Hero Siege: Pocket Edition MOD APK 6.2.7 (Unlimited Money)

Hero Siege: Pocket Edition MOD APK 6.2.7 (Unlimited Money)

May 2, 2024

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Panic Art Studios
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Unlimited Money

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If you or any of your siblings were born in the 80s or 90s and enjoy hack ‘n’ slash video games, I bet you cannot forget “Diablo” or “The Binding Of Issac”. As one amongst numerous gamers, I can tell that these two game titles have grown so many memories in their fans’ minds. Yet, all the 80s, 90s kids are all grown-ups now and there is little time for them to enjoy a video game fully even on the weekend. What if there is a title that players can bring everywhere with them?

Hero Siege: Pocket Edition is developed by Panic Art Studios. The game was originally released on PC and became a big hit on Steam. Due to its enormous popularity and the great demand of Hero Siege’s fans, the developer has introduced to gamers the pocket edition. Hero Siege: Pocket Edition is a hack ‘n’ slash game with roguelike and RPG elements, which will undoubtedly give you hours of entertainment.


Deep down in Tarethiel, a wicked demon has been woken by a group of monks, legends say Satan will rise from Hell to destroy and rule the world. The Earth is in need of heroes right now! Players will become heroes who are on the path to save humanity from extinction. They will have to do battles with tons of pixelated creatures in a diversity of locations and collect powerful loots.

A long journey ahead is waiting for you to explore. With a variety of levels and countless enemies and so many achievements to unlock, there is no way that Hero Siege: Pocket Edition can let you down.

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Up to 17 classes with editable characters

Hero Siege: Pocket Edition proudly introduces to players 17 different playable classes. Every class has two skill trees with a wide array of builds and options to choose from. From melee class to ranged class, from scientist to witches, Hero Siege: Pocket Edition has everything you need. To find out which class suits players the most, they are encouraged to try out as many classes as they want.

If you play as one of the melee characters, you will have a higher chance to take damage but with high damage per second. On the other hand, ranged classes are weaker than melee but will give you more protection.

Players cannot miss collecting portraits, hats, and minions to make their character stand out among others. There are over 150 different hats for them to choose from, such as Robin Hood hat, Unicorn Horn, Halloween Pumpkin, etc. Minions can help you in combat with monsters, you can collect and name them whatever you prefer. There are two types of minions: Melee Minions and Ranged Minions.

Seven enjoyable Acts along with randomly generated levels

There are, in total, seven Acts with two bonus acts, each Act has six levels, the final one always contains the boss. The Acts can be listed below:

  • Act I: Forests of Tarethiel
  • Act 2: The Glacial Tundra
  • Act 3: Deserts of Mos’ Arathim
  • Act 4: Highland Caves
  • Act 5: Plains of Karponia
  • Act 6: Holy Grounds
  • Act 7: The Rift

Two bonus acts are Sheeponia and Fallen Inoya.

Each Act will have different kinds of enemies, the higher the Acts and the levels, the stronger the monsters and the bosses. Do not worry if it sounds hard for you, there are a tutorial and guidance that helps you get used to the gameplay.

By defeating the boss of Act 6, players can unlock nightmare, hell, and inferno mode.

Over 170 crafted relics

Through defeating bosses, opening chests, or during a battle, players can earn a distinctive relic. Each relic will give you additional effects or abilities. Players can only have one active relic while 30 passive relics at a time. Unfortunately, if you die, all relics will be removed. Types of relics are listed below:

  • Orbiting: these relics will go around the character and target any enemy that comes too close or create a defensive effect.
  • Following: these will follow the player and attack enemies.
  • Active: these are put under the health/mana bar, different active relics have different abilities and skills to the baddies.
  • On Hit or Passive: these relics will trigger with your attacks, each has its own formula for cooldown, proc, and damage.
  • Stat or Passive Modifiers: these will increase one or more stats as long as you are alive.

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Multiplayer game mode

It is very unique that in multiplayer, you cannot use your current character and have to create a new one. Players can create eighteen slots in multiplayer mode as well as in single mode. There are up to four players in each game.

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There are currently seven elements in Hero Siege: Pocket Edition. Each comes with its special effect, yet, Physical and Magic are the two default effects.

  • Wind: Physical and provides movement speed.
  • Cold: Physical and freezes the enemies to move and attack slower.
  • Fire: both Physical and Magic, applies to burn to enemies.
  • Poison: Magic and applies a stacking to enemies.
  • Lightning: Magic and creates a bolt of lightning bouncing between enemies when players attack.

Trading and Currency

If a player has an item that you are looking for, Hero Siege: Pocket Edition has a supported trading system. Each player has to accept twice after putting their items in. Remember to keep an eye on the trading process because someone might try to trick you.

There are two main currencies in the game, rubies and jade ore. Rubies can be dropped from baddies, bosses, or chests, while jade ore can be used to trade.

Unlimited Money

To be honest, this is the best feature because if some of you are too lazy to fight a battle or open chests, you can buy whatever you like without any concerns.

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The visuals are sharp with adorable, pixelated characters and backgrounds. I am firmly not a fan of spiders, yet, in Hero Siege: Pocket Edition, they do not frighten me at all. The framerate is smooth, and the control is easy to use.


In my opinion, the game’s soundtrack is not too special to discuss. Players can hear the hitting sound from their weapons along with the noise that monsters make if they are attacked.


It is without a doubt that Hero Siege: Pocket Edition is such an addictive game with challenging levels and various items. The storyline might not attract gamers, yet, the gameplay sure will. Hero Siege: Pocket Edition is a game worth playing, and it will bring you the experience you never have.

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