Merge Manor : Sunny House MOD APK 1.2.14 (Unlimited Money)

Merge Manor : Sunny House MOD APK 1.2.14 (Unlimited Money)

January 18, 2024


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You like home design, you want to get creative even though it’s time to relax, but you haven’t found a game to help you with that yet. Merge Manor: Sunny House is a game that allows you to decorate and refurnish the house according to your wishes and aesthetic taste. Accompanying the girl Sunny, you will help this girl refurnish the abandoned house to be as monumental as before through solving puzzles and merging fascinating objects.

CookApps is one of the manufacturers specializing in the production of attractive puzzle games, including Merge Manor: Sunny House that was presented 4 years ago and became the king of puzzle games for mobile when it brought millions downloads on CH Play. Merge Manor: Sunny House is available on both CH Play and App Store. So you can install the game on mobile devices and tablets that run on Android or iOS Operating Systems.

Change an abandoned house into a cozy home

Merge Manor: Sunny House is a story about a little girl Sunny, on a visit to her mother’s house in the suburbs, unexpectedly witnessing a long-abandoned house, a scene of devastation with no one to take care , so she was determined to make it well back.

The “adventure” into the refurbishment of the house begins here. During the puzzle process, instead of matching the diamonds together, then now you will operate with familiar objects. Such as flower pots, shovels, brooms, gloves, stones, etc. When combined with each other, they will become useful things for Sunny’s mission. We will be with Sunny step by step to open up a romantic love story and explain about the mysterious absence of the grandmother. Romantic plot, logical story, beautiful images, attractive gameplay, very suitable if you are someone with a special love for decorating a house and garden.

The game does not force the player to follow any rules, so you just need to refurnish the house to be the coziest. To successfully complete the mission, the player must collect many stars so that Sunny can unlock the things she wants to use.

Graphic – Sound

Merge Manor: Sunny House is suitable for players aged 7 and above. Exciting content: improve, decorate and expand your garden and house with unique locations linked to the story of little Sunny. In the game, the characters, objects and animations are built on the basis of 3D graphics, designed in cartoon style, so it is very cute and lovely. The sound of the game is fun because it is installed with lively music. All have a tight blend that makes it difficult for players to miss any levels.

In Sunny’s house, you will manage the refurbishment of several parts of the property: the facade of your house, the fountain, the old lake, the beehive, the dog house and more… Let’s complete the refurbish, decoration of the whole garden and house and get tons of prizes.


In the first levels, Sunny will start building the strip of garden in front of the house by cleaning, hoeing, planting trees and flowers. Every day, she takes care of them to be green. Next, she also redecorates the house when she repaires her own fountain, pots, cleans the swimming pool, changes the color of the house and purchases household articles. There are a variety of objects for players to explore and create according to each level.

In order to have your favourite tools, you have to have enough stars. These stars can be collected through some up-levels when you solve quizzes combined with stuff. And maybe the star is what helps you unlock the hidden areas of the house. So don’t forget our big mission that combine objects and collect stars!

Rewards for person who deserve it

To be able to refurbish the house, you will have to spend a lot of time to own the desired objects. Waiting sometimes makes people feel impatience. But don’t give up. The results that Merge Manor: Sunny House brings will be delightful surprises. Those moments of challenge to test your patience that will  double your chances of getting a reward. Those gifts will help players expand the area and own more new locations.

In those precious moments of patience, we and Sunny not only heard about a deep love story, comprehend her grandmother well, but also found out a lot of secret areas and series of fun related to this special house. The game also arouses the warm-heartedness of the player when witnessing the character’s love for family, neighbors and animals.

Sunny’s interactions with many other characters

Merge Manor: Sunny House is more than just a merged and decorated game, what makes it unique is that there is an interesting story behind it. After turning the ruins into a truly splendid house, many people will visit. Your Sunny will also double the joy in which I used to clean up.

These friends will appear as neighbors,  the most beloved persons or a cute dog. They can eat cake, drink tea, talk and confide together. Most of these people will give good advice to help the little girl continue to improve the house. The most special thing is the pride of the grandmother that she is so much-beloved. These little and jubilant stories seem to blow a warm breeze to this large house.

Softly game to help you relax

Merge Manor: Sunny House is a pure entertainment game, both fun and nice-looking. Not only help you stimulate your creativity in your old family garden, but you’ll also experience a true love story with your neighbors and meet lots of fun characters on the way and overcome interesting missions. You are not only renovating the garden in the game, but you are reviving a part of your emotions .

Pending your stressful activities and having a little time to be buried yourself in a peaceful world full of mysterious landscape and garden decoration. Don’t forget to add different types of flowers to help everything that becomes alive and kick. Experience these wonderful things and share it with your friends about the game which you have designed so that they also have some relaxing moments.

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