Plane Simulator 3D MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

Plane Simulator 3D MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlimited Money)

December 18, 2023


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You always aspire to be a real pilot, discover your inner skills and conquer every road in any part of the world. You have fun while surfing your plane through the beautiful sky and amazing landscapes. Plane Simulator 3D will be a true choice for you to fulfill this passion. This is a free realistic flight simulation game with a 3D floral design with lots of performance improved regularly to give you amazing flights.

Plane Simulator 3D mod apk is a highly rated flight simulation game on the mobile platform which has been published and developed by TerranDroid. TerranDroid is an Android developer in Hong Kong that has been active since 2011. Their games are highly ranked on Google Play and have been installed more than 50 million times. In the game, you can freely control many different types of aircraft to perform assigned tasks. Experience a stunning and immersive 3D world in Plane Simulator 3D, as you glide in comfort with your fully-featured planes. Discover beautiful music with interesting visuals. Download the game to your phone and get ready to take off!

Become a great pilot

Plane Simulator 3D gets under the skin of a great pilot, capable of piloting all types of aircraft, from civil to military, even fighter aircraft. Fly an airplane not only to enjoy the surroundings but also to carry out missions. Start with learning the fundamentals of flight control, as well as takeoff and landing training, as you prepare for many new challenges. Manage a variety of aircraft and perform interesting missions. Transport all kinds of cargo and take passengers to faraway cities, as well as participate in important secret military and rescue operations.

The game will bring players a lot of new features where they can look forward to an unimaginable number of flights in the vast and boundless sky, fast takeoffs and smooth landings of many other types of aircraft. together. Turn into a real aviation ACE in this amazing simulation game. Take off on a light plane, a modern plane or a super jet fighter flying into the endless sky. Make unscheduled landings and mass destruction of enemy structures. Learn to fly different types of planes and become a professional pilot.

Control amazing airplane simulators

The way to control the simulated planes in Plane Simulator 3D mod apk is quite simple and easy, even if you are a new player, you will quickly get used to it. In order for the plane to move, the player needs to combine the operations in the most smooth way. By touching the screen and tilting, change the angle of movement of the aircraft. During operation, the player needs to drag the toolbar on the right side of the screen from the bottom to help the aircraft launch and move to the runway. After the plane has gained enough speed, tilt the screen upwards to start the plane taking off into the sky. Corresponding to the screen tilt, during the flight you can increase or decrease the altitude by tilting the screen up and down. And tilt the screen left, and right to navigate the plane. Finally, when you reach the location to complete the mission, you will fly the plane to the correct location on the guide map. Land slowly was allowed and start stopping the plane.

Besides, in the process of controlling the plane to the final destination to complete the mission, you will be able to collect stars. They are used to unlock a variety of planes, so the more stars you accumulate, the better. That will increase your chances of owning a diverse fleet of aircraft. Plane Simulator 3D mod apk provides you with a lot of different types of aircraft. Like Super Bong 747, Bong 747, Jet Fighter 18, Special Turbo 680, etc. and many more aircrafts waiting for you to discover. Each aircraft is individually designed and comes from famous brands in the world. They have realistic colors and shapes, especially inspired by actual aircraft design, providing a lifelike experience.

Enjoy the exciting quests

Plane Simulator 3D Mod apk owns a diverse and attractive mission system. Take players on exciting adventures and discover new things. The player’s task is to control the plane to move to the required location. For example, overcoming obstacles, rescuing hostages being held, fighting fires or even infiltrating an enemy base. Gradually over time, the difficulty of the game will increase gradually. Work on emergency and rescue missions as you board the plane and travel to remote areas. Take on epic rough landing challenges in the game, as it requires you to navigate safely in stormy or low-light conditions….So you need to keep honing and honing your skills. best. To be able to complete many different tasks.

