Fun Race 3D MOD APK 201064 (Skins Unlocked)

Fun Race 3D MOD APK 201064 (Skins Unlocked)


Fun Race 3D is a very exciting speed-action game. The game emphasizes sports races with lots of fun. The game comes from the publisher Good Job Games – producer of Run Race 3D. The gameplay is very new, interesting, and extremely simple. The game has a lot of maps, and challenges are waiting for players to explore. Your task is to control the characters constantly running forward, and flexibly avoid all obstacles. The game brings a lot of positive emotions, and the gameplay is very magical. You will feel that there are not many restrictions in the races, and you will always want to run without stopping.

About Gameplay

Fun Race 3D is a fun and addictive entertaining game. The gameplay is quite simple, and the levels are extremely interesting. You have moments of quick entertainment after passing strange levels. The game has levels with different challenges, and difficulty increases. Players only need to press their finger on the phone screen to let the character run, and release the finger to stop the action. The obstacles are constantly moving on the game screen, and players need to be skillful to overcome difficult challenges. Of course, if the character hits the obstacles, the character will fall and return to the starting line. The level will end when someone finishes, and try to be the one to finish early.

Fun Race 3D is the right choice if you are a lover of skill-based games. The game offers fun and addictive multiplayer challenges. Try to compete in exciting races, avoid all kinds of obstacles and be the first to finish. Not only do you fully experience parkour with hundreds of unique levels, but also unlock new characters as you complete the levels. In particular, each level brings a unique new exciting experience, and you need a lot of time to pass the great levels later. In addition, you will find it extremely interesting to see your character’s unique dance celebrations when he finishes. Each dance has its own style, and brings relaxing laughter to you.

Fun Race 3D doesn’t have too much complexity. You just need to download the game, experience the game simply. Remember that speed is not the main factor in winning. You need the delicate combination of dexterity and speed. You have to overcome other opponents while avoiding obstacles. The game supports offline game mode, so you can start without a network connection. This allows you to play games wherever you are. The game also supports popular languages ​​such as English, French, Japanese, …

Fun Race 3D emphasizes the fun of playing. Therefore, you will encounter all kinds of obstacles such as rotating pillars, fists, hammers, … Although the challenge looks funny, they can wipe out your character in a second. Therefore, you need to be absolutely careful before each step, and need to study clearly the operation of each obstacle. Each race consists of 3 athletes, and each person will be distinguished by color or outfit. The person who reaches the final finish will be disqualified, and the two who reach the first finish will continue to compete with each other on that track. Of course, the overall winner is the one who finishes earliest. The game offers hundreds of different tracks, and players will not be able to guess what the next challenge will be. This makes it interesting, and challenging, for each round. You will be amazed to see unique challenges throughout the race. In addition, if the unlucky player is defeated by an obstacle, the player can still revive and continue the competition.

Fun Race 3D will easily make many people crazy because of the challenging level, and the difficulty of each obstacle. You will be beaten by the giant hammer for your impatience, or overconfidence. The character can only move forward, so you need to think about how to avoid moving obstacles, or choose the right stop. Ideally, you should stop whenever necessary so as not to get hurt, and quickly catch up with your opponent.


Fun Race 3D feels simple and addictive. Players only need to tap the screen to control the jump, and the direction of the character’s movement. You will face many unexpected obstacles, and hostile players. Therefore, you need to be familiar with the control mechanism. Make sure to lift your finger at the right time for your character to pause, and avoid hitting obstacles.

Graphics and sound

Fun Race 3D has minimalistic 3D graphics, so its capacity is quite light. Graphic style with fun and simplicity. The character movements are smooth, so the player always has a good experience. The background music is not too crowded, and this gives players a sense of entertainment and fun. If you bump into obstacles, there will be accompanying physical effects such as being thrown, crushed. Each effect comes with realistic impact sounds. The game is colorful, and has many interesting highlights.

You should try “Run Race 3D” for similar parkour experiences. You can play single, or compete with others. Your mission is to run, and avoid obstacles. You have many actions such as jumping from wall to wall, climbing ropes, sliding and flipping to jump higher. The game offers a fun experience of action that never stops running. The game has dozens of maps, and many different skills. You increase your rankings by defeating your opponents, and completing multiple levels to unlock interesting items. You can customize your character through skins, Clothing, Dancing, and many other accessories.


Fun Race 3D is really a fun parkour game with good 3D graphics. The game has a simple gameplay, and will definitely bring effective entertainment for players. Remember, you are not only avoiding obstacles, but also racing against other players. Test your abilities as you race against two other players, and be the first to overcome wild obstacles. The game has hundreds of unique levels, accessories for characters, and many interesting characters. Although the game does not provide any objectionable content, the ads are displayed too many, and very annoying.

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