Kung Fu Z MOD APK 1.9.26 (Unlimited Money)

Kung Fu Z MOD APK 1.9.26 (Unlimited Money)

February 25, 2023


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Referring to the martial art Kungfu, perhaps everyone knows that it is a type of fighting martial art that has developed in a long historical period in China, and today KungFu is considered a traditional sport. become more and more popular and also represent the culture of China. If everyone has seen the ” Kung Fu Hustle”  movie series of Chau Tinh Tri, surely everyone will admire, be surprised, and satisfied with the extreme action sequences, powerful martial arts moves, and virtuosity. So do you want to become the ultimate Kungfu, become a martial arts master? To know how Kungfu is used, now we invite everyone to explore a game called ” Kung Fu Z “, this is an attractive and interesting action game, players will be able to role-play as a character in the game and use the skills of the martial art Kungfu to fight the crazy and the fierce Zombies.

Description About the game Kung Fu Z.

The game Kung Fu Z is an action game with fun cartoon graphics, the plot of the game revolves around the main character is a guy named Zak, a guy with a passion for martial arts. On an autumn morning, the quiet space with cool breezes, our Zak was meditating and suddenly appeared a herd of the Zombies came and attacked Zak, Although a bit surprised by the situation just now, I suddenly realized that the whole city is also being occupied by Zombies and devastated. The people in the city were turned into zombies in turn, and the cause of this serious incident was due to a dangerous Virus species researched by Dr. Z and spread them outside with the conspiracy to use Zombie swarms to kill destroy all humans and the creatures on earth and rule the whole world.

Back to the character in the game, with the current world situation, Zak can’t stand watching with his arms crossed, is a master of martial arts, strong martial arts, whether fists, agile feet and intelligence can Zak’s brother save the world? Now, let’s invite you to explore the game Kung Fu Z together!

Kung Fu Z screen 0

The task – The rule.

The game Kung Fu Z, is a rich and attractive martial arts action game, in the classic Retro style, players will play the role of hero Zak, using the hustle moves of the Kungfu martial arts from China to fight ferociously Zombies and Dr. Z’s the crazy plot to save the world.

With other fighting games with Zombies, players can use weapons such as guns, bombs… to shoot and destroy Zombies, but with Kung Fu Z game it is different, most players do not use the weapons to fight, use the hustle and skills of Kungfu martial arts to fight the Zombies.

Because there is no weapon, the player needs to be very focused and observant, a second of negligence, subjectivity is being bitten by the Zombies, and obviously, the player will get a “ticket to join the big family of cannibals” of them.

In the game Kung Fu Z, players will admire the skills and the hustle of Kungfu martial arts through the character Zak, attractive martial arts battles, one-on with many people very drama, the number of floods Zombies are increasing in the number. Moreover, after each battle time, giant Boss Zombies will appear with greater strength and cruelty, so the player’s task will become difficult and dangerous. than.

Kung Fu Z screen 1

Manipulation and control in the game Kung Fu Z are not too complicated, players just need to touch the screen, the character will move, attack in that direction, below the screen, are the moves in martial arts. Kungfu, the player wants to use any skill, then touch to activate that skill, in order to be more effective in fighting Zombies, each kick, punch that kills the Zombie will drop coins. Gold coins for players to collect.

On the head of each character as well as the Zombies will appear a horizontal bar indicating the amount of blood, players need to pay attention to the amount of blood to preserve their life, as well as for the Zombies, if their blood is about to run out quickly deliver a fatal blow to bring it down. Players gain energy as well as heal with items that appear along the way.

Besides, players can upgrade Zak’s character with many skins such as the shirt, the jeans, the hat, the headband ..etc. and many skin more. The preparation of the skin for the character not only increases the aesthetics but also increases the strength of the character, each type of skin is a different fighting style. But to equip these skin, players need to have a lot of gold to buy and upgrade them. In addition, the store in the game Kung Fu Z also has many support items for characters, and players just defeat the Zombies and collect gold coins to buy equipment for their character.

Kung Fu Z screen 2

The graphics – The sound.

The game Kung Fu Z  with Pixel graphics has fun and a new retro style, creating beautiful battles. Creating the characters as well as the Zombies in the game is colorful and funny but no less dramatic than the action. The sound is lively and attractive by the screams, punches, and movements characteristic of the Kungfu martial arts.

Kung Fu Z screen 3

The features of the game.

  • Players have the opportunity to satisfy their eyes, experience the game in a realistic and dramatic way with martial arts scenes, beautiful moves of the Kungfu martial arts.
  • The sound and graphics in the Kung Fu Z in Retro style are extremely attractive and interesting.
  • Many levels of play as well as many different challenges for players to conquer and experience.
  • The system of the skin in the game is diverse and unique with many different fashion styles.
  • Players can upgrade their characters to increase their strength and fighting ability.
  • Manipulation, control in the game Kung Fu Z is not too complicated.

With these outstanding features and features, perhaps the Kung Fu Z game is an experience not to be missed for those who love action games in general and the Kungfu martial arts in particular, that’s why, do not hesitate any longer, quickly go to the Google Play Store to download the game to your device, and don’t forget to invite your friends to play together!.

Whether with his punches, quick feet, and wits, Zak can defeat the Zombies and destroy Dr. Z’s insane plot to save the world, all thanks to his talent and your gameplay skills. Let’s Help Zak win!

Hopefully, the game Kung Fu Z will bring players rewarding, new, and attractive gaming experiences, as well as relaxing and wonderful entertainment moments.

Have fun playing the game!.

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