Crazy Shopping MOD APK 1.5.1 (Unlimited Money)

Crazy Shopping MOD APK 1.5.1 (Unlimited Money)

March 5, 2024


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Unlimited Money

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Crazy Shopping is about crazy crowd shopping, like Join Clash 3D. The game is built on a simple 3D graphics background, you see the colorful blocks. Your mission is to control the group of people, and help them shop madly in a large area. The game offers an interesting, crazy shopping experience. You enjoy the strange spectacle, and the way the physics of the ragdoll affects everything. The game emphasizes fun, and the more shopping chaos you create, the more rewards you get. The game has simple gameplay, and you upgrade the shopping team to collect maximum items. The more things you collect, the more money you will get. Over time, you will own a crazy shopping squad with dozens of people.


Crazy Shopping gives you crazy shopping experiences in chaos – a similarity to Join Clash 3D. You’ll be amazed by dozens of people who surround the store, and have crazy – wacky ragdoll physics action. The simplicity of the game has created a feeling of fun, and addictive. You have more colorful graphic experiences with many great things. The game has new stores, and diverse items to collect. Over time, you upgrade the number of people, time, or offline income. Of course, you don’t have to be too agile, as the game is very simple. You can also choose the “Sign Up” mode to enjoy additional benefits, eg unlocking all VIP areas; double your income; and remove annoying Ads.


Crazy Shopping emphasizes interaction with objects. The game belongs to the genre of interesting 3D action. You use the ragdoll physics engine to create clutter when shopping, like Join Clash 3D. You don’t have to think much, and you just need to try to get everything you can before time runs out. The game offers lots of unique and fun time. You need to lead a group of shoppers, and they pick up a variety of goods to satisfy their shopping addiction. You start the game with just a few characters. Over time after multiple levels, you collect more shoppers, and your team will draw more goods. A chaotic shopping scene goes on all the time. You enjoy all the madness in colorful – vivid 3D graphics. The game brings an enjoyable experience when you “destroy” each store and “get” every product. All the spoils are gathered into a truck – a vehicle with a giant bag. Of course, the game is not just simple with the swipe of fingers. You have to face the “countdown timer” challenge. The stopwatch has a certain number of seconds, and you must complete the product volume before the store closes. The game is fun because of a race against time. You must try to get the maximum of items before time runs out, and try to control the shopping corps for the best results. The game is fun by simple gameplay, and insane ragdoll physics. If you enjoy the gameplay, then you will be addicted to the gameplay for hours. Besides, vivid and colorful 3D graphics help you increase the amazing action experience. The game offers customization, and you unlock new items to complete higher levels.


Crazy Shopping is reminiscent of Join Clash 3D’s “addictive” feeling. Because the uniqueness lies in the 3D mess. Humorous content about a group of crazy shoppers in vast stores. You started it all with a few people, and recruited more members to “rummage” all the merchandise. Vivid 3D graphics and colorful make you always see the chalk before character action. A truck is always waiting for you with its giant bag. The game doesn’t have any objects, and what you need to care about is just a clock. The time timer announces a finite number of seconds before the store closes. You are excited and stressed before the time race. All items have to be collected within the time limit, and you try to control the party so they don’t get entangled. The right management helps you to complete challenges in the shortest time. Try to manage a large group of shoppers to collect the most items in each store. The multiple level wins get you more shoppers, and maximizes the quantity of goods.

In short, if you are someone who likes simplicity in gameplay, then Crazy Shopping is the right choice. You will easily control and have many wonderful moments of relaxation. The game also increases emotions through many different interesting challenges. The game has a variety of integrated levels, and you have a lot of fun when completing all the levels (from simple to advanced). Besides, the quality of minimalistic 3D graphics helps you enjoy vivid features without getting tired of playing for a long time. The levels are also varied, and you enjoy the wonderful areas.


The gameplay is simple, and there are many upgrades.

Great entertainment for shopping fanatics.

Vivid 3D graphics


Ragdoll still has a lot of silly mistakes.

There are many ads, and annoying in the free mode.

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