Dr. Driving 2 MOD APK v1.61 (Unlimited Money)

Dr. Driving 2 MOD APK v1.61 (Unlimited Money)

June 3, 2023


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Dr. Driving 2 is a fun simulated racing game with multiple game modes, levels, and prizes. The game developer can make you fall in love with Dr. Driving 2 for hours. The game requires you to complete a race and other obstacles in the middle of busy streets. Like most racing games for smartphones, control the phone left and right to drive your car. Then press the accelerator on the screen to start and stop. Also, the dashboard of Dr. Driving 2 is rated as the best graphic part of the game. The cars and characters in this game are quite square. You might be impressed by how the design resembles a more SNES game. Control panels and menus are designed for you to use. Players have many quests to complete and earn rewards in the game without logging in. However, you need an account for the multiplayer mode. You can log in via Facebook or Google to earn bonuses by sharing your scores with friends.

General Information

After the success of Dr. Driving, the SUD Inc. publisher continues to release the second part of a car driving simulator game called Dr. Driving 2 with loads of recent additions. You will experience the feeling of car control in special missions. There will be more beautifully designed simulated cockpits if you pass the challenges and unlock them. If you are a lover of adventure and speed, surely you cannot ignore Dr. Driving 2. Dr. Driving 2 is a unique game where you have to control the car well and avoid dangers to score points. Not racing like in Grand Theft Auto-style, do everything instead.

Dr Driving 2 screen 2

Dr. Driving 2 has simple gameplay. It gives players a very realistic driving feeling. You will depress the gas pedal to move forward, turn the steering wheel to change directions, and use the brake to slow down, stop the car. Also, as in the first part, it will equip with a fully functional gearbox to perform reverse operations, free gear (N), stop (P), and gear to move forward. In levels, you need to follow the instructions outlined to complete the mission and win. Besides, you also need to collect gold coins and perform technical operations to maximize the rewards received after the game screen. In Dr. Driving 2, the operating system has a lot of different cars. You can upgrade your cars to become more powerful. But instead of spending money to upgrade directly in part 2, you need to craft the ingredients to use for your upgrade. You will use the materials you have crafted to manufacture new cars for your car collection.

Dr Driving 2 screen 0

Game Modes

Dr. Driving 2 has six game modes that lock gradually according to the player’s level. The game modes include the following.

  • Career mode is the most basic game mode. It divides the screenplay in career mode into chapters corresponding to each level of the player. Each level in the career mode will have an unfamiliar task, such as completing at a specified time, avoiding obstacles, or eating enough coins. This mode will also provide your materials and gold coins to upgrade and build cars.
  • Car lab mode is a special game mode. As the name suggests, it is where you will test special things in your car. With extreme conditions such as unbalanced wheels and broken brakes, you will have a very interesting experience with this game mode.
  • Top racer mode opens when you reach level THREE in the game. In this mode, you will choose any one car you own and try to run on a specified distance. Try to perform the perfect cornering, drifting to get the highest score. It is one highlight of Dr. Driving 2 compared to its predecessor. In this version, you will control your car on a one-way street with five lanes. Besides, the landscape on the race tracks will change to make the game more interesting.
  • Taxi mode is a mode where you can play the role of a taxi driver and pick up passengers at places they require. This mode requires the player to stop in the required position.
  • Also, Dr. Driving 2 also has two modes of Tournament and Championship where you can compete directly with many other players.

Other Features

Also, an extremely great feature kept in part 1 is that you can change the viewing angle to control the game. There are two dominant views in Dr. Driving 2 is the first person and the third person. And especially, in the third perspective, you will have two options for the far angle and the near angle to make your experience easier. In each level of Dr. Driving 2, the game also has weather effects such as rain, snow, and fog. These effects will affect the operation of your vehicles, such as limited visibility or slippery road surface.

Graphic Designs

Dr. Driving 2 has a fun soundtrack that makes the game more attractive. Compared to the previous version, the music in Dr. Driving 2 is more exciting. The effects when you crab, eat coins, pass other cars are added with interesting sounds. Graphics in the game are bright and have more highlights than the previous version. The function keys and the car steering wheel are more meticulous. The landscape around the road has changed between the screens. The cars are outstandingly designed, with beautiful features. Dr. Driving 2 is supplemented with visual effects when you turn the car, earn coins, or require new weather effects.

Dr. Driving is a fun and exciting simulation game. You will be a good racer, experience many supercars with amazing speed. The game has a simple, easy-to-understand gameplay that will help you have useful entertainment after hours of stressful work. Dr. Driving has easy-to-understand gameplay. You will play the role of a good racer. On each level, you will race against another car. Each model will have differences in style, weight, structure, speed, and engine sound. The controls are also different. Your task is to control your car through screen manipulation. So, the car remains stable and speeds up quickly to overtake the opponent and finish first. The game has increasing difficulty after each game screen. For the victory, you need to know how your vehicle will drive and control so that the car reaches maximum speed when you just start the match. Dr. Driving is a realistic and dynamic racing simulation game. The game will give you relaxing moments and vivid experiences about the speed, sound, and shape of each supercar while controlling. Download the game to your phone and start the fiery races.

Final Words

Dr. Driving 2 has a fast, fun soundtrack that makes the game more attractive. Compared to previous versions of music in Dr. Driving, this second version is more exciting. Drag Racing features minimalistic 3D graphics, realistic design, and beautiful colors. Graphics in the game are bright and have more highlights than the predecessor. The function keys and the car steering wheel are more meticulously designed. The landscape around the road has changed between the screens. The cars are outstandingly designed, with beautiful features. Dr. Driving 2 is supplemented with visual effects. earn coins, or new weather effects.

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