Root Explorer Pro MOD APK 4.12.3 (Full Optimized)

Root Explorer Pro MOD APK 4.12.3 (Full Optimized)

Speed Software Full Optimized

One of the benefits of having an Android device over other iOS devices is because you can easily root and claim the full controls over the system. Hence, you’ll become the true owner of the devices and prevent any further interceptions from the manufacturers to your systems.

And of course, with such amazing capabilities, it’s recommended that you have the useful tools to utilize such powers. For those who’re looking for the ultimate tool to control and organize all the files on their system, there wouldn’t be a better option than the Root Explorer.

Find out more about the amazing app from Speed Software with our reviews.

What does it do?

And as mentioned, the app allows users to effectively manage all the files that are currently on their Android system. With the extreme permissions, you’ll have access to even the top classified system files which would be hidden in normal cases.

Moreover, with well-optimized features, the app also allows you to enjoy the quick and satisfying experiences. Feel free to perform multiple tasks that are available on it with impressive speeds and precision.

It’s possible to browse through all the different files on your systems, have access to plenty of unique functions such as text editor, extract all the common files, execute specific scripts, view system files, transfer files through Bluetooth, Internet, and so on. All it takes a few simple operations and you’ll be ready to go.


As you could have guessed, to use the app, you’ll have to have a rooted Android device with all of its permissions being unlocked for you to access. Make sure you also have SuperSU (or other similar apps) installed so you can quickly provide the certain permissions.

And all it takes is for you to download and install the app on your mobile devices. Press “Accept” when it asks for permissions and you can start enjoying the awesome in-app experiences whenever you’re ready.

In addition, for the online files transferring and cloud drive features, you’re required to have your mobile devices connected to the Internet. And don’t worry, none of your personal information will be transparent to the providers.

Awesome features

Here are all the amazing features that the app has to offer:

Make uses of your powerful hardware

To start with, the app will allow you to take advantage of your completely unlocked hardware by delivering incredible performances. Feel free to enjoy watching your file operations finishing in matters of seconds with the well-optimized file managing app.

In addition, you’re also allowed to perform different managing tasks using the multiple tabs that are available with just a few simple taps. It’s also easy to navigate between different tabs as you set up different processes in each tab. Make uses of the convenient touch and gestures controls to effectively move around the tabs.

Not to mention that Root Explorer will also allow you to perform your long-running operations in the background without affecting your current tasks. It’s also possible to adjust the allocated hardware for certain tasks to make sure you won’t be bothered while using the devices.

Quickly locate and search for targeted files

And to make things a lot faster and more comfortable, Android users will also have access to quick and convenient navigating options. Start by making use of the powerful search function to look for all the targeted files that are located on your system.

Make uses of the shortcut options to effectively pin your common files and folders to the home screen of the app by creating new shortcuts. Then, it’ll only take a single tap for you to be directed to your desired file locations. Plus, you can also bookmark your files and open them from where you’ve left off, which is quite convenient.

Many awesome features for managing files

And since it’s a file manager, you’ll also have access to plenty of interesting and useful managing options. Feel free to view files and folders properties to the details with their sizes, date, MD 5 checksum, and more.

Moreover, you’ll also have access to plenty of useful managing options which include quick file transfers, convenient file sorting, and so on. And if you’re interested, it will only take a few taps for you to quickly send your files through email, Bluetooth, local network, FTP, and many available connections.

And last but not least, we all know how important it is for your file explorer to have the built-in extract and archive options. Having said that, with Root Explorer, you can easily perform your extract options of the common file types such as ZIP and RAR. And if you want to, you can also archive your files into a single compact file.

Useful view and editing options for different files

To make the app more capable, the creators have also included plenty of interesting and useful file editing options. That being said, you can start by using the Open With options and open your files in multiple applications.

And with the available Text Editor, it’ll only take a single tap for you to access the contents on most of your files. Feel free to make any changes to them as you wish. Plus, you can also access the built-in SQLite database viewer, which isn’t something you would find on other similar apps.

Feel free to customize your in-game interfaces

To make your in-app experiences more intuitive and enjoyable, Android users can easily make uses of the available customizations on the app. Start by changing your themes to allow for better visual experiences with Root Explorer.

Switch to the dark theme for eye-friendly experience in the dark, unlock the light theme to better seeing your files in bright light, and change your home wallpaper to whatever you want. Moreover, you can also make multiple changes to your icons with the available sets.

Enjoy the interesting app in your own language

For those of you who’re interested, the app also offers a list of many available language options. With more than 11 localizations to enjoy, Android users will certainly enjoy themselves with the intuitive in-app experiences in their preferred languages. Choose between English, German, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, and so on. Don’t you see your native languages? Just issue them and wait for the new updates.

Enjoy the useful online drive options

To make the app more enjoyable for those who often use their online drives, Root Explorer also offers a variety of useful options that you can pick up. Start by having supports to all of the common drives that are currently available such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more.

Feel free to add or remove your account using the Google Drive SDK as you wish. Have your accounts ready and quickly access their features whenever you’re ready. Don’t want any accounts? Just remove them and every file inside won’t be affected.

Moreover, you can even stream videos and audio files from online clouds onto your mobile devices without having to download them, which isn’t something that you often see on other explorer apps.

Prevent device from sleeping

And to wait for your currently performing tasks to finish without being disturbed, you might want to enable this option just to keep your devices awake a little longer. Hence, your long operations won’t be bothered even when you don’t have the time to check the phone. Moreover, it’ll also cancel the feature whenever you fishing your operations. Therefore, allowing to optimize the battery and have the work properly finished.

Have it for completely free from our website

For those of you who’re interested, you might find it difficult to have the app installed on your devices since it’s a paid version. Hence, if you wish to enjoy the app without having to pay anything, you might want to check out our modified version of it, which is completely free for you to collect.

Just download Root Explorer Pro APK from our website and have it properly installed on your mobile devices. You’ll be able to enjoy the epic gameplay whenever you want.


Not for the standard users

And despite having all those amazing features, the app does have some flaws, which is exactly what it’s offering, too many features. Having said that, not many users are capable of using all those interesting features, especially when they don’t have proper knowledge of the system. Hence, most normal users will find their Root Explorer somewhat unnecessary. They would all prefer a normal explorer just to avoid going through all those complex functions.

Download Root Explorer Mod latest 4.12.3 Android APK

For the capable Android users, this tool can be extremely powerful and useful as it allows you to access and perform all kinds of interest tasks on your rooted devices. If you’re fans of the famous ES File Explorer Manager, then you would certainly find this app being quite interesting, if not more functional.

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