Law Empire Tycoon MOD APK 2.41 (Unlimited Money)

Law Empire Tycoon MOD APK 2.41 (Unlimited Money)

Codigames Unlimited Money

Law Empire Tycoon simulates the process of building a lawyer’s reputation. You become a good manager and lawyer. With the mission of growing the company and building its reputation by winning lawsuits. Your audience is businesses, criminals and many other criminals. They will go to your law firm to pay for helping them become innocent in court. Requires a process of research and careful research for you to make a final decision. Keep your clients from getting convicted and answer questions correctly. Make it impossible for prosecutors to find errors or prove their claims are false. The game requires strategic elements to build a company. At the same time, combine elements of thinking skills to find the best solutions.
Develop a world-leading business with your own experiences with Law Empire Tycoon. This place will let you build your own career. All issues will be yours to make the final decisions. The lawsuits happen in a row, players need to focus on dealing with the problems that take place. Address your client’s needs and defend them in court in a fair trial. Handle cases and hire detectives and interns to gather evidence and convince the jury. Quickly generate revenue and build personal credibility. Are you ready to manage your own law firm and become a famous lawyer?

The gameplay of the game

Let’s start Law Empire Tycoon with a small company. At this time, you do not have a reputation in the legal profession, and the company is not known to many people. The first few customers will come to the company to ask you to solve some of their problems. You can accept customer offers and fulfill their needs. It is not easy to change the final judgment of the judge. It will take a process for you to prove your client’s innocence. At the same time, the evidence must be presented to convince the jury. You can hire interns or detectives to have them research and investigate outside evidence. Use the evidence gathered, combined with the experience of a lawyer like you. Present the most convincing evidence, proving that your client is not involved in the lawsuit.
Your job in Law Empire Tycoon will include participating in full trials of defendants who need to achieve acquittal. To get the upper hand in meetings, it’s important to research cases, work on crimes on the defensive, and prepare for the most unexpected. Success in the litigation field will expand the legal team and significantly increase the reputation.

Vivid simulation graphics

The game will make you sympathetic at first sight. That’s thanks to the cartoon-friendly graphic design. Fun 3D graphics. Everything is quite vivid and intuitive in the top-down third-person perspective. You can witness every action in the company, the hustle and bustle of employees and participate in a real trial. Each movement is very smooth, the puzzles are also detailed and well-designed. The game scene is always bright and bustling. The vibrant background music inspires players every time they log in and features compelling character voice-overs. So this game is really a great place to relax.

Solve customer problems

In Law Empire Tycoon there are many different objects that will come to your company. It could be an excuse or a reduced sentence… doing everything according to their wishes. Accept that you will be the one to help your clients avoid legal punishment. Because they are all subjects related to lawsuits such as drug trafficking, transporting banned goods, robbery, fighting. Help your client in turn escape the final judgment of the court. And without being punished by the law, you get paid from them. At the same time your reputation will increase. From there, you will have the opportunity to become a lawyer for many important cases. For example, subjects involved in murder cases, even notorious mafia criminals.
Every customer that comes to your needs is taken care of. Take the time to observe and listen to their stories, then figure out how to solve their problems. Law Empire Tycoon’s detective team will help you collect more important information related to the client as well as the case. Well-served customers will appreciate your company, which increases your credibility in the market.
To comply with the duties and obligations of a lawyer. The results will be made based on the court, proving the lawyer’s ability. Use all your abilities, confidence and reason to prove yourself in front of the judge. With the evidence as well as their own understanding, it is certainly difficult for the competent person of the court to deny. Ensure that guests can handle personal issues wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly. Win the jury and the prosecutor with the right evidence. Will help you become a reputable lawyer, get the admiration of other lawyers.

