Cube Survival Story MOD APK 1.0.4 (Unlimited Money)

Cube Survival Story MOD APK 1.0.4 (Unlimited Money)

December 7, 2020


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Unlimited Money

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Last Day on Earth has been such a big hit since the day it was released. With a high rating, not everyone has played it, but they must have heard about it once. If you are one of its fans, you cannot miss “Cube Survival Story”, a new project developed under the license of its current genre leader.

Cube Survival Story” takes after some classic features of “Last Day on Earth”, but it hits different because the developer has offered new content for players to find out. As the last human on the planet Earth, players have to fight for their life, collect usable resources, and discover hidden places with useful loots.


The story takes place when the world is completely destroyed, leaving it with dangerous walking zombies and wild animals without virus yet. Civilization is burnt down, and you are the last man on Earth. You are surrounded by danger, which can take you down anywhere at any time. All the zombies are starving for human flesh, and they will not hesitate when they smell, hear, or see one.

As the last bulwark of humanity, it is compulsory for you to create weapons to bring along, build your base to get some rest after fighting zombies and continue finding out new things. Remember to adapt yourself to the harsh environment since modernity is no longer available. Always keep yourself safe at any cost.


Survive zombies in unusual cubic graphics

“Cube Survival Story” ‘s world is built based on “Last Day on Earth” ‘s concept with “Minecraft” ‘s style, two of the most popular survival games. Players will be diving into a familiar world that offers a new experience with endless adventures.

It is an enormous world, every section of which is full of surprises. Your mission is to survive every night as long as possible until there is a way that the situation can turn positive. You will have to clear your way full of zombies and mutants to get what you desire. The gameplay is simple, and all you have to do is tap to collect, to fire a shot, to chop down trees, etc.

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Resources are crucial

Just like Minecraft, players will be finding necessary resources on their way. Chopping down trees will grant them logs (they can also be found on the ground), seeds can be picked up, while rocks lay everywhere for you to break. By doing these activities, players will gain experience and level up.

After all the needed resources are collected, players can build the necessities such as backpacks, campfires, boxes, etc. The crafting menu contains a variety of essentials from weapons, furniture to other utilities. Make sure to craft and prepare new weapons before going on an adventure because they can be ruined while fighting.

When wandering around, looking for resources, players can come across random trucks. Remember to check them carefully as they may contain surprising rewards. Besides that, killing zombies will grant players random resources. Basic zombies give you basic materials. Stronger and more unique zombies can hand you special items. Remember to always stay alert because zombies can come out from nowhere.

To not starve yourself to death, you must find food. Players can kill deer for meat. Deer can run away from you really fast, yet they cannot see you when you walk slowly toward them.

Cube Survival Story screen 1

Types of zombies

There are various types of people, and so are zombies. The most common one that you will see a lot is the roaming zombie, which is slow and does little harm. Others such as toxic spitter, fast biter, floater bloater, frenzied giant, toxic abomination are more powerful mutants or zombies.

Players should always stay alert, learn new recipes, and blueprints to show those zombies how scary they are.

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Home sweet home

After some great adventures, you will need a place to rest and get ready for your next fight. By collecting woods and necessary materials, players can construct a simple house at first and upgrade it afterward.

At first, you will wander around and find the perfect spot for your sweet home. Remember to choose a place that is clear and easy to find. Then, you will have to craft walls, floors, a door, and some windows. Your base will be surrounded by a diversity of starving zombies, make sure to build it stable, and protect it at all cost.

World map

In “Cube Survival Story”, players can explore the world map with a variety of different places to travel to. Every section is full of surprises. It takes time to travel, further places take more time. If you want to go faster; you can build a motorcycle or a car.

During the gameplay, boxes will be dropped nearby. They consist of useful things, and of course, it takes time to get there. There will be zombies surrounding as soon as you get there, so before you go, equip weapons and bandages. Besides mysterious boxes, there are crashed planes with loots. Rare items will be randomly put in these loots, waiting for you to collect. There are also various monsters guarding treasures, essential to stay alive.

Other features

Since “Cube Survival Story” is an online game, other players can attack and steal your belongings. Even if the last men on Earth meet each other, they can fight and kill for items they need. Or you all can be friends and team up to explore magical places and fight against vicious creatures.

There are bunkers that contain mysterious objects. In order to get in there, players have to find a code hiding in other locations.

Cube Survival Story screen 3

Unlimited money

Collecting resources day by day can be tiring and boring, Cube Survival Story Mod APK has supported players with an unlimited money feature so that they can become more powerful effortlessly. Now, you can purchase the materials you need without having to wander around and collect them.



The game is designed with cubic visuals, similar to Minecraft. The environments have a dark tone, which really suits the concept of the game. The characters and creatures are given a variety of looks, from adorable to extremely scary. I have to say the graphic designers of “Cube Survival Story” have done a fantastic job.


There is not much to say about the soundtracks and sound effects of this game. While playing the game, players can enjoy the adventurous tracks, listen to the footsteps, and hear the noise of the zombies.


In conclusion, “Cube Survival Story” is an addictive game to play if you want to enjoy something familiar besides “Last Day on Earth” or “Minecraft”. The game has its own unique features that can attract your attention for a long time.

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