Tapet MOD APK 9.009.007 (Premium Activated)

Tapet MOD APK 9.009.007 (Premium Activated)

June 3, 2024


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Changing phone wallpaper is always something that makes everyday technology users excited and new. Wallpaper not only helps to bring a freshness but also expresses the user’s personality. Unlike other similar apps available on the Play Store, Tapet selects wallpapers at random following no rules.

Tapet is a fun app. Instead of providing wallpapers for Android, you can create your wallpapers. Tapet owns a collection of mostly abstract images that follow the typical Material Design of Android 5.0 and Android 6.0.

With each resolution and screen size of each device, Tapet will give suitable wallpaper suggestions automatically. Therefore, the wallpapers you see on each different smartphone or tablet will not be the same but rich. In particular, Tapet selects wallpapers randomly with no rules. So, you can hardly see the same wallpaper twice.

General Information

Changing the wallpaper on the screen of a smartphone or tablet will help the device come alive. Also, this is a way for you to show off beautiful images on the device. The article below will help you automatically change your wallpaper on Android.

The function of Tapet is like the many decoration applications. However, instead of using images from the data warehouse or directly on the device, Tapet will use its algorithm to create wallpapers with unique colors and patterns. Wallpapers created by Tapet are of high quality and suitable for the screen of the device. These wallpapers will be created temporarily and deleted after changing with new wallpapers. So, it will not waste the storage space on your smartphone.

By default, the wallpapers created by Tapet will automatically change every hour. But users can set this interval to be longer or shorter with a minimum time of 10 minutes. With the wallpapers created by Tapet, you can save them as a standalone image file for use or share with others.

Tapet not only offers many flat interface wallpapers but also can automatically find the best images matching your device’s screen resolution. After being posted to Google Play, Tapet has quickly received a lot of positive feedback from users. You can see the compliments from those who have used it, which is enough to see this wallpaper app is impressive.

Once installed and launched, Tapet will automatically apply any image to your phone. And if you dislike that color, you can flick the screen from left to right to explore the newly set wallpapers. Their design is like an old image. Or swipe from top to bottom to see more stylish wallpapers.

How to Use Tapet?

It is undeniable that these days, both inside and outside the Play Store are proliferating all that series of applications with the Material Design adopted by Google. This proliferation is a bad thing. Sometimes, in the chaos’s midst of published applications, it jumps out.

Tapet has only one interface. And all wallpapers can be created by sliding with one finger. You can slide in different directions to change colors and patterns. Also, you can like or dislike the wallpaper to let Tapet know your preferences better.

The names of the wallpapers in Tapet are very interesting. Many of them come from the names of cats all over the world. For example, Siamese is a Siamese cat, Bengal is a leopard cat, and Cornish is a Cornish cat. Regarding the naming of the wallpaper, developers have tried many methods with the name similar to stripes and shadowed circles.

Later, he tried to show the wallpaper to his children and asked them to think of a name, but it did not work. Then, the developer tried to name different minerals in the world. But they are all too close. Finally, the developers named these wallpapers after their favorite cats.

Using these apps is worthy of attracting attention. And this is exactly what happened with Tapet. It is an excellent application bringing to our devices amazing wallpapers. Through a refined and intuitive graphic interface, an infinite collection of wallpapers inspired by the well-known design adopted by the Mountain View company.

But why does it have an infinite collection? This time, contrary to what you are thinking, it is not one of our usual hyperbole, the number of wallpapers available is unlimited. And all thanks to the application’s ability to create through a special algorithm, we always have new wallpapers.

So, here’s where the novelty lies in this application. All wallpapers are instantly generated by your device. It downloads nothing from the web. It uses the exact resolution of the display. An entire series of effects and filters that can be set at will by internal settings of the application.

Overall Assessments

If you are a lover of Google’s Material Design style or are always looking for new original wallpapers for your phone, then we suggest Tapet. Tapet is not one of the usual applications that collect a more or less vast collection of wallpapers.

Unlike all the others, it generates the backgrounds from time to time automatically based on resolving your device, both smartphone and tablet. Depending on certain criteria chosen by the user from the program settings, it is also possible to enrich the backgrounds generated with particular effects. For example, it can darken a part of the image, the blur effect, triangulation, texture, and even parallax.

The possibility of always having different backgrounds at regular intervals is unique. Setting the wallpaper with Tapet is very simple. Once the application is started, you can choose your favorite by scrolling the screen up or down and then click on the big central button. Through the thumbs up and down, you can express your preference for the type of image generated. So, the app can learn your tastes to offer you something more appropriate.

Tapet Premium APK has the same functions as other decoration apps. But the difference is that this app does not use images from the data library. It has its algorithm to create different wallpapers with many impressive and unique patterns.

The quality of images that Tapet creates is very suitable for the screens of all devices. The good point of this application is that the wallpaper is only created temporarily. Then, when a new wallpaper replaces, it will be deleted immediately. Therefore, the application will not waste the user’s storage.

With the Tapet application, the background change time is one hour. But users can still customize it according to their preferences for at least 10 minutes. And it can also save the wallpapers that Tapet created to share and use. This application is also free for users.

Final Words

Tapet does not provide wallpapers, it produces wallpapers. According to mathematical algorithms, Tapet can randomly generate unique geometric wallpapers with an original Material Design style. Each of Tapet’s wallpaper series has a unique algorithm.

The original wallpaper designed by the developer was the Mekong. First, draw some lines with random widths and angles. Then, explore the results generated under different parameters. And finally, selected those that are both aesthetically and interesting as a wallpaper series. In the same wallpaper series, Tapet can randomly generate infinite possibilities of color matching and element matching according to the algorithm.

Tapet Premium APK is a collection of mostly abstract images that follow the typical Material Design style of Android 5.0 and Android 6.0. With each resolution and screen size of each device, Tapet will automatically give suitable wallpaper suggestions. Therefore, the background images you see on each different smartphone or tablet will be different.

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