Coming to this game, not only can players observe but also experience, the beautiful planes displayed in the lounge will now take off on the main runway. During the process of moving to the mission site, you will have the opportunity to collect stars. Each completed mission is rewarded with a lot of money depending on the difficulty and danger. There is also a way to “profit” to play the little lucky lottery games that sometimes appear in Flight Pilot Simulator. Any gamer will expect to conquer many of the game’s missions, so if you want to diversify the aircraft lineup and have more good fighters, you need to collect as many stars, as much money as you can. good. Let’s board a plane and start our sky adventure!

Get challenging levels for awesome rewards

After completing a level, you will upgrade to the next level and get attractive rewards. The higher the level, the bigger the reward. Accumulate as much money as possible to buy more planes to conquer more terrain. It is revealed that the aircraft in Plane Simulator 3D is extremely eye-catching. Full range of types, shapes and colors. If it’s civil, it’s all from famous brands. As a fighter, he is also full of big hands on the actual battlefield. Just looking at it is enough great motivation. What can I say here, as soon as I have it in my hand, I can sit and fly like a real pilot.

In addition, you can also when collecting stars that appear in flight. To do this, you need to control the plane in the direction of the star and touch it. Each level will have many different challenges, from simple to extremely complex, requiring you to be calm and sharp in the process of observation. In the first level, you need to control the plane to fly in the right direction. In the next level, you have to avoid collisions with other planes flying on the same route. In more difficult levels, you have to face plane crash to make timely decisions. Feel free to explore the provided objectives, complete them and get your awesome rewards.

Graphics and sound quality

Get ready to explore the amazing 3D world in Plane Simulator. It is known that the 3D simulation design stage has consumed a lot of money and human effort from the production team. From the plane, operate the machinery at each stage of the launch, landing, maneuvering, and finally the surrounding scenery on the road and arrival at the mission. It must be said that everything, large or small, is vivid and realistic and extremely detailed. Up to this point, it can be said that the manufacturer has done what they wanted from day one: to give players the most authentic and professional experience. The simplest gameplay even a 4-year-old child can play proficiently.

And since powerful visual effects and exciting in-game animations will keep you hooked on battles. Sound effects are also an important part of the production team. You can hear the sound of each small action in the game, not just background music like often found in mobile games. The aircraft wheels rolling on the runway, the sound of the wind howling, the roaring of the engines in the air… all are boldly engraved. The game is divided into several stages: from an operation, control, launch, and take-off to landing, all are depicted realistically. The background is so meticulously detailed, that you can feel like you’re flying in a real plane when the engine starts to roar and the wind starts blowing towards you. If playing games with external speakers or headphones, there is nothing like it.

Other interesting features of the game

  1. Interesting in-game map

Android gamers can enjoy the flight simulation gameplay of Plane Simulator 3D by exploring the in-game maps with exciting surprises and engaging scenarios. Feel free to roam the vast map filled with unexpected discoveries. Discover your ability to fly in a variety of weather conditions and scenarios, as you make the most of the unlocked environment.

  1. Playable without Internet

In addition, players will not have to worry about the geographical location to be able to experience the game. This game does not require any Internet connection for players to experience. Therefore, you will be able to fly in the air to wherever you like. From subway, car, train to the living room, bedroom, etc. Conquering the sky is now easier than ever!

The flying experience is very real and vivid

Plane Simulator 3D is considered one of the best flight simulation games. After a period of market launch, the game has attracted a lot of players. So far the game has attracted more than 100 million downloads on the Google Play app. And get over 250,000 reviews from all over the world. Join the game you will become a talented pilot and discover many different types of aircraft. Besides, the Mod feature infinite stars will help you have the most interesting experience.

When downloading the Mod version of the game Plane Simulator 3D, players will experience many interesting features. Start the amazing gameplay of Plane Simulator 3D by performing the exciting missions with different gameplay, each level offers different simulation experiences for you to enjoy on your plane. Especially the most detailed and realistic simulation game about aircraft control, giving players the most attractive experience. Download the game Plane Simulator 3D Mod apk to control a variety of aircraft systems, and move to the required location to complete the mission.

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