X-Plore File Manager MOD APK 4.37.22 (Donate Unlocked)

X-Plore File Manager MOD APK 4.37.22 (Donate Unlocked)

April 2, 2024


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Lonely Cat Games
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X-Plore File Manager Pro is an amazing app that manages file files on a dual dashboard. It is a cool app side-load. The dual control panel helps users to move APK files easily from USB to Android TV hard drive. It can connect the cloud storage drive of Android TV users. Also, it supports them to watch personal media files such as self-recorded DVDs and home video converted to digital format.

X-Plore File Manager Pro is a very good and handy application for working with any file. With this program, you can always perform any action with any file type with ease and control your file system.

To add data to a cloud storage drive, go to Web Storage. Add Storage in the left-hand pane. X-Plore File Manager Pro links to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, OneDrive, Flickr, and more. The last useful feature is to convert files over Wi-Fi. If you want to watch your laptop file over the air, X-Plore File Manager Pro will help you send it to TV over Wi-Fi with no floating cable or USB.

General Information

X-Plore File Manager is also one of the powerful and feature-rich file manager apps for Android TV. One of the cool features of the X-Plore File Manager is that you can configure it to open the file manager window automatically when a USB is inserted. This feature is very handy because users often plug the USB into Android TV.

It has other features like unlimited FTP support, cloud storage management, application manager, media player, zip file support, batch renaming, and file encryption. X-Plore File Manager has features similar to Solid Explorer. X-Plore File Manager’s user interface is outdated. If you ignore the user interface, X-Plore File Manager is one of the file management apps worth considering for Android TV.

The basic X-Plore File Manager is free. But if you want advanced features like FTP support and encryption, you will need to pay extra. X-Plore File Manager is a file manager application for mobile phones with lots of functions for the file system on mobile devices.

The app displays in the double table format of Root, FTP, SMB, Sqlite, Picasa, Zip, and RAR Explorer. It can also access cloud storage services of Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarSync, Box.net, SkyDrive, WebDAV, Yandex. disk, Dump Truck, IDrive, Ubuntu One, and 4Sync. The favorite folders have many features such as built-in photos, video, audio, and text viewed. You can also generate a hex code. You can view photos quickly with the zoom feature and scroll through the previous and next photos in a folder.

The thumbnails of photos and videos and various file types depend on the associated application. You can select multiple files and view APK files in ZIP format. Users can share and send files via Bluetooth, email, or any way supported by the device from any location.

There are configuring buttons, and shortcuts worked with ZIP just like a normal folder. X-Plore File Manager allows users to see inside of an Android phone or tablet. It is an application that supports a double-table view. It means you can view two folders at the same time and common operations such as copying files from one table to another.

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How to Use X-Plore File Manager?

Besides, X-Plore File Manager displays folder systems in tree form. It makes it easy for users to track where the file system is and hasten to other locations. It highlights the currently selected folder and files while other files and folders have a slightly darker background. Users can explore the device’s external socket. If you have rooted the device, you can change the system data, backup files, and remove unnecessary apps.

If you are a regular user, you can hide the internal memory and make sure we do not mess the system up. Users can view the contents of the external storage drive whether it is the high-capacity internal memory, an external memory card, or a USB stick that plugs into the tablet. It lists all these types of storage at the main level. You need not find their folders on the device. Access to FTP and FTPS (FTP secure) servers are supported. Multiple servers configurable and we can do all standard file operations on the FTP server.

X-Plore File Manager can display shared folders on computers in LAN (local area network). The system allows access to shared folders on computers connected to LAN or even remote servers if it supports SMB protocol. X-Plore File Manager can access many cloud storage services and access saved files. Users need to have accounted for those services, then you can access files saved via X-Plore File Manager.

Major operations related to file and folder management are viewed, copy, move, delete, zip, unzip, rename, and share. For the Picasa albums, X-Plore File Manager can list pictures in Picasa albums, download them, create albums, upload and delete photos, and edit text. For viewing SQLite databases, X-Plore File Manager supports displaying SQLite database files in tabular format. Each item contains a series of columns and rows with database entries.

Key interactions are complete on the touchscreen, clicking folders or files to open them, or holding for a while to open a context menu with actionable selections or multiple selections of items at once. Multi-selection allows the user to perform a task on multiple files at the same time. Select files by checking the dialog box. You can also select all files in a folder or remove the selection by checking the dialog box.

Opening files means using one of the built-in viewers for popular file types such as images, audio, video, and text. Or, the user can configure X-Plore File Manager to use a system application to open the file, in which case a pre-defined system application that can open some file will work. It displays compressed files that support ZIP and RAR formats as other folders. You can open them, view their content, and perform other services like rename, delete, and copy.

ES File Explorer Manager helps you manage folders easily by categorizing each type of folder such as documents, images, APK files, and sorting them in a certain order. The application also supports you to convert folders from memory card to phone or vice versa. Sometimes, accessing folders on your computer by phone and vice versa takes a lot of your time. ES File Explorer Manager application will allow you to connect to your computer for fast directory access.

ES File Explorer Manager allows you to manage and work with folders like on your computer through select, copy, cut, compress, decompress and commands extremely conveniently. ES File Explorer Manager also can export ID codes of each application on your phone so you can easily monitor and backup or uninstall any applications you want directly.

Final Words

X-Plore File Manager Pro MOD APK is a file system management utility for Android 2.1+ developed by the Slovakian software house Lonely Cat Games. The app is only available for free on Google Play without even the support of advertising banners. However, it is possible to donate to the developer.

The size of the app is large for the category around 2.5MB after completing the installation and first launch. But at an absolute level, it is a value that does not scare even the first price devices.

X-Plore File Manager Pro offers a practical interface that is convenient to use. The app is versatile and complete, even for the most demanding user with excellent support for remote resources. There are many features for opening and viewing documents.

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