Vertigo Racing MOD APK 2.1.1 (Unlimited Coins)

Vertigo Racing MOD APK 2.1.1 (Unlimited Coins)

July 16, 2023


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Deep Byte Studios SRL
132.06 MB
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Unlimited Coins

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Vertigo Racing poster

Vertigo Racing is just great for the mobile phone without ads, timers, and autoplay. Most indie games usually bring in more variety and fun for whatever genre they’re close to. At first look, it kind of looks like the car racing game with some particular elements of a strategy game. Find it available on Play Store and Apple App Store.

It’s time to join the race, so drive as fast as possible, and don’t let yourself fall off the road. Vertigo Racing is a free-to-play game where the players get to use vintage cars to drive through snow and dust as fast as you can without going off the street. Not only incredibly fun, but the game is also addictive as it comes to gameplay. Alright, now let’s see how good it is to play.

General Information

This game is known as the second game of Deep Byte Studios and was published by Chillingo in previous times. According to a reliable source, their first game was Abyss Attack, a shoot’em up genre. With more than 4.5 million downloads, we can tell Vertigo Racing gains high popularity in the gaming market. Both simple and satisfying, the game is worth playing without a doubt.

You can spend money on it if you want, but from what we’ve known you don’t need to do that. Come to check out the quick tutorial to know how to play the game with the controls. And here, you will see how the game has such a fascinating aesthetic from the 1950s that blends some amazing surf-rock music that is a sub-genre of rock that was very popular back in that moment.

With the pleasant graphics, unique gameplay, the game doesn’t need you to purchase to have great features. Throughout the game, you get to encounter the road packed with foliage and rocks. However, aside from that, it resembles a long fall down to nowhere else as if you plan to drive along the Wall of China.

Vertigo Racing screen 3

You’ll love this game for sure, especially when the music is brilliant and the cars are good-looking. With simple gameplay, Vertigo Racing is so much fun and mind-boggling at the same time. As its name reflects, the game is all about how you control or drive a car in high altitude terrain. More excitingly, these hilly spots are full of gas stations at frequent intervals.

The app has the right number of challenges you can try, and they’re enough to keep the players interested for a long time without being frustrated. However, there’s still one annoying thing that not many people notice. No certain indication of how far the mission has gone at all. Most of the time, the distance will get measured in meters while the objective will be in kilometers.

Another great thing about Vertigo Racing is its purely vintage cars, which all look badass. If you’re one of many fans out there who love to sit behind the wheel, then you’re lucky to have it on the phone. We guarantee you’d love it. Besides, as other players claimed, it would be nice if the game developers added the repair shops so that they can have a wonderful experience than ever.

Controls feel extremely functional, but you might feel it a bit too low and even too close to the edges of the display. It would become an unusual racer if you don’t know how to steer. Note that drifting would help a lot apart from using gas and brake, and this tends to work once you learn how to do that. At times, the game appears quite unfair.

Vertigo Racing screen 2

Overall assessments

Since their game Abyss Attack is just phenomenal, so Vertigo Racing is also a good game overall. It’s easy to play but the levels remain challenging the entire way through. Everything looks visually stunning, including the cars that look fabulous with their style of days. But some players think the game needs to extend the prize for each gas station.

It could reach 50 at maximum so that they can upgrade their cars, purchase cars, and even new roads. In case the prize is bigger per station without limitation, it would be more enjoyable for us to spend more time playing it. Everything about the game is rewarding for sure, and its controls are simple yet well-developed. Also, just a little too much brake or acceleration could cause accidents and horrible death.

People love the concept, particularly when all cars look stunning, and you might feel a bit weird at first since there’s no steering option at all. You need to avail only gas and brake the entire time. It’s surprisingly fun, not to mention the music or the first one on the Mediterranea level. The game is cool to play overall, but some players love the buttons to be a bit bigger for their small phone.

Vertigo Racing screen 1


As it comes to the controls, they’re simple to follow: Come to hold the left side of the game display to break and the right side of the display to speed up. Bear in mind that there won’t be any steering movement in the game. All you need to do is kick into gear and then the car can get started automatically. Remember that while driving, your car is taking up fuel, which the player just has a limited amount of.

During the race, try to speed up with caution and break so that you cannot fall off the street. Most fuel stations are located throughout the level which you have to pass through. This can help refill the car with more fuel for sure. Also, the more fuel stations you pass, the more coins you’re supposed to earn.

Keep an eye on the side of the road where you possibly encounter rocks, trees, or any blockage. If not, once hitting any object on the way, your car will be destroyed. How about the in-game physics? These sound amazing. You can even spot some damaged parts of the car based on what side the car get hit at.

Like #DRIVE, a fun car shooter that focuses on your choice of the available cars, the players can freely select a different car, or customize the shade of the car.

The main target of each level is to finish a specific distance to win a cup. Winning a cup can help you earn a lot of coins. Each car owns the distance they need to reach, so take advantage of all you’ve got to complete the task. Later on, it’s possible to have challenges unlocked, including things like drifting for 10 seconds.

Vertigo Racing screen 0


Vertigo Racing doesn’t only have slick graphics but also good gameplay. Go to download it and experience the game’s visual graphics and beautiful car models. There are many special and badass levels to drive through. Each level has a unique theme and can make you feel different when driving.

For instance, at the Nordpeaks level, it’s more challenging to steer your car due to the snowy weather condition.

Final words

In Vertigo Racing, you get to learn the basic game tricks, consisting of how to slow down where the road curves or avoid over-speeding. Last but not least, always try to drive as far as possible while winning cups and completing tasks so that you can get more coins.

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