Cooking Fest MOD APK 1.101 (Unlimited Money)

Cooking Fest MOD APK 1.101 (Unlimited Money)

ANDROID PIXELS Unlimited Money

Cooking is a daily work of chefs who have to prepare many things for a good meal. But you don’t need to do it, you can still experience this work. And Cooking Fest : The Best Restaurant & Cooking Games allows you to experience the cooking. You will also serve the meal in beautiful locales, from a luxurious restaurant to a seafood restaurant out at sea. The game also lets you run the restaurants around the world.

From standing dishes to famous dishes

Cooking Fest was published and grown on Mobile Platform by Android Pixels, you can play free the game on Android devices. Cooking Fest is the simulation game with real cooking experience and has plenty of levels. This has helped the game to become one of the best top cooking games. Your primary duty is to cook and serve customers. And you also will manage and develop your restaurants to the best restaurants.

With the different levels, you will cook and serve the different restaurants. Each restaurant will have the own dishes form standing dishes in Fast Food Restaurant to famous dishes in Chinese Food Restaurant. You can learn recipes to the cooking experiences in many restaurants. You can cook the delicious dishes from that recipes, which will bring the rewards and bonus to develop your restaurants. Not only food but also drink also will be served. Your restaurant has many drinks like tea, juice, Coca Cola, …

Graphic is smooth, color is bright. These elements will attract the players. Each restaurant will have an own view which keeps the game interesting. The players always feel the game changing. Besides, the game always sounds funny when you play. Cooking Fest also created sound when you are cooking (wash and cut vegetables, broil food, …). This helps the game to become more attractive.

The diverse features in Cooking Fest

When you play Cooking Fest, you will find a lot of features in the game. You need good skills to progress through the levels, explore the features of the game. There are 5 features in the game such as “Cooking Game”, “Restaurant Game”, “My Kitchen”, “Cooking Games with Levels around the world” and “Offline Cooking Games”. The players need much time to explore them.

“Cooking Game” is the first feature which we will explore. Cooking Fest is the cooking simulation game with the kitchen experiences, so you can cook the dishes from all over the world, from pizza to sushi. The players need to progress through assignments of the first feature to unlock the restaurant and the new level. That is a requirement of “Restaurant Game” feature. With the second feature, the players will cook and serve food for the customer in the restaurant. They have to manage their time so that their food isn’t burnt and the customer don’t have to wait for a long time because the customers will bring a profit. And if you serve well, you will receive rewards. In addition, you can run the restaurant in exotic location, from frozen mountainous areas to lost jungles. The third feature is “My Kitchen”. Cooking Fest will provide multiple challengers and the rewards to unlock the dishes and upgrade your kitchen utensils. You will step by step become the master chef in all your kitchens. “Cooking Game with levels around the world” is the fourth feature. When you play the game, you will have a chance of cooking the delicious in over 20 restaurants around the world.

Moreover, the players can play the game anywhere and anytime. Cooking Fest allows them to do it. But they only can play Cooking Games. That is the last feature of the game – “Offline Cooking Games”.

Let’s explore the features with your friends!

The game takes you around the would

With “Cooking Game with Levels Around the World” levels, the players can cook the unique dishes in the different restaurants around the world. The players will have to overcome each level to arrive each different restaurant. There are a total of seven basic types of restaurants in Cooking Fest. It includes the restaurants such as Fast Food, Sea Food, Chinese Food, Barbecue, Pizza, Beach café food, Ice Cream, … At Fast Food restaurant, you will make fast food meal using the kitchen utensils like the toaster, pizza maker and many more. With “Ice Cream” shop, the players need to prepare many kind of ice – cream and serve them. So you will have a trip round the world.

In addition, you need to expand menu of the restaurants. Your customers will come back and like the new food. With the menu, your restaurant will satisfy the fastidious customers. The profuse customer will increase the profit for your restaurant. Let’s grow your restaurant into the best restaurant.

Become the best chef with in the best restaurant

With Cooking Fest, you will be able to become the restaurant manager, the chef or the server. The players can cook many delicious dishes such as fast food, seafood, Japanese food, cake and so much more. Besides, they will have the chance of opening their own restaurants. The players need to have the good management skills to run your restaurants. If your customers have to wait long, their satisfaction will decrease and you will lose a part of the profits. The game helps you to balance cooking, service and time. So although you haven’t the experiences in cooking, you still can become the best chef.

In the game, your restaurants will locate many different spaces in the world. This is the good chance for us to visit many countries, meet many customers and cook for them. But you shouldn’t skip the recipes. If you observe the recipes and cook fast, you will earn a lot of money. It helps you to unlock a variety of dishes, upgrade the kitchen utensils and develop the restaurants. With the simple gameplay, eye – catching graphic, Cooking Fest has attracted many people from boys to girls. Moreover, the game will help you to feel happy and relax when you can play without the Internet connection.

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