Tactile Wars MOD APK 1.7.9 (Unlocked)

Tactile Wars MOD APK 1.7.9 (Unlocked)


Producer Ankama recently released a trailer about the war game of Tactile Wars. It could be a combination product of Advance Wars with Paint-by-Numbers or Risk with The Magic Marker. War is always something terrible. However, sometimes some battles play out in a lovely way. Recently, developer Ankama has released a trailer teasing his upcoming game of Tactile Wars.

This trailer has not yet sent you much detailed content. But it is enough to make the gaming community stand by and wait for this game. Despite the flashiness of fierce war-themed games, in Tactile Wars, everything is created in close, cute colors and shapes. They also adorn the character with colorful colors and Chibi shapes.

In Tactile Wars, you will play as the commander of the colorful army. Your task will be to control and manage your team and build up its strategy. The player’s task is to attack and destroy the defenses of other players so that his color takes up the enemy base to win. Ankama is the development team behind the success of the French DOFUS strategic RPG series. You can expect in Tactile Wars to have the full flavor of this manufacturer’s predecessors.

General Information

As an attractive strategy game and possessing a cute little character class, Tactile Wars is a game that is loved by many people in the world. Tactile Wars owns graphics that do not have too many specialties, simple lines, and we do not detail the map. In return, the game possesses super cute character classes and extremely interesting gameplay, satisfying even the most demanding players.

Your task will be to use your bare hands to dispatch your tiny army of lead soldiers to fight with the enemy army. You must arrange troops in formations so they have the greatest strength to afford the enemy. In Tactile Wars, the army can arrange several formations such as horizontal, vertical, and round. Depending on the battle situation and the way the enemy staged the battle, you can establish a superior team.

How to Play Tactile Wars?

Just like the principle of real-life warfare, once the number of enemy troops is large, take down the general holding the army. If defeating him, the battles of the remaining pieces are easy. An interesting detail of the game is that once you defeat the enemy base. Your side will be crowded and you will be supported by them to support your current army. It feels like you have summoned the enemy to your side.

At the beginning of each game screen, the player will enter any color in the hexagon with six color boxes corresponding to the color of the opponent. Each puzzle will show the level and the difficulty of the enemy that the player brings. So, depending on the level and experience points, players will click to choose accordingly.

Although the sound is nothing special, the graphics are not exquisite, but with super cute gameplay, Tactile Wars will fascinate you from the first minute of trial play. What are you waiting for without downloading the game right by the link below?

Overall Assessments

With the extreme 2D style that is simple but easy to impress, Tactile Wars helps the fans of the strategy to satisfy their passion for strategy making with their extreme play. For strategy games, the lineup is an indispensable thing and the appeal of this game genre. Allowing players to arrange and control the squad quickly throughout the match, Tactile Wars even creates a surprise from the one-of-a-kind and easy to confuse the enemy. But besides fighting, the game also requires the player to choose a color as the dominant color, not much different from choosing a clan. Besides, players of the same color cannot attack each other, and also cannot contact each other.

Therefore, sometimes gamers will feel lonely in the world of Tactile Wars paint guns when it is difficult to connect and contact players around the world. However, that loneliness does not last long when gamers have a long page of a list of things to do to protect the military base and increase the level of war for their fragile army.

With dozens of different upgrade options for each device, each support team, and each tank, Tactile Wars feels like an actual battle. The game allows players to create squads. But the element of surprise of the game comes from expensive equipment. Each ambush group can jump out. The game features a bomb that blocks the way. But most of all, what makes it unique is the number of units allowed to land when attacking. And also the number of special troops allowed carrying when the battle begins.

The game arranged the nine soldiers straight into squares, nothing more, no less, and gradually entered the enemy’s death territory. There are always two to a few small ambushes along the way. The most frightening is the whirlwinds or groups of pursuit. Players can still hide behind obstacles during the move to minimize the cost of troops or brave to attack so they can quickly call reinforcements or collect as many badges as possible. Badges not only help players gain more gold at the end of the battle but also determine the number of feats a player can achieve during landing.

Besides the field opportunities, Tactile Wars also offers the ability to review fierce battles on its base each time an enemy attacks for the most effective chance of defense tactics. Gamers may completely check the operating area by self-attack mechanism well. As a result, the defensive lines become stronger. Other players need to create more formations and develop more strategies if they want to defeat the enemy base.

Recommended Alternative: Age of War

Age of War is a fun sci-fi wind tower defense mobile game. There was a large-scale troop conflict in an uninhabited jungle. Fortunately, many units will help you. They are happy to fight for the fortress to stop the attack. If you are lucky, you can repay the enemy’s attack to the enemy’s fortress. The gameplay is also unique and innovative. Players slowly develop from the ancient combat methods at the beginning to the advanced technology of the future. The enemies also strengthen together. The entire game seems to have been played for hundreds of centuries.

Dream Studio has created a good two-dimensional war age strategy game for the Android platform. The style of the game is very simple. You only need to release many units to attack many enemies. The gameplay is very innovative. It is a horizontal real-time strategy game running in the form of tower defense. The game starts with an older combat method against monsters.

The more advanced the technology, the more monsters will also develop. During the game, players can not only experience the ancient tower defense war but also experience the gameplay of the modern tower defense war. It is the first time we have seen this setting throughout the ancient, modern, and future, which is very attractive. To accelerate evolution, it can also set the game to two times the speed, which saves the player’s time.

Final Words

With no intention of withdrawing players’ money, Tactile Wars MOD APK always requires the level every time a player wants to upgrade any weapons for our side. This restriction minimizes the status of gamers, although the level is not high, but has a stronger base than any elder. The exchange price is also very affordable at only $2 for 50 diamonds. And with 50 diamonds, a gamer can easily convert to 350 Gold.

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