Recruiting quality staff

In order to have a good reputation and profits, you must constantly seek out clients while recruiting the best lawyers for your law firm. Hire good lawyers, interns and investigators, send them to reputable professional development courses, negotiate salaries, go through a probationary period and start working. All the little processes related to human resources cost money. Using money received from customers, you can hire them and build a team to grow the company. Because human resources are the core of a law firm. So be prepared in advance that you will have to spend a lot for this interval.
One of your responsibilities in Law Empire Tycoon as the head is to manage your staff. Here you will research the situation and assign cases to the right attorneys you have. You’ll need to manage your employees’ salaries to stay in business!
If you want to increase your odds of winning your lawsuits, you need highly skilled professionals. Train employees to ensure their legal knowledge. From there, it can help to solve the work quickly and without errors. But each training session will cost you a relatively large amount of money. But do not regret it because the benefits you can get later will be much higher. Helping customers to be safer and more satisfied each time using the service. Once all the employees are highly qualified, your revenue will increase day by day. Leads you to new goals and strengthens the corporation.

Upgrading a law firm

To help clients more, your lawyers need to have all the necessary things. Each office will have different sections to help them complete their work. In this game you will be able to unlock and manage multiple departments in your law firm. You will be able to open a new office when you upgrade your company today. Take on many cases like divorce, fraud, traffic tickets, theft, and many more.
You can upgrade your filing cabinet, desk, computer, or even your outfit. Few people want to find a shabby, old law firm that looks like they can’t afford the costs. Equipping and arranging the company’s interior needs to be properly invested through the development stages. After the upgrade is complete, of course the efficiency when performing the work will increase. Helping lawyers build trust for clients and make them more satisfied. From the complete information they have, it is certain that everything will be resolved quickly. You will see great changes in the place where lawyers work. Open more modern offices to increase the scale of work.

You need to focus on developing your management skills

Once the law firm has a solid track record and standing, you’ll need to demonstrate your leadership and leadership role in your organization. Make decisions about how many new attorneys should be expanded, how the staffing structure should be, how many specialists each field group has (e.g. how many lawyers specialize in civil law, how many specialize in criminal law divorce, economic lawsuits). You need to constantly make the right decisions to tackle your management process on people, improve your infrastructure, and find and hire people who are truly capable.
Not only that, you also need to decide what the investments from investors in the law firm will be used for, the direction of expanding the company’s more diverse fields, and maintaining the trust of the law firm. Judges have the upper hand in lawsuits.
But even if you “fly high” here, you must not forget the core of the success of the law firm. It is the reputation and trust of potential customers. If the reputation score in the process of running a law firm is slowed down or decreased, you should stop everything around immediately and take care of developing this score again, otherwise the foundation will be shaken.
When everything is in order, income is better, employees are used to work, now if you stop playing, making money in the game will stop. And the only way to prevent this from happening is to hire a manager. This person will help your role in Law Empire Tycoon become a true Idle. That is, when you are offline, everything in the game still works normally. You’ll still have a steady stream of income that’s intact inside and out until you come back.
Get big contracts
Other corporations and companies may also come to you to make their wishes known. That is your chance to get big contracts and higher revenue. Don’t miss this opportunity and make the most of your abilities. To win such big lawsuits you need to mobilize employees to work harder. Accelerate the collection of evidence and information to serve the investigation. This results in more alibi and a higher win rate of cases. Take these contracts and execute them well to create a higher reputation. Each practice will gain more experience in important matters. This will also help the company grow.

Join the bar club, accept the challenge

After many times helping clients with lawsuits, you will be invited to join the bar club. At Law Empire Tycoon’s club, you have the opportunity to become colleagues with many other lawyers. They are all talented people with a lot of experience in cases involving objects considered criminals. This is an advantage for you to learn from their experience and investigation skills. Besides, you can accept challenges from other lawyers. Prove your worth with the experiences you’ve learned before. Get other attorneys to acknowledge your skills. From there, your career will go up.
Being a lawyer is a profession that not everyone can do if they want to. In addition to experience and qualifications, this profession also requires extensive knowledge, acumen, and erudition in communication and behavior. Thereby bringing other aspects of life closer to all subjects. To realize your dream of becoming a talented lawyer, you can download the Law Empire Tycoon game to your device and experience.

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