PAKO Forever MOD APK 1.2.4 (Unlocked All Cars)

PAKO Forever MOD APK 1.2.4 (Unlocked All Cars)

Tree Men Games Unlocked All Cars

Get ready for the epic police and criminal chases in this awesome mobile game of PAKO Forever where you enjoy endless fun getting chased by an army of police vehicles. Move left and right to dodge the oncoming cars while skillfully directing their movements toward each other, causing epic crashes at the back while you calmly leap forward.

Enjoy the exciting and thrilling rides whenever you’re in the game. Have fun playing the exciting PAKO Forever challenges even just for a few minutes while having absolute fun with them. Pick your favorite cars, master your driving skills, and don’t hesitate to head out and face an army of police. Be confident in your abilities and trust the wheel to do the job.

Find out more about this interesting mobile game from Tree Men Games and all of its interesting features with our comprehensive reviews.


Here in PAKO Forever, Android gamers will have themselves the awesome racing mobile title where you become one man army and face countless police cars trying to track and tackle you down. Have fun working with endless car models, each providing you with unique driving experiences and exciting in-game challenges.

Featuring the similar gameplay and mechanics to the famous #DRIVE and Smashy Road: Wanted, PAKO Forever will allow Android gamers to have fun with their casual and accessible racing game for hours on end. Feel free to play the game at your own pace and with your own preferences.

Simply get on your favorite rides in PAKO Forever and begin your epic chases. With the top-down view, the game allows you to have a better overview of the map, thus being able to make precise decisions when handling the wheel. Plus, the cool boosters with interesting uses and secret areas around the map will certainly make your in-game chases a lot more fun. The list goes on.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple but extremely fun and addictive

To start with, PAKO Forever gamers will have no trouble getting comfortable with the game and quickly enjoy themselves while playing it. Simply run around inside your favorite rides and have fun working with cool racing mechanics in the game. Have a full overview of what’s happening on the map, thanks to the intuitive top-down view from the game. Have fun exploring the map, avoiding police cars and other vehicles, pick up your items, and make use of them so you can race even harder.

Intuitive touch controls to enjoy the game with ease

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the awesome mobile title of PAKO Forever with its intuitive touch controls and interesting movements. Here, you only need to tap on the left or right sides of the display to make the exact moves with your cars. With realistic physics and driving mechanics, the game will provide immersive runs on any selected vehicles.

Enjoy the different maps each time you play

With PAKO Forever, Android gamers will have access to different maps with cool designs and interesting terrains to make your racing game more fun. Feel free to dive into the game and enjoy different maps with random setups every time you enter the game. This should allow mobile gamers to always have fun playing PAKO Forever with each racing game being completely different from the others.

Cool boosters and secret areas to discover

With PAKO Forever, Android gamers will have themselves many cool boosters and secret areas, which they can have fun working with and freely discover. Drive around the map, avoiding the police while actively looking for those booster packages that’re roaming freely on the map. Chase them down to collect the certain items inside and make use of them to enable power-ups while playing the game. And at the same time, don’t forget to actively look for many secret areas on the map, which you can exploit to escape from the police. All these dynamic elements and the randomly generative map will certainly keep you hooked to the game.

Dozens of different cars with unique designs

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with dozens of different cars, each having their own unique designs and features. Feel free to dive into the game and pick up your favorite cars so you can start enjoying your awesome racing fun on the go. Choose to work with different vehicles and enjoy their awesome driving mechanics, as you advance on the road.

Optimized for all your Android devices and different orientations

To make the game more accessible and convenient, Tree Men Games also optimize the exciting mobile title of PAKO Forever with optimal settings for all your Android devices. Now, you can freely play the exciting mobile game on all your devices. Enjoy playing the game in both portrait and landscape modes, as you fully immerse yourself in the epic races.

to unlock more features

For those of you who are interested, you can now make use of the sign-in option in PAKO Forever to unlock more features and enjoy the game a lot more. Simply connect the game with your Google Play Games account to enable the online achievements with cool milestones that you can unlock. Have fun competing with friends and online gamers in the exciting leaderboards where you top over your friends and other online players with your epic highscores.

And most importantly, the convenient cloud-saving feature will make sure that you won’t ever lose your in-game progress. Simply sync your progresses between all connected devices, or retrieve your saves if you accidentally delete the game. The convenient options will make sure that you can enjoy the awesome gameplay of PAKO Forever to the fullest.

Collect trophies to show your friends

To make the game more exciting, PAKO Forever gamers can now collect amazing trophies with their awesome rides. Dive into the many races in the game so you can have absolute fun playing and unlocking your cool trophies. Don’t forget to also show them with friends to earn your bragging rights.

Enjoy the offline gameplay on the go

With the offline gameplay of PAKO Forever now available for all Android gamers, you should have no troubles enjoying the awesome mobile title while staying outside. There is no need to turn on your mobile data or to look for available Wi-Fi connections, just to start playing the game.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, PAKO Forever gamers can still enjoy the awesome mobile title of PAKO Forever for free from the Google Play Store. Here, the free game provides many of its features for you to enjoy your complete in-game adventures. However, the freemium mobile title will still come with ads that might bother you. Plus, if you wish to speed up your progress, you’ll need to pay for in-game purchases.

Have access to our free mod

And speaking of which, if you don’t wish to pay to speed up the game or to remove ads, you might want to pick up the free version of PAKO Forever on our website instead. Here, we offer the modded mobile application with modified features and unlocked access, which you can still get for free. Simply download the PAKO Forever Mod APK, then follow the given instructions to get you going.

Visual and sound quality


Here in PAKO Forever, Android gamers can enjoy the graphically impressive racing gameplay. Despite its simple 3D designs, the game still provides its unique visuals and interesting in-game settings so you can have absolute fun playing your racing game. Plus, the top-down view, dynamic actions, and smooth animations also contribute to your overall racing experiences. And of course, the undemanding graphics will always enable smooth and satisfying gameplay of PAKO Forever on all your Android devices.

Sound & Music

Together with amazing graphics, PAKO Forever also provides mobile gamers with exciting soundtracks and interesting sound effects, which will certainly make the racing game a lot more fun and immersive.

Final thoughts

With simple yet extremely fun and addictive gameplay of top-down racing and driving actions, PAKO Forever will allow Android gamers to casually engage themselves in the epic races while enjoying their endless fun.

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