Real Time Shields MOD APK 0.14.5 (Unlimited Gold)

Real Time Shields MOD APK 0.14.5 (Unlimited Gold)

Lion Studios Unlimited Gold

Real Time Shields is an exciting 3D strategy game about stick people. You control a powerful army to fend off invaders. The only goal in mind is to take down your castle. You must command, upgrade and move the squad in a reasonable way to protect the base. Of course, your troops will follow your every command, and try to make the right decisions. You give quick tactical reactions in real time, maneuver the army against your enemies, and keep them from reaching the tower. Enemies will continue to come from different angles, and all enemies are very aggressive. You must fight wave after wave of enemies. Everything will be over when you reach final glory, and you have to draw fast enough.

About Gameplay

Real Time Shields offers great experience of army building simulation. You control your army to defeat your enemies, and defend your city against the enemy. The game was developed by Lion Studios, and it successfully simulates ultimate tactical defense. Of course, the invaders want to take down your castle, and the enemy will do it in many ways. Your mission is to draw reasonable movement lines for your army, and they will defend your castle from powerful enemies. You will have to react extremely quickly for a short time, and the enemy will not reach the castle. Enemies will continue to come from different angles, and things go really fast. You will have to defend the fortress from continuous waves of enemies, and reach ultimate glory. You must control the army fast enough to overcome the overwhelming enemy.

Real Time Shields has simple gameplay, and you only need to use your finger to guide your army in unique real-time battles. You can draw a lot of things, like circles, hearts, curves, and whatever pattern is needed to protect your base from enemies. The enemy will not lose morale when it fails, and the enemy will come continuously. You can stop waves of enemies, and everything will come without stopping. You increase strength, and upgrade your army. From here, you will be able to win amazing. You should take advantage of the power of new units. You advance with upgraded armies, improved powers, and the addition of many unique equipment or unique skills. You act quickly to fight a large number of enemies. The game allows the use of shields, javelins, spears and more to take down opponents. Enjoy the scene of enemy troops being shattered into pixie dust, and you will enjoy the wonderful experience of the game.

Real Time Shields has simple, but extremely addictive gameplay. You can easily control everything at your fingertips, and draw the right formation to fight the enemy. The game uses realistic physics, so you clearly feel the clean movement, and the action is sharp. You will feel amazed, interested at the sight of the enemy exploding into dust. The game offers different upgrades, and this makes your troops stronger. You equip new items, and the army gains awesome new powers. The game has no limit to your strength level, and everything can be developed to the maximum. Plus, all action happens in real time. Therefore, you must be quick to think, act quickly, with no time to rest because the enemy will come continuously. The game has a lot of new and interesting content through updates. Many new additions are continuously added such as new maps, new units, new upgrades. You will feel great things when participating in interesting boss battles. You will face nasty bosses, and tough battles will test your abilities. Of course, you have to become a real warrior to survive tough battles.

Real Time Shields is truly a great strategy game, with minimalistic 3D graphics, and automatically addictive gameplay. The player is only around the task of protecting the city from the attack of the enemy. You have to draw arrows on the screen, and quickly move your hand to deal with the wave of enemies. After many victories, you can upgrade your army, upgrade your city and unlock more powerful combat units. You have a lot to do, and it should be very quick. Because, enemy waves will come continuously, and not be interrupted. You need to regularly line up properly to avoid losses. Enemies will come from many sides, and you need to deal around the monument through powerful weapons, and excellent combat units.


Real Time Shields has simple controls, and is extremely easy to get used to if you love art. You use your finger to make these unique real-time movement decisions. You can draw many popular shapes such as circles, hearts, curves or short lines. The controls are easy to get used to, and you won’t see much of a problem after a long time.

Graphics and sound

Real Time Shields has sharp, simple and amazing 3D graphics. Everything is clearly shown, such as action icons, character images, weapons. From here, players will have a great feeling in each fierce match. In addition, the sound of the game is also seriously invested. You can hear footsteps moving, screaming soldiers, enemy shattering, and exciting background music.


Real Time Shields is the right choice if you love real-time strategy games. You get used to fast-paced, and try to defend the city from enemy attacks. The control mechanism is easy, and you only need your finger on the device screen to build the right defense. You think fast, and move your troops to the best positions against the enemy. The gameplay is simple, addictive, and battles are automatic. You will only need to react quickly to make a decision to repel the enemy. After each successful battle, you choose to keep one of three upgrades (including army, stronger unit, city). Try to win to unlock many great things. The game introduces new worlds, and you will have many great things to experience after each new upgrade. Get ready for an exciting battle with invaders. You form strong squads, and draw lots of interesting pictures for historic battles. You must not be neglected, because the wave of enemies will come continuously.

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