Special Agent MOD APK 1.1.2 (Unlimited Coins)

Special Agent MOD APK 1.1.2 (Unlimited Coins)

August 30, 2023


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Unlimited Coins

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Get ready to become the special agent in this awesome mobile title from TerranDroid, in which you can have fun playing the addictive gameplay of shooting actions. Enjoy fighting against terrorists and dangerous enemies by taking advantage of your bouncy bullets. Make your perfect executions with accurate and impressive shots that can easily take down the enemies.

Enjoy the game in many different levels, each featuring its own unique challenges and interesting shooter puzzles that you need to overcome. Make uses of the unique terrains and map setups to your own advantages and win the game with your accurate and brilliant shots. Take on many challenges in different game modes and have fun with Special Agent to the fullest.

Find out more about this amazing mobile title from TerranDroid and all of its amazing features with our reviews.


Featuring the similar gameplay to the likes of Shootout 3D and other special puzzle action titles, Special Agent features its amazing in-game mechanics to always keep you hooked to the epic fights. Have fun working on your special agent missions, in which you’ll be fighting impulsive terrorists, dangerous criminals, and attempting to rescue the innocents.

And in these tight situations, each and every second really matters, so you must be able to come up with the right decisions and make your perfect execution to ensure other’s well-being. And when talking isn’t working anymore, you will need to take actions and attempt to fire your accurate shots to take down all enemies without hitting the hostages.

Enjoy working with the interesting bouncing-bullet mechanics from Special Agent, in which you are able to guide the bullets toward many crazy trajectories and take the enemies by surprises. Use the guided red dot to calculate your shots from unthinkable angles, let them bounce through many different objects, and into your hiding enemies. With limited ammunition and more challenging levels ahead, you must be critical and precise with your shots. Be creative, be decisive, and be quick with your decisions in order to win the game.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and easy to play

To start with, Android gamers in Special Agent can quickly engage themselves in this simple and accessible mobile title, thanks to the intuitive gameplay. It wouldn’t take long before you can master the one-touch controls and be able to make your proper aims. But the in-game mechanics also evolve as you progress, so you will find the game not so easy to master. This should keep you all completely engaged in the awesome mobile title for as long as you want.

Interesting ragdoll physics to enjoy

Here in Special Agent, Android gamers can enjoy the unique ragdoll physics from the game, which make their characters and the enemies behave quite interesting when being hit. It also affects the surrounding environments, including walls, objects, and other key elements, which allow the gameplay to be a lot more dynamic and exciting.

Exciting shootout missions to take on

For those of you who are interested, you can now have fun playing the addictive gameplay of shooter in Special Agent, thanks to the multiple levels of classical gameplay. Here, the game provides its complete and progressive levels, which will take you through many stages and challenges. With different enemies to target and the dynamic environments to make uses of, you can always have fun with your shooting puzzles.

Have fun with added game modes

To make the game more interesting, Special Agent will feature many of its exciting game modes for Android gamers to enjoy. Here, gamers are free to choose their preferred game modes and start having fun with their unique gameplay.

  • Boom – become the counter-terrorist and make your important decisions to stop the enemies from blowing up the entire establishment. Neutralize the bombing targets and make sure that the explosives are successfully defused so you can win the challenges.
  • Rescue – for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy playing the hero in your quests to save the innocent from the criminals. Find yourself the perfect spots to have a good view of the enemies. Then execute your perfect shots to take down the criminals without hurting the innocents in the process.
  • Survive – and for those of you who are completely confident with their ability to aim and make the good shots, you can put your skills to the tests in the Survive challenges. Here, the game offers its escalating challenges for you to play whenever you want. There is no end to the in-game progressions and you must fight for as long as you survive.

Different items and objects to take advantages of

Here in Special Agent, gamers are allowed to work with the fully interactive maps, where many keys items can be extremely important when fighting the enemies. Even the walls can be used as bouncing platforms for the bullets to surprise the enemies. You can make use of many other items and objects, including the explosive barrels, weighted items, the giant ball, and many key elements on the map to win the challenges. All of which would make the game a lot more dynamic and improve the puzzle-solving elements.

Have fun customizing your super-agent

To make the game more interesting, Special Agent also features its different characters and skins for you to play with. Here, you can either play with your male or female super-agents. Make use of the available skins and accessories in the game to dress them up however you want. Play as the construction workers, bikers, guitarists, ninjas, or even Trump himself in your epic shootout missions. Collect as many skins as you want to make the mobile title a lot more dynamic.

Available tips to keep you entertaining

And since the game is not about making you frustrated with your shooting decisions or executions, but more about having fun and allowing yourself to further engage in the experiences, Android gamers will now have the option to work with hints that would help them further advance in the game. Feel free to select the option whenever you feel stuck and continue having fun with the game in many new challenges,

Enjoy the offline gameplay on the go

To make the game more accessible, Special Agent also offers the offline gameplay for Android gamers to enjoy on the go. Now, there is no need to turn on the mobile data or to look for active Wi-Fi connections if you ever want to rush into the shootout puzzles. Just open the game and proceed to play on your next levels.

Free to play

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the free gameplay of Special Agent from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything. Make use of many in-game features to have fun playing your shootout puzzles. But if you want to enjoy the full game, there will be ads and in-game purchases that might bother you.

Have access to our useful mods

And to make sure that you can enjoy the full gameplay of Special Agent to the fullest, we also offer the free and unlocked version of the game on our website. Here, you can enjoy the unlimited in-game money, removed ads, and unlocked features for absolutely free. All of which should allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest. Simply download the Special Agent Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and start having fun with it.

Visual and sound quality


While it only features simple in-game graphics and the generic low-poly characters, Special Agent still manages to impress Android gamers with its simplicity and colorful graphics. Here, the smooth gameplay with interesting ragdoll physics and amazing animations allow Android gamers to fully engage themselves in the epic shootout challenges. And the undemanding graphics will make sure that you can enjoy the smooth and satisfying gameplay of Special Agent to the fullest.

Sound & Music

Together with the awesome graphics, Special Agent also features exciting soundtracks and powerful sound effects, which will always keep you hooked to the game. Have fun making your accurate shots while listening to the times it bounces back and hits your opponents. Or enjoy the powerful explosion sounds that make the shooter actions a lot more epic.

Final thoughts

Get ready to engage yourself in this simple yet extremely enjoyable gameplay of shooter puzzles from TerranDroid. Have fun with the fully simulated gameplay, featuring powerful sound effects, relatable animations, and dynamic environments. Enjoy the game in multiple modes and levels, each offering its own unique challenges. Customize your characters and personalize the gameplay with your own element of creativity. All of which should allow you to enjoy Special Agent to the fullest.

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