Survivalist: invasion MOD APK 0.0.626 (Unlimited Money)

Survivalist: invasion MOD APK 0.0.626 (Unlimited Money)

October 12, 2023


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672.74 MB
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Unlimited Money

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Survivalist: Invasion is an anti-zombie survival game combined with a new RPG element set on tropical islands known as a paradise for relaxation. However, because of its nearly isolated geographical location, terrorist organizations have used this place as a base to develop a virus capable of becoming a biological gas macro that helps eradicate humankind. Faced with that danger, you will transform into an alias agent, face the challenge of survival, and prevent the impending global disaster.

Here, move through many areas, find resources, weapons, and equipment necessary for survival, and build a safe hiding place from the onslaught of zombies. In each battle, face many types of monsters from zombies to mutant bosses, possessing extremely dangerous superpowers. Note that each decision you make will directly affect the life of the chief character.

In Survivalist: Invasion, it will throw you into a mysterious but large and varied map. Gamers have to fight alone not only with monsters but also with bloodthirsty creatures like crocodiles. The game provides rich resources to create many difficulties for players. You can build houses, upgrade objects, and equip armor and weapons for your character.

General Information

Survivalist: Invasion is an exciting new survival game with advanced RPG elements. Your mission is to work with the agent to find the ideal tropical islands, where secret societies and terrorist organizations are conducting experiments that could dramatically change the history of humanity. Stop the impending global disaster and if you know more cool apps and games that are free, please share them with everyone in the comment box below!

Survivalist: Invasion is an anti-zombie survival game combined with a new, attractive RPG element. The context of the game revolves around tropical islands known as paradise resorts where terrorist organizations use them as bases to conduct experiments and develop viruses capable of becoming a biological weapon that could destroy humanity.

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In the game, players will transform into an agent with the alias agent to prevent the impending global disaster. Besides finding resources, weapons, and equipment necessary for survival, players must also build a haven to avoid Zombie attacks. In each battle, we will face many monsters such as zombies, mutants possessing dangerous superpowers. Each player’s decision will directly affect the life of the character in the game. During the game, you can unlock many other items such as new weapons and armor to increase the power to destroy the Zombie. If you love this game, please download it quickly before the promotion period ends.

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Overall Assessments

Survivalist: Invasion is a campaign-based shooting game that is currently boiling in the mobile game market. Not only possessing an impressive name, but this mystical game also has attractive gameplay. And it is also the most legitimate reason for the sweep on the rankings last week.

The plot in Survivalist: Invasion is also quite familiar when you become one of the last survivors left after the zombie pandemic. It is when the oil is hot and hot like this, being kind to everyone will make you a good prey for the zombies. Get up and grab the guns to headshot them.

You will take part in the campaign to sweep the hordes of zombies raging in the city. As usual, players will also start with finding and associating with the rest of the survivors. Be the gun dealers, hundreds of zombies and bloodthirsty ghosts will lose or even surround you. The three principal characters of the game each will have a passive and active skill you can activate in the game. They can be passive to increase health to attacks to knock down the zombies waiting to tear out of ammo.

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According to each game screen, you will need to perform separate tasks, from protecting your teammates, moving to safety points to establishing communication stations or heavy bombs. These diverse and uncomplicated aspects have helped Survivalist: Invasion conquers players even though it is a relatively old campaign game and less attractive. Besides, after each level of play, it will give you several bonuses. They will increase stronger when you perform the task on the screen from a lot of zombies’ headshots to collecting all the weapons present. Collect more money, you will have the chance to upgrade your character’s weapon equipment until the next mission. For sure, Survivalist: Invasion will bring you attractive entertainment moments.

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Developing a zombie game both requires creativity and just putting it in the pre-apocalyptic zombie world is difficult at all. Zombie’s Apocalypse has always been a topic exploited from past to present without stopping.

Dawn of Zombies has a similar start to other zombie games in the past. Players will play the role of a man with no memories of his past. As the player’s character learns more about the world filled with zombies around him, he will meet new people as the new opponents and learn how to survive.

The gameplay mechanics of the game are simple. Instead of letting players click multiple times on the screen to move the character, the game has a virtual joystick stick in the lower-left corner. On the right-hand corner, there are a few separate action buttons. When combining the left and right sides, the player can punch many things, talk to others, loot items, and interact with their surroundings. Players will receive many new costumes and new weapons but only for show as the main.

The game has a pretty cool device-making menu that includes tweaking options. However, players only receive a few instructions and they have to tinker with the rest. The first minutes of playing will be slow and boring with these tutorials. Another obstacle that players must encounter in the game is the integrated energy unit. This energy source will allow players to move characters from one place to another and complete the main storyline of the game. When the energy runs out, players have to wait a while before they can continue playing.

The highlight of the game is the background graphics and sound. The developers bring the graphics system is beautiful and quite detailed. The sound of the game is heavily influenced by The Last of Us, so we will feel the familiarity here.

Final Words

Survivalist: Invasion is a doomsday shooting game. They design the background of the story in the future world. Viruses infect the entire world. There are zombies everywhere in the city. All you have to do is to take up weapons with your friends and destroy these zombies until you find the pathogen World peace. The game will give you a new thrilling journey. All the story starts by logging in to the island. All kinds of zombies and dangerous creatures avoid them.

Besides the usual building and gathering of resources, you can unlock many other items corresponding to each index through blueprints such as new weapons and armor that help create many ways to destroy Zombies. To make any item requires basic materials, we can get it through the quest reward system. You will also exploit natural resources, or search in fixed locations such as labs and abandoned military bases where there are often a lot of monsters with enough danger levels.

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