Run & Gun: BANDITOS MOD APK 1.3.2 (Unlimited Coins)

Run & Gun: BANDITOS MOD APK 1.3.2 (Unlimited Coins)

December 12, 2020


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Ludus Studio
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Unlimited Coins

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The developers had released another endless runner game with gameplay like Subway Surfer and fun graphics. It combines with the fact that you have to shoot accurately into the gold barrel that they have robbed you to get back what we have lost. It will be the highlight of Run & Gun: BANDITOS.

Run & Gun: BANDITOS is a game that combines the style of endless running games and western shooters. This game is fast-paced and has many epic action phases. It is suitable to play when you have a little spare time. This fun and challenging game will make players feel excited.

Run & Gun: BANDITOS requires players to play as a bandit chasing a gold truck stolen by a soldier’s bony group. Players will have to follow a winding path, dodge obstacles, and fight with enemies who are on a mission to protect the stolen gold and block the player’s way.

General Information

Run & Gun: BANDITOS is a free action game with an impressive graphics background with vivid tones, giving players the impression at first sight. The game combines endless running games and shooters. So, the gameplay of Run & Gun: BANDITOS is fast, suspenseful, and extremely dramatic. With straightforward content, you are a bandit. And after performing your mission, you are suddenly caught by a dry bone. Angry chasing your car full of gold, destroying the guys in the way, while trying to pick up as much gold as possible on the road.

Besides being a speed game, Run & Gun: BANDITOS also has a diverse character system with six different options for the player to use but must be unlocked. In particular, each character has its feature, extremely unique and useful. Chasing your car is difficult when bandits always run into winding roads full of obstacles and not to mention along the way. Their comrades also hide and attack you. But do not worry, as this role-playing game also supports the player with a useful item system.

If you collect the required number of treasures, you can upgrade your character or unlock additional features. It is not new but the shooter game Run & Gun: BANDITOS gives players a novel experience and will be one of the mobile games not to be missed this summer.

Installation and Gameplay

Run & Gun: BANDITOS is a game that combines endless running games and shooter games with fast and attractive gameplay. This action game has a version for the Windows operating system. In today’s tutorial, we will show you one more way to play Run & Gun: BANDITOS on your computer through an Android emulator.

For many people, installing additional software for PC games often makes them uncomfortable. But if you already have an Android emulator, you can install and play Run & Gun: BANDITOS mobile version on your computer through fake settings to save space and also be more convenient.

  • Step 1: You start your computer emulator, as in this article, we will use NoxPlayer. Click on the Tools and Play Store button.
  • Step 2: The interface of Play Store appears, enter the game name of Run & Gun: BANDITOS into the search bar, and press Enter.
  • Step 3: Select the left mouse button on the game that appears in the list of results.
  • Step 4: Click the Install and Accept button to download Run & Gun: Banditos for your computer.
  • Step 5: Wait a few minutes for the game to finish downloading, then click Open to launch and play Run & Gun: BANDITOS right on your computer.

However, before playing, we need to update Google Play Games to the latest version as required by the game. Once done, turn off the game and restart. The primary interface of Run & Gun: BANDITOS will look like below. Left-click on the Accept button to accept the request, then select Start. The tables in Run & Gun: BANDITOS will appear one after another. But players must pass the previous card to continue to unlock the next level. Each game will also require gamers to fulfill and complete certain conditions to pass the cards.

We have only one play per level, so it is crucial to pay attention to it. To move the character, tap the screen and swipe left or right buttons to jump left or right. Or you can click on opponents to shoot and destroy them. A small disadvantage is that if you both use the mouse to move, to attack, and to watch, to dodge, and try to collect items, then the game will be affected. Therefore, you can adjust to playing Run & Gun: BANDITOS with the keyboard.

Overall Assessments

Graphics and animations of the endless runner Run & Gun: BANDITOS are meticulously designed in every detail, with eye-catching colors and details. This game will test the player’s reflexes not only in dodging obstacles but also in shooting at enemy forces. The game also has a variety of power-ups so that the player’s protagonist has more chances to survive in battle. Run & Gun: BANDITOS is currently one of the top new games on the Windows Store. It is suitable to play when you have a little spare time.

Run & Gun: BANDITOS has a simple main menu that includes options like selecting bandits, spending money on upgrades, viewing demonstration targets, going to game settings, and getting started. Upgrades in this game include increasing maximum health and buying protective shields, gold-sucking magnets, and other power-ups.

Players can unlock six characters robbed with gold or chili collected during the game. Each bandit has its unique characteristics and skill set, along with a few costume changes that can be unlocked. Demonstration targets help players earn extra gold, reward distance, and collect some in-game achievements.

Run & Gun: BANDITOS does not have too complicated gameplay. But players may feel a little confused because of having to perform many tasks. The game starts with a brief game tutorial that describes modes of movement and special features. After that, players will have to go to earn gold and overcome other dangers by themselves.

Players will chase a car loaded with gold on narrow desert roads. You can swipe left or right to change lanes of movement and dodge obstacles that appear along the way. Gold will be scattered everywhere, allowing players to collect and use it to unlock new bandits, many types of upgrades, and epic outfits. The players can also collect power-ups that appear on the road.

In the game, the character’s health bar will appear in the upper left part of the screen and the points or gold collected will appear on the right side. If you need a brief rest, players can click the pause button at the bottom right.

Final Words

Besides the challenges of running on endless roads and fighting the bony hordes, players will occasionally encounter insurmountable obstacles. In Run & Gun: BANDITOS, the player must shoot and kill any enemies appearing behind the obstacle and throw explosives at the obstacle to clear the path.

The problem is that the player has to throw more dynamite to blow up obstacles and confront multiple enemies In short, a player’s success is judged by the number of enemies shot down, how much gold can collect, and how long a player can survive.

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