Link2SD MOD APK 4.3.4 (Unlocked)

Link2SD MOD APK 4.3.4 (Unlocked)

May 6, 2021


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Bulent Akpinar
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Store everything easier with the “Link2SD” app, and you’ll always feel comfortable using your smartphone!

Link2SD is a very useful application for those who use files on their phone. The app has interesting features when it comes to helping users move files to other hardware. Application developed by Bülent Akpinar, and suitable for all users.

Manage files easily

Link2SD is a file management tool for Android. The application allows you to work comfortably with any file stored in your device’s memory. So you can easily manage files on both phone memory, and on SD card.

Link2SD has a full number of features to help you manage your phone more easily. Specifically, it’s easy to get rid of any unnecessary APK files (similar to dex and lib files for apps). You localize new applications, and create matching groups.

Link2SD offers a very complete experience, and a friendly interface. The app is extremely convenient for people who own multiple phones, or change phones. The app improves the time it takes to move apps from one part of the device to another. In addition, the application enhances the ability to fully control the user’s phone, and allows the display of applications that support switching to SD with native app2sd.

The app also provides notifications when installing a new mobile app. Plus, the app always gives the latest system updates on ROM.

Increase the experience of files on smartphones

Link2SD helps to increase the experience of files on smartphones. First, instead of moving all your apps around, you can choose your favorite apps. Next, the application has a user-friendly interface. You can easily manage your applications with a few clicks.

Specifically, you automatically link newly installed applications together. You can move any of the user’s apps to SD even if that app doesn’t support switching to SD. This allows you to manage phone ROM memory in a better way.

The Application allows to clear data and app cache. You can clear the cache one by one, or choose to batch delete, or delete all at once.

Link2SD is currently considered one of the outstanding file managers on the phone. It helps you to remove unnecessary APKs, automatically group new apps, move any apps to SD card. As a result, you can save storage space simply and effectively.

The application can analyze all files installed on a mobile device. From there, you will know how to optimize your phone better.

In addition to the main functions, Link2SD also offers a full range of useful solutions including: option to uninstall, move or reinstall apps in groups. You associate internal data with external data. You move and organize folders of apps and games with SD cards.

In addition, you can quickly search for applications by name. You see the complete list of apps, including the info display / detailed size / link status.

How the application works

Link2SD is simple to use, and easy to get used to. The application uses an extra partition on the SD card, and uses the secondary partition as another partition of internal memory.

Starting off, the app will move apk files, dex, lib and internal data files to the virtual partition. The operating system will understand on boot, and create a symbolic link in the initial position.

Therefore, Link2SD retains file structures, but most of the data is transferred to the SD card.

Many extra useful features

Link2SD will not only help users to manage files, but also sort and filter applications. Additionally, users can share the Link to the “Play Store”, or the APK file (full package of app) with another phone.

Link2SD allows creating shortcuts for the application, and supports more than 40 popular languages.

Alternatively, you can use the “All-In-One Toolbox”. The app provides a collection of useful tools like junk cleaner, history clearer, speed booster, memory / battery optimizer / CPU cooler. In addition, you can manage your favorite apps / files / mini-launcher.

In short, Link2SD has two main functions that are most notable. First, the application helps to move all the necessary apps to the memory card. In fact, the feature is still commonly supported by the Android operating system. The highlight of the application is to create the cohesion. Specifically, you can port multiple applications, including “stubborn” applications.

If you want to use Link2SD, then you have to root your Android phone first. Then you select a partition on your SD card. However, this will remove Android’s security features, and your phone is more at risk of malware, or viruses.

Download “Link2SD” to easily manage various applications. Application helps users to easily move apps to SD card, or vice versa. From here, the user increases their positive experience of applications, and their memory easily.

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