Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover (ISO + PSP Emulator)

Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover (ISO + PSP Emulator)

November 24, 2019


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AKI Corporation
PPSSPP Android
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Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover

The Android platform has always been a haven for game developers. Millions of different Android games have been rolled out for the platform with improved graphics and gameplay. In addition, the Android is also a great platform for developers to introduce their emulator apps. With dozens of different console and handheld emulator available on your Android devices, you’ll even more games to play.

And speaking of which, when it comes to handheld gaming, you can never leave out the PSP, which is SONY’s most successful portable gaming device. Now, we can even play some of the best game on the legendary PSP on our Android devices with the powerful PPSSPP.

For the fans of the old gangster games, Def Jam Fight for NY The Takeover is certainly a great title for you to enjoy. Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.

Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover


The story is a prequel of the previous installment in the series, Def Jam Vendetta. Here you’ll be playing as a new kid who wants to get into the gangster world. You quickly find yourself being caught into the underground fights with all kinds of opponent from the five boroughs of New York.

You’ll have to learn various fighting styles and choose one that suits you the most. Learn new techniques from your master, O.G and use them to take down your opponents. However, you quickly realize that the game isn’t just about the fights but there are hidden secrets behind it

As you progress further into the game, more and more would be revealed. Enjoy an exciting gangster story with friendship, sportsmanship, warrior’s spirit, betrayal, corruption, and so on.

Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover


Take on the role of a fearless fighter, go against other fighters in the underground world of NY to reach the glory. Here are some of the amazing features that you would find interesting in Def Jam Fight for NY The Takeover.

Choose from 5 different fighting styles

I bet you never know there are so many available fighting styles before playing this game. In facts, in Def Jam Fight for NY The Takeover, players are introduced to 5 different fighting styles which involve varied skills and techniques related to the styles.


With mostly lower-body attacks, this fighting style is suitable for players who want to attack their opponents from distances. The fighters with this style are always quick on their feet as they can easily dodge others’ attacks from distances and with their feet as they are capable of throwing quick leg combos. This is definitely a powerful fight style, both defensively and offensively.

However, if you manage to close the gap between you and a kickboxer, there is a high chance that you can execute devastating attacks on them as they don’t do very well at close distances. But first, you just need to make sure that you can avoid their smashing kick combos.

In Def Jam Fight for NY The Takeover, you’ll find Ludacris as one of the Premier Fighters who loves using kickboxing as his primary fighting style.

Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover

Street Fighting

Born in the streets and have their fighting skills honed in the fierce battles between crews, these street fighters are extremely cunning and resilient when it comes to fights. They might not have good kicks but their punches are usually devastating. In addition, you’ll get to use all kinds of dirty fighting which involves illegal weapons and so on.

For those who want to advance in street fighting, you could learn from N.O.R.E, as the man is considered as the best street fighters in the game.

Martial Arts

Martial artists aren’t called “artists” for no reason, these fighters always come with excellent skills and techniques that make them the most frustrating opponents to deal with. They don’t just fight with their opponents; they also dance with them following the rhythms. It’s hard for every fighter to throw a decisive attack at martial artists as they are capable of blocking most attacks with ease.

In additions, they also feature diverse sets of skills, both in defense and offense. This allows the martial artist to combine various fighting styles into their own to frustrate their opponents. While they don’t possess powerful attacks that could deal serious damages to their opponents, these man has multiple diversions that and upset their opponents, allowing gaps to attack.


Wrestlers are not famous for having quick and powerful attacks, in facts, they have a rather slow but deadly approach to the match. As they don’t have good speed due to the bulk physics, you must play your wrestler cleverly.

Never chase after your opponents around the ring. Instead, spend your time analyzing the situation, wait for the opponent to slow down, corner them, and suddenly release a deadly wrestling combo. This would deal incredible damages to your opponents and leave them laying on the ground for good.


This is probably the most complete fighting style in this game as it doesn’t really focus on a single aspect. In facts, submission fighters usually have good upper and lower body attacks which can be used in varied situations.

They also have decent speed and good physics allowing them to withstand some damages from their opponents without being forced to back out.

Pick your crew and go against the others

The game features five of the most badass criminal crews from the 5 boroughs of New York. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the one that suits you the most. The five mentioned are Staten Island Crew, Brooklyn Crew, Manhattan Crew, Queens Crew, and The Bronx Crew.

Based on your choices over the different crews, you’ll experience a different story with varied involve characters. Join your crew, fight your way to the top, and recruit new fighters to your crew to make it even stronger.

In additions, we also have the Dragon House Fighters which is a group of street fighters who’re mildly connected with weak ties. While you can’t join them at the beginning of the game, you can still fight against the members of the group as you progress further in the game.

The fights start before you enter the ring

Not like in other fights where you can only attack your opponents as the ref begins the match, in Def Jam Fight for NY The Takeover, players can attack their opponents right before their matches. This could take in any forms like mocking them before the match, punching them before the officials begin the match, or you can even do some dirty tricks to get their head off the game. This would result in your opponent having slightly decreased health as you begin the fight.

Dirty and realistic combats

And while you’re in the ring, the fight can be even more cunning and dirty as the two of you aren’t hesitate to throw all kinds of attack toward each other. This involves all kind of devious moves that you could ever think of like throwing dirt on his eyes, picking weapons from the crowds or on the ground, and many more.

Play your game completely free

As the game is for PSP and you’re playing it with your PPSSPP Gold, the game is completely free for you to explore. You can easily download the ISO or CSO game file for your PSP emulator on the Internet and have them placed in your storage. It’ll take only a few minutes before you can start enjoying this amazing fighting game.

Visual and sound quality


The game features epic 3D graphics which gives you a clear image of the underground world where you’ll encounter some of the most badass gangsters. In additions, the fights are extremely exciting as it features realistic physics and accurate visual effects, allowing you to feel like you’re in a real fight.

And most importantly, the game is relatively smooth on most Android devices even though we’re running on an emulator.


With voiced dialogues throughout the game, players will truly immerse into the world of underground fights for gang members.

How to install iso file on Android

  1. Download the Def Jam Fight for NY The Takeover iso file and PSP Emulator for Android.
  2. Turn off your 3G and wifi connection before installing.
  3. Now install PSP emulator.
  4. After installation complete Don’t open it.
  5. Extract the Def Jam: Fight for NY Data file by using Zip Extractor.
  6. Now after extracting you have a ISO file + game saves. Make a folder into the location Android/roms/ and this iso file in this folder.
  7. Now open PSP emulator and locate ISO and run game for more watch youtube video.

Download Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover

Detailed gameplay with exciting fighting mechanics, Def Jam Fight for NY The Takeover is definitely a great title for you to enjoy on your smartphones.

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