided more quickly. In the game, English will be the default language when you start to play. But if you want to change to another language, you just need to tap on the American flag and choose the language which you want to use. This also is the last feature in the game – Support many languages for the players.

Car Simulator OG screen 3

Play with your friends

With Car Simulator OG, you will be able to take part in online mission races. This is the Multiplayer mode in the game. The online races will be a place where you can compete with other real players, defeat them and earn more gold coins. At the same time, you and your friends can also explore the city and enjoy entertaining and relaxing moments together here. Thanks to the things above, Car Simulator OG has had more than 10 million installs on Google Play. Let’s join Car Simulator OG, experience everything. You will find something interesting. Companions also are waiting for you to play.

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