#DRIVE MOD APK 3.1.335 (Unlimited Money)

#DRIVE MOD APK 3.1.335 (Unlimited Money)

May 3, 2024


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Pixel Perfect Dudexa
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Unlimited Money/Unlocked

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Fans of the epic movies from the 1970s should get ready for their next adventure. Join #DRIVE in the most exciting and realistic driving experiences on mobile platforms. Find out everything you need to know about this amazing game with our reviews.


The game was inspired by the epic rides in the legendary movies of the 70s, with lots of driving and street actions. Players will be playing as a truck driver who considers driving as his nature and the cars are the homes.

Step on your cars, choose your destinations, and just hit the road as you cruise through the iconic sceneries of the United States from the previous century. But make sure you abide by the laws and regulations while you’re on the roads.

Try not to hit on anything as you enjoy the fun and excitement of driving alone. But if you do, be sure to prepare for what comes after that.



Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game currently supports:

Experience realistic physics in this amazing racing game

With #DRIVE, players are introduced to a completely new racing mechanic, which relies a lot on your skills and feels for controlling your cars. With realistic physics, you’ll need to depend on many real-life understanding when riding on your truck. For example, you’ll need to consider the weight of the car and the momentum when making your turns, especially when you’re traveling at high speed.

Simple and intuitive controls

To make the game as friendly as possible, players in #DRIVE have access to simple and intuitive controls. While you’ll only have to care about the directions at which you’re heading to, there are also dozens of relating factors that need to considerations. These combined to make the controls in #DRIVE both simple and difficult at the same time. A feature that not many racing games out there can deliver.

In addition, players are also introduced to various tutorials and guides throughout your journey, which make the game extremely intuitive and enjoyable. Especially during the beginning stages when you don’t have too many experiences.


Lose the cops as they chase after you

One of the most exciting features in #DRIVE is when you have to crank up your speed and get rid of the annoying cops that are chasing after you. Make uses of the terrains, boosts, and other vehicles on the road to create obstacles and stop them from catching you. Don’t let it happen if you don’t want to lose your money and in-game progresses.

Collect valuable goods and resources as you go

As you travel on the road, there are two things that’ll require your attention, which are fuel and gold. Try to collect as many golds as possible to earn yourself various boosts as you travel on the road. In addition, players must care about your gas tank, make sure you give it enough fuel each track. Or else, you’ll not be able to progress and must stop where you are.

Pick up various boosts and power-ups

To make your ride a lot more exciting and competitive, you are allowed to pick up various boosts and power-ups for your vehicles throughout your trip. Choose the right ones and collect them as much as possible to allow you to go faster as well as making your car more resilient.

That being said, you can have other vehicles and obstacles in front of you being shoveled off the road with the snow shovel, or speed up your car to the extreme with the speed boosts. Nonetheless, you’ll have a lot of fun with #DRIVE.


Avoid obstacles as you go

While you can always collect boosts and buffs to help you with your riding, gamers in #DRIVE must always deal with the obstacles that get in their way. Make sure you’re prepared for the unprepared as they come at you. Avoid obstacles as you go and make sure you’re not affected by them.

Choose your favorite cars among dozens

For those who’re fans of the movies from the late 20th, #DRIVE would surely satisfy you as it provides every car you would want to have in your collection. Travel in styles as you hop in the most famous cars back in the old days.

Pretend to be a cop and ride on your Sneaky Beak ’69, catching crime across the towns. Or be a bus driver and hop on the classic bus, transport your customers to their desired destinations.

Race on various maps and terrains

Here in #DRIVE, players are introduced to a whole new riding experience, in which driving isn’t just about racing. It’s about enjoying the moment as you cruise through the beautiful sceneries all over the country.

And to make it happens, #DRIVE allows gamers to ride their ways through various maps and terrains across the country. With different maps, you’ll also enjoy different racing experiences.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play, which is quite surprising considering its amazing features. Now, Android gamers can enjoy a perfect riding experience, in which they can forget about all the things that surround them and just enjoy the moment.

Get your #DRIVE for free by going to Apkdone, download and install it as you’re free to enjoy all the features.

Visual and sound quality


The game features simple and mesmerizing graphics that would take you to different places all over the country. Enjoy driving at its best as you are impressed with the beautiful natures and environments. In addition, the game provides smooths and continuous gameplay, in which players are not disturbed by lags or stutters.


With peaceful music and sound effects, #DRIVE will take you through many different surprises. Enjoy this driving game as you’re introduced to impressed audio experiences.

Download #DRIVE MOD latest 3.1.335 Android APK

For those who always enjoy the exciting sensations of driving along the endless roads and admire the nature as it is, #DRIVE is certainly a great title to enjoy.

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