S21 Ultra Camera MOD APK 3.3.6 (Premium Unlocked)

S21 Ultra Camera MOD APK 3.3.6 (Premium Unlocked)

March 6, 2024


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For those of you who are having troubles working with your stock camera app, you’ll definitely find S21 Ultra Camera being a better option.


There is no need for you to purchase a pricey Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone to access its desirable camera mode. Instead, all you need is to access the intuitive and fully-featured camera interface, using the awesome app of S21 Ultra Camera from our website instead. Simply download, install, and you’ll have the fully-featured Samsung Galaxy S21 camera available on any of your Android devices.

Have fun working with the powerful camera app and enjoy many of its amazing features so you won’t have any troubles taking beautiful photos and have fun applying all kinds of interesting effects on them. Never find yourself having poor shots any more, thanks to the many cool and convenient features provided by S21 Ultra Camera.

Find out more about this awesome mobile app from Kyeong Ah and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.

What does it do?

With S21 Ultra Camera, Android users will have themselves the fully-featured mobile app for capturing wonderful photos and videos, using the free and stunning visual effects that are exclusive only to Samsung devices. Simply have the app installed and enabled on any of your Android devices to enjoy all these amazing features for free.

Make uses of the intuitive and interactive camera interfaces, which will allow you to capture high-quality and beautiful footage with ease. Have no trouble exploring the many amazing filters and effects, each allowing you to freely customize your images in many ways. Unlock the live camera effects, stickers, and filters so you can capture the best footage. Have access to plenty of different utilities and camera assets, which will greatly enhance the quality of the images on your devices. The list goes on.


For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the free and unlocked version of S21 Ultra Camera from the Google Play Store, which should be available for all Android users to enjoy on all their devices. Here, the free app offers many of the S21 Camera features that you can immediately use on your mobile devices. However, the free app requires you to watch ads to progress, and if you want to make better use of it, you’ll need to pay for the premium version.

Like other Android apps, mobile users are required to provide S21 Ultra Camera with certain access permissions, which are needed to ensure their complete functionality on your system. So, make sure to always consider the prompting requests upon your first time entering the app.

And to make better uses of the app, it’s highly recommended that you have your mobile devices updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 4.4 and up, which will greatly improve the in-app stability and compatibility on your system.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Beautiful filters and effects to work with

With S21 Ultra Camera, Android users will have many beautiful filters and effects, which will allow them to enable all kinds of unique visual elements and enhancements to their photos and videos. Feel free to access the 100+ amazing free filters and discover a lot more from the filter store, each allowing you to freely customize the selected footage however you want. Have no troubles selecting and applying the certain filters and effects on your photos, thanks to the AI-powered camera. And feel free to adjust the intensity accordingly.

Enable live stickers and AR filters

To make it easier for S21 Ultra Camera users to apply their beautiful stickers, filters, and visual effects, the app will provide the real-time camera with live effects enabled. Here, all you need is to select the preferred design assets and customize their intensity to have the immediate effects enabled on the photos. You can then decide if the filters, stickers, or effects and their levels of intensity are right on the footage, then choose to capture them. Feel free to switch your design assets and customize them on the live effect camera whenever needed.

Beauty camera to enhance your selfies and portrait shots

At the same time, if you wish to capture beautiful pictures of yourself or others without having to work hard on makeup and post-editing, it’s always possible for S21 Ultra Camera users to access the beauty camera mode. Simply enter the app to look for amazing tools that will help to smooth your skin, adjust skin tones, enlarge your eyes, brighten your smiles, slim down your face, adjust the nose, slim down your profile, and so on. The many different tools with varying uses and detailed settings will allow S21 Ultra Camera users to always enjoy the app to the fullest. Not to mention that the many quick beauty modes will allow you to immediately switch between different beauty settings within seconds.

Ultra HD camera with 4K support

With the Ultra HD camera available in S21 Ultra Camera, Android users can easily take their high-resolution shots, even low-end devices. Plus, for devices that support 4K photos and videos, you can enjoy capturing the best footage possible. Don’t forget to always enable the HDR mode to maximize system resources and enable high-quality imagery, even with different shots.

Simple capturing and controlling options

To capture your photos and videos, S21 Ultra Camera users are provided with multiple options in the app, which will allow them to comfortably and conveniently capture their footage with little trouble. Feel free to work with the standard touch to capture option or use the volume buttons to take photos and videos if your fingers are occupied.

Make use of the timer shot to take pictures of yourself without having to ask strangers. And enjoy the use of burst shots if you want to capture every frame of the moment. Using the simple swiping gestures to switch between effects and filters, left and right. Make use of the touch to focus and pinch to zoom action to quickly manage your shots. The list goes on.

Enjoy working with the professional mode

With the Professional Mode enabled, S21 Ultra Camera users can take high-quality and cool photos just like with a DSLR camera, using only your mobile devices. Have no troubles accessing the intuitive camera mode with ISO, Scene Modes, White Balance, and other settings that you can freely play with. All of which will allow you to practice being a professional photographer.

Capture silent images whenever needed

For those of you who are interested, you can now make use of the app to silently capture images without others noticing you. And it’s not just about turning off the snapping sounds when taking photos. The option will let you capture the footage with the screen turning off. Thus, preventing others from having any hints of you taking your silent photos.

Adjust colors and exposure

With S21 Ultra Camera, Android users can make uses of the different color and exposure settings, which will allow you to freely customize the color profiles and image settings. Have no troubles trying out the multiple options and experimenting with your different designs. Apply your preferred settings and save them whenever needed.

Have better compositions with the Grids layout

With cool grid layouts, S21 Ultra Camera users can practice taking proportional correct images and further work on their compositions. All you need is to enable the grids layout and you can start taking photos or capturing videos properly.

Enable Mirror Mode for your camera

For your beautiful selfie shots, it’s now possible for mobile users to enable the mirror camera so they won’t look weird in their photos. Simply disable the option if you want to revert to your original self.

Feel free to adjust the Camera and Video resolution

By featuring the different camera and video resolutions, S21 Ultra Camera users can freely capture the amazing footage using their own preferences. Have no troubles working on the multiple resolution settings for the photos and videos, which can reach up to 4K and 30fps. This will make sure that you can get the most amazing footage from the app.

Explore the many uses of tilt-shift and vignettes

With the Tilt-Shift and Vignettes being available, S21 Ultra Camera users can now have fun playing with the angles and freely emphasizing their photos using many different options. Enjoy working with the different camera movements to customize the orientation and position of the lenses. Enable unique vignette options to have your photos looking absolutely powerful and aesthetic. The list goes on.

Make many photo adjustments

To make better uses of the app, you can access the different photo adjustments, which will let you change the colors, flip the photos, adjust the orientations, crop and rotate the footage, and so much more. Feel free to work with different options before you save or share your photos to make the most of them.

Customize your save with different settings

For those of you who are interested, you can now freely customize your saves with different settings in S21 Ultra Camera. The options allow mobile users to change the save formats and sizes for the certain images. Thus, optimizing for your different uses or the certain sharing platforms.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app using our mod

And for those of you who are interested in the premium app but don’t wish to watch ads or pay for in-app purchases, you might want to consider the modded version of S21 Ultra Camera on our website instead. Simply download the S21 Ultra Camera Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go. The unlocked app will come with removed ads and unlimited features so you can always make the most of it.

Final verdicts

With dozens of amazing features and intuitive camera interfaces, S21 Ultra Camera will make a great photography tool for all your Android devices. Now, you can all enjoy the premium and beautiful features from the desirable Samsung S21 Ultra camera on any of your mobile devices.

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