Instant Translate On Screen MOD APK v6.8.0099586 (Premium Unlocked)

Instant Translate On Screen MOD APK v6.8.0099586 (Premium Unlocked)

Sapiens Labs Premium Unlocked

Instant Translate On Screen is a powerful translation app with tons of useful features and an intuitive UI to help you start.


There is no need to switch between platforms or apps to translate multiple content and texts on your phone. With Instant Translate On Screen, it’s possible to use a single app to translate your chat messages, web pages, documents, and many other materials with ease.

With multiple language options and dozens of language pairs available, you can easily translate all content on the screen most flexibly.

Enjoy seamless over-the-phone translation

Make the most of the seamless over-the-phone translation platform, which will let you work on posts, blog posts, chat conversations, simple texts, app texts, and more. There is no need to switch between applications to translate and localize content on the displays. All you need is to have Instant Translate On Screen opened in the background or floating on your screens.

Offer easy chat translating features

Instant Translate On Screen offers the powerful translation engine, which allows it to access social chat applications and other platforms. As a result, you can now use it to interpret and localize content inside chat boxes, messages, floating chat bubbles, clipboards, and more. It only takes a few steps to finish localizing your content.

Interactive floating ball translation

Never have any troubles using the Floating Translation feature to simply drag and drop the floating ball to the desirable area. The app will then automatically translate and interpret the selected segments at an instant. Or you can also use the clicking function to translate the whole page with ease.

Make great uses of the Comic Mode

Reading comics in other languages can be quite daunting, especially if you aren’t getting good translations. So, the built-in Comic Mode will help you enjoy your favorite content with great conveniences. Have no troubles loading the comics with the app, and the intuitive Comic Mode can translate as well as allowing you to enjoy the best reading experiences.

Conveniently save texts for later viewing

Feel free to select and save any pieces of texts with the help of Instant Translate On Screen, regardless of the materials and their platforms. You can then review the saved texts within the translation app, edit, translate, and save your data with ease.

Offer easy photo transitions

And with the built-in AI engine, you can now use Instant Translate On Screen to translate texts on images. Simply point the camera toward the signs, notification boards, physical documents, and many others. Or you can also load up the images that were saved on your devices, the app will translate the materials in seconds. You can also extract the texts from physical documents with ease.

Make uses of the automatic translation

The automated translation feature lets you view content being translated on your Android screen in real time. Instant Translate On Screen makes sure that you can enjoy translated content while you’re working with other apps, or playing games in languages.

Available in more than 100 languages

Have access to 100+ different language options, including Afikaans, Arabic, Bulgarians, Czech, German, Greek, English, Indonesia, Korean, Japanese, Dutch, Nepali, Romanian, Serbian, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, and more.

And feel free to combine the multiple language pairs, so you can have the most powerful and versatile translation app enabled.

Use the offline mode to save your data

To make the app more accessible, Instant Translate On Screen users can choose to download their language data and have them installed offline. This makes things super easy to work with, as you don’t have to use the Internet every time you try to translate with the app. Just make sure that you have enough storage spaces on your devices.

Have access to our modded app

Enjoy the premium unlocked mobile app on our website if you wish to have a better version of Instant Translate On Screen. Here, we have modified the app to let you enjoy all premium features and unlock all translation tools for free.


With powerful tools and easy translation features, Instant Translate On Screen is the all-in-one translation and localization app for mobile users.